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Name Title Specialization Phone Email
Ahmadian, Dr. Mohsen
Mohsen Ahmadian
Principal for the Advanced Energy Consortium 512-471-2999
Andrews, John R.
John Andrews
Research Scientist Associate IV Geographic Information Systems 512-471-1645
Apps, Dr. Gillian
Gillian Apps
Research Fellow +44 7879 486649
Averett, Aaron R.
Aaron Averett
Research Scientist Associate IV Geographic Information Systems 512-475-9551
Bakhshian, Dr. Sahar
Sahar Bakhshian
Research Assistant Professor 512-471-2243
Bakulin, Andrey
Andrey Bakulin
Research Professor 512-232-9464
Berdysheva, Dr. Sofia
Photo of employee
Postdoctoral Fellow 512-471-1296
Bhattacharya, Dr. Shuvajit
Shuvajit Bhattacharya
Research Scientist Petrophysics, Geophysics, Machine Learning 512-471-1289
Bolton, Chas
Personnel default
Research Assistant Professor 512-475-9522
Breton, Caroline
Caroline Breton
Research Scientist Associate IV Geographic Information Systems 512-471-0322
Bump, Alex
Alex Bump
Research Scientist Associate IV Exploration, Basin Analysis, Structural Geology 512-232-7629
Calle, Dr. Amanda
Amanda Calle
Geological Interpreter 512-471-2864
Calzado, Edna Rodriguez
Photo of employee
Geospatial and Geoprocessing Analyst (RSA II) 512-232-0774
Carr, David L.
David Carr
Research Scientist Associate IV Petroleum Geologist 512-471-1806
Caudle, Tiffany L.
Tiffany Caudle
Research Scientist Associate V Coastal Geologist 512-475-9572
Chapman, David
David Chapman
Program Manager 512-475-9563
Chen, Yangkang
Photo of researcher
Research Assistant Professor 512-471-1254
Cherif, Dr. Ali
Photo of employee
Postdoctoral Fellow 512-471-1368
Covault, Dr. Jacob
Jacob Covault
Research Professor
Darvari, Roxana
Roxana Darvari
Research Scientist Associate IV 512-471-0732
Das, Dr. Jani
Photo of employee
Research Associate Life Cycle Analyst 512-471-4560
Dashtian, Hassan
Hassan Dashtian
Research Assistant Professor 512-471-5825
DeAngelo, Michael V.
Michael DeAngelo
Research Scientist Associate IV Geophysicist 512-232-3373
DeJarnett, Beverly
Beverly Dejarnett
Research Scientist Associate IV Geologist 713-983-9420
Ding, Dr. Xuesong
Photo of employee
Research Assistant Professor 512-471-0223
Dommisse, Robin
Robin Dommisse
Research Scientist Associate V 512-232-0775
Dooley, Dr. Tim
Photo of employee
Research Professor Structural Geologist 512-471-8261
Duffy, Dr. Oliver
Photo of researcher
Research Associate Professor 512-471-0328
Duncan, Dr. Ian
Ian Duncan
Program Director Environmental 512-471-5117
Dunlap, Dallas B.
Dallas Dunlap
Research Scientist Associate IV Geologist 512-475-6184
Eichhubl, Dr. Peter
Peter Eichhubl
Research Professor 512-475-8829
Elliott, Dr. Brent
Photo of employee
Research Associate Professor Economic Geologist 512-471-1812
Elliott, Sara
Sara Elliott
Research Scientist Associate III SEM Imaging 512-471-2596
Ershadnia, Dr. Reza
Photo of employee
Modeler/Data Scientist Postdoc
Fall, Dr. Andras
Andras Fall
Research Associate Professor 512-471-8334
Farhadinia, Dr. Ali
Photo of researcher
Research Engineering/Scientist Assistant
Felkl, Jakub
Jakub Felkl
Technology Commercialization and Business Development Project Manager 512-232-5450
Flaig, Dr. Peter P.
Peter Flaig
Research Associate Professor Sedimentologist/Stratigrapher- Siliciclastics 512-471-9622
Fleck, Preston
Personnel default
Field Engineer - Seismologist
Fomel, Dr. Sergey B.
Photo of employee
Wallace E. Pratt Professor of Geophysics 512-475-9573
Forstner, Stephanie
Stephanie Forstner
Research Scientist Associate II 512-475-7265
Fu, Dr. Qilong
Qilong Fu
Research Associate Professor Geologist 512-232-9372
Gajda, Dr. Dawid
Photo of employee
Postdoctoral Fellow 512-475-9220
Gale, Dr. Julia F. W.
Julia Gale
Research Professor Structural Geologist 512-232-7957
Ge, Dr. Jun
Jun Ge
Research Scientist Associate IV 512-471-1836
Gil-Equi, Ramón
Photo of researcher
Research Scientist Associate III Energy Economics/Carbon Management/Sustainability 512-475-8831
Grunau, Benjamin
Photo of employee
Research Scientist Associate III 512-471-3021
Haddad, Dr. Mahdi
Mahdi Haddad
Research Assistant Professor Reservoir Geomechanicist 512-471-1110
Hattori, Kelly
Kelly Hattori
Research Scientist Associate IV 512-471-6285
Heidari, Dr. Mahdi
Mahdi Moghadam
Research Assistant Professor 512-471-1382
Hennings, Dr. Peter H.
