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  3/1/2024 Persistent Prospects of the Permian AAPG Explorer
3/4/2024 Producing Hydrogen From Rocks Gains Steam as Scientists Advance New Methods UT News; AZO Cleantech; Hydrogen Insight; Green Car Congress; Hoodline; Hydrogen Central; US Fed News; Targeted News Service; States News Service; M2 PressWIRE; ENP Newswire; EnergyNews.biz; H2 Tech; SciTech Daily; List 23; Sky News
3/4/2024 Webinar – Texas Heat, Global Impact: HotRock Geothermal Research Consortium, 8 March 2024 Think GeoEnergy
3/8/2024 Research Conducted at University of Texas Austin Has Updated Our Knowledge about Geology (Submarine-channel Meandering Reset By Landslide Filling, Taranaki Basin, New Zealand) Science Letter; Science Daily
3/15/2024 University of Texas Austin Researcher Discusses Research in Environmental Impact (The Cobalt Supply Chain and Environmental Life Cycle Impacts of Lithium-Ion Battery Energy Storage Systems) Chemicals & Chemistry; Ecology Daily News
3/15/2024 New Data from University of Texas Austin Illuminate Research in Environmental Impact (Comparative Life-Cycle Assessment of Electricity-Generation Technologies: West Texas Case Study) Energy Weekly News; Ecology Daily News
3/15/2024 University of Texas Austin Researchers Detail New Studies and Findings in the Area of Water Research (A Hydro-Economic Approach for Quantifying Well Performance Thresholds and Recoverable Groundwater Yields in Texas) Ecology, Environment & Conservation; Ecology Daily News
3/18/2024 Submarine Avalanche Deposits Hold Clues to Past Earthquakes  Eos
3/18/2024 LSU Petroleum Engineering Professor Receives Grant to Track Subsurface CO2 Flow LSU.edu; Targeted News Service
3/20/2024 Companies Are Poised to Inject Millions of Tons of Carbon Underground. Will It Stay Put? Inside Climate News; Louisiana Illuminator;
3/20/2024 CEEA Mid-Year Update Featuring Dr Scott Tinker – Register Now  DOB Energy
3/22/2024 Scientists advancing new methods to produce hydrogen from rocks producing hydrogen from rocks gains steam as scientists advance new methods Science Letter
3/25/2024 Energy @ UT News UT Energy Bulletin
3/26/2024 CERAWeek: ‘Mythical’ Renewables Will NOT Solve the Climate Crisis Marcellus Drilling News; Hart Energy; S&P Global
3/27/2024  A Weak Spot in Carbon Sequestration: Abandoned Oil and Gas Wells Naked Capitalism; Democratic Underground
3/28/2024 Jackson School’s New Climate System Science Bachelor’s Degree Debuting in Fall 2024 Science, Education and Non-profit Organizations News; India Education Diary
3/29/2024 Lawmakers rush to stop 'catastrophic-level event' at Texas oil fields: 'We are going to have complete and utter ecological devastation' yahoo! news
  2/1/2024 $2.5 million effort plugs Crane Co. flow CBS7; YourBasin; Midland Reporter-Telegram; PB Oil & Gas
2/2/2024 Drilling underway on new monitoring well at Zilker Park KTBC; Yahoo! News
2/2/2024 Eradicate Poverty to Save the Planet The Dr. Jordan B. Peterson Podcast on YouTube; The Daily Wire; Watts Up With That?; Player FM
2/6/2024 Findings from University of Texas Austin in Chemicals and Chemistry Reported (Sedimentary Environment and Benthic Oxygenation History of the Upper Cretaceous Austin Chalk Group, South Texas: an Integrated Ichnological, Sedimentological and ...) Life Science Weekly; Chemicals & Chemistry