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Feedbacks between surface deformation and permafrost degradation in ice wedge polygons, Arctic Coastal Plain, Alaska

Charles J. Abolt, Michael H. Young, Adam L. Atchley, Dylan R. Harp, and Ethan T. Coon

Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface, v. 125, no. 3, article no. e2019JF005349.

differences in fracture cement accumulation correlate with contrasts in key fracture pattern attributes

S.E. Laubach, R.H Lander, L.J. Criscenti, L.M. Anovitz, J.L. Urai, R.M. Pollyea, J.N. Hooker, W. Narr, M.A. Evans, S.N. Kerisit, J.E. Olson, T. Dewers, D. Fisher, R. Bodnar, B. Evans, P. Dove, L.M. Bonnell, M.P. Marder, L. Pyrak-Nolte

Reviews of Geophysics, 2019,