Peter Hennings
Research Professor 512-471-0156
Hennings, Juli
Juli Hennings
Project Manager 512-471-1534
Horne, Lily
Lily Horne
Research Scientist Associate III
Hosseini, Dr. Seyyed A.
Seyyed Hosseini
Research Professor Multiphase Flow/CCUS/Data Analytics 512-471-2360
Hovorka, Dr. Susan D.
Susan Hovorka
Research Professor Stratigrapher 512-471-4863
Huang, Dr. Dino
Dino Huang
Research Assistant Professor 512-471-4420
Hudec, Dr. Michael R.
Michael Hudec
Research Professor Structural Geologist 512-471-1428
Hunt, Brian
Photo of employee
Research Scientist Associate IV Geologist/Hydrogeologist 512-471-1650
Igonin, Dr. Nadine
Photo of researcher
Postdoctoral Fellow - Seismology 512-471-7367
Janson, Dr. Xavier
Xavier Janson
Research Professor Carbonate Stratigrapher 512-475-9524
Kerans, Dr. Charles
Charles Kerans
Senior Research Scientist 512-471-4282
Khaled, Mohamed Shafik
Photo of researcher
Research Assistant Professor 512-471-0366
Ko, Dr. Tingwei “Lucy”
Lucy Ko
Research Associate 512-471-9525
Kyle, Dr. J. Richard "Rich"
Richard Kyle
Faculty Associate 512-471-1534
Lambert, Josh
Josh Lambert
Research Scientist Associate III Digital Outcrop Technician 512-471-6585
Larson, Dr. Toti
Toti Larson
Research Associate Professor 512-471-1856
Laubach, Dr. Stephen E.
Steve Laubach
Research Professor Structural Geologist 512-471-6303
Lawton, Dr. Tim
Timothy Lawton
Research Associate Professor 512-471-6247
Lee, Dr. Jake
Photo of researcher
Postdoctoral Fellow 512-232-7692
Lee, Wonhyun
Photo of researcher
Research Assistant Professor 512-471-4874
Leng, Dr. Jianqiao "Tim"
Photo of researcher
Fluid Flow Modeler/Research Scientist Associate III Reservoir Simulation & Machine Learning 512-471-0321
Li, Dr. Chao
Photo of employee
Postdoctoral Fellow
Lin, Dr. Ning
Ning Lin
Program Manager - Chief Economist 512-471-1235
Loucks, Dr. Robert (Bob) G.
Bob Loucks
Research Professor Carbonates/Clastics 512-471-0366
Luciano, Angela
Photo of employee
Research Scientist Associate II
Malito, John
Photo of employee
Research Scientist Associate III 512-471-2949
Martinez-Donate, Dr. Ander
Photo of employee
Postdoctoral Fellow 512-471-1368
McCabe, Cooper
Photo of researcher
Seismologist Field Engineer 512-471-2965
McCall, Linda Ruiz
Photo of employee
Project Manager 512-471-0320
McKinney, Tyson
Photo of researcher
Research Scientist Associate IV 512-475-7981
McMahon, Dr. Tim
Photo of researcher
Project Manager 512-471-1891
Meckel, Dr. Timothy "Tip" A.
Tip Meckel
Research Professor Geologist 512-471-4306
Melani, Dr. Leandro
Photo of employee
Petrophysicist Postdoctoral Fellow 512-471-1368
Meyer, Kevin
Kevin Meyer
Program Manager
Milliken, Dr. Kitty L.
Kitty Milliken
Research Professor 512-471-6082
Morris, Jennifer
Photo of employee
Geologist/Research Scientist Associate III 512-471-7281
Moscardelli, Dr. Lorena
Lorena Moscardelli
Research Associate Professor 512-471-0258
Ni, Dr. Hailun
Hailun Ni
Research Assistant Professor Fluid Flow, Data Analysis, & Simulation 512-471-0338
Nicot, Dr. Jean-Philippe
Jean-Philippe Nicot
Research Professor Geological Engineer 512-471-6246
Nikolinakou, Dr. Maria
Maria Nikolinakou
Research Professor 512-475-9548
O'Sullivan, Vincent
O'Sullivan, Vincent
Field Operations Lead 512-471-0331
Ogiesoba, Dr. Osareni C.
Osareni Ogiesoba
Research Associate Professor Geophysicist 512-471-6250
Olariu, Dr. Iulia
Mariana Olariu
Research Scientist Associate V 512-475-7566
Paine, Dr. Jeffrey G.
