Ramón Gil-Egui

Photo of researcher
Research Scientist Associate III

Ramón Gil-Egui is an economist dedicated to cost, pricing, and tariffs analyses in the energy sector, and to studying applications that promote development under sustainable efficiency criteria. Graduated from Universidad Central de Venezuela (1993), he specializes in performing time-sensitive economic diagnoses of input and output variables in production and commercialization processes. Most of his expertise revolves around assessing the impact of operational expenses, capital investment, supplies and inputs of different nature (including those subject to significant price fluctuation such as oil and CO2) on the cost structures and overall performance of both scientific and market-oriented projects.

Before becoming part of the BEG staff, Ramón founded and directed SER SUSTENTABLE, an economics consulting firm in Caracas that provided planning and design services on environmentally sustainable operations, energy management and efficient use of renewable resources. Earlier in his career, he participated in the National Advisory Team for the design and application of pricing models for the electric power industry in Venezuela, based on a new methodology of marginal costs analysis promoted by the World Bank through its Program of Action for Macroeconomic Stabilization.

In addition to his record as a researcher and consultant, Ramón accumulated over 15 years of teaching experience (with a Higher Education Teaching Diploma Universidad Nacional Abierta (UNA) / Instituto Universitario de Tecnología de los Llanos (IUTLL), 2004) at three different higher education institutions in Venezuela (Instituto Universitario de Tecnología de los Llanos, Universidad Nacional Experimental Rómulo Gallegos, and Universidad Central de Venezuela), where he taught courses on Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Business Planning, Capital Investment Analysis and Management, Rural Development, and Political Economy. His scholarly and professional work, disseminated in a number of national and international conferences, has allowed him to become familiar with the different economic and sociopolitical environments of energy markets in Latin American and the Caribbean, particularly in oil producing nations in the region.

Ramón is excited to work at the BEG, and especially to contribute to the analysis of the economic viability, environmental impact, and overall potentials of its CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) program.

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