Dr. A Kurt Tollestrup

Photo of researcher
Research Affiliate – Research Fellow

Kurt is a Research Affiliate – Research Fellow at the BEG. He holds a BA in Geology from the University of California – San Diego, and a PhD from the University of Wyoming. His 44-year career has included exploration, appraisal and development of sedimentary hosted energy minerals including uranium, coal and oil & gas that were deposited in a variety of tectonic settings. He has worked with Anglovaal in South Africa and Total, Amoco, Unocal and BP in the USA. During the last 25 years as a geophysicist, he has gained deep experience in seismic interpretation and seismic processing QC for numerous 3D-seismic, depth-imaging projects that have focused on hydrocarbon prospect identification located across large portions of deepwater and subsalt terrain in Gulf of Mexico and Brazil. His current interests at AGL include investigation of hard-to-identify deep salt structures and their control of ancient depositional fairways leading to the abyssal plains.

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