Jeff Paine
Research Professor Geophysicist 512-471-1260
Palacios, Dr. Fritz
Photo of employee
Postdoctoral Fellow Energy Researcher
Peel, Dr. Frank
Frank Peel
Senior Research Fellow 512-471-1609
Peng, Dr. Sheng
Sheng Peng
Research Associate Professor Petrophysics, fluid flow 512-232-7619
Periwal, Dr. Priyanka
Priyanka Periwal
Research Scientist Associate IV SEM Technician 512-475-8786
Radjef, Eric
Eric Radjef
Research Scientist Associate V 512-471-3332
Rateb, Dr. Ashraf
Ashraf Rateb
Research Scientist Associate IV 512-475-9528
Razm, Dr. Sobhan
Photo of employee
Postdoctoral Fellow 512-232-8068
Reed, Dr. Robert M.
Robert Reed
Research Scientist Associate V Structural Geologist 512-471-0356
Reedy, Robert C.
Bob Reedy
Research Scientist Associate IV Hydrogeologist 512-471-7244
Rogers, Harold
Harold Rogers
Research Scientist Associate II Geographic Information Science and Technology, Data Manager 512-471-7358
Romanak, Dr. Katherine Duncker
Katherine Romanak
Research Professor Geochemist 512-471-6136
Ruiz, Leo
Photo of employee
Research Associate 512-475-9539
Saleh, Dr. Saad
Photo of researcher
Research Consultant 512-475-9508
Salles, Victor
Photo of employee
Research Scientist Associate III 512-471-7367
Savvaidis, Dr. Alexandros
Alexandros Savvaidis
Research Professor 512-475-9549
Saylam, Kutalmis
Kutalmis Saylam
Research Science Assoc V 512-471-1871
Scanlon, Dr. Bridget R.
Bridget Scanlon
Research Professor Hydrogeologist 512-471-8241
Schuba, Dr. Nur
Photo of employee
Research Assistant Professor
Sharma, Dr. Nikhil
Photo of employee
Postdoctoral Fellow
Shuster, Dr. Mark
Mark Shuster
Deputy Director: Energy Division 512-471-7090
Siervo, Daniel
Daniel Siervo
Seismic Analyst Lead 512-232-7125
Singh, Dr. Shweta
Shweta Singh
Postdoctoral Fellow 512-475-9599
Sivil, James Evan
James Sivil
Research Scientist Associate III 512-471-3623
Smye, Dr. Katie
Katie Smye
Research Associate Professor 512-471-6775
Smyth, Rebecca C.
Rebecca Smyth
Project Manager Hydrogeologist 512-471-0232
Soto, Dr. Juan
Juan Soto
Research Scientist (512) 471-2948
Sun, Dr. Alexander
Alex Sun
Research Professor 512-475-6190
Sun, Dr. Xun
Xun Sun
Research Associate 512-471-4331
Sylvester, Zoltan
Zoltan Sylvester
Research Professor 512-475-9514
Templeton, Clay
Clay Templeton
Senior Software Developer 512-471-0327
Thompson, Dr. James
Photo of researcher
Research Assistant Professor 512-471-6775
Thompson, Dr. Justin C.
Photo of researcher
Research Assistant Professor 512-471-0217
Tinker, Dr. Scott W.
Director Emeritus 512-471-0209
Tollestrup, Dr. Kurt A
Photo of researcher
Research Affiliate – Research Fellow 281-703-6781
Treviño, Ramón H.
Ramon Trevino
Program Manager Sedimentologist/Stratigrapher 512-471-3362
Ugurhan, Mert
Personnel default
Energy Data and Geographic Information Analyst 512-475-9537
Ukar, Dr. Esti
Esti Ukar
Research Associate Professor 512-471-2764
Uku, Bede
Bede JJ Uku
Earthquake Management System Administrator 512-475-9522
Uroza, Carlos
Photo of researcher
Research Scientist Associate IV 512-475-9580
van der Kolk, Dr. Dolores
Photo of researcher
Communications Expert Sedimentologist/Stratigrapher 512-475-9527
Wang, Dr. Hongsheng
Photo of employee
Postdoctoral Fellow Machine Learning, Carbon Storage, & Data Analysis
Wang, Dr. Qiqi
Photo of employee
Geomodeling Postdoctoral Fellow 512-471-1296
Wang, Dr. Zhicheng "William"
William Wang
Postdoctoral Fellow 512-471-2420
Wisian, Dr. Kenneth W.
Ken Wisian
Associate Director: Environmental Division
Woodruff, Dr. Charles (Chock)
Chock Woodruff
Geologist 512-471-1912
Young, Bissett
Bissett Young
Project Manager 512-471-5739
Young, Dr. Michael H.
Michael Young
Research Professor 512-475-8830
Zahm, Dr. Christopher K.
Chris Zahm
Research Scientist Associate V Structural Geologist 512-471-3159
Zeng, Dr. Hongliu
Hongliu Zeng
Research Professor Geophysicist 512-475-6382
Zhang, Dr. Tongwei
Tongwei Zhang
Research Professor Organic Geochemist/Geologist 512-232-1496

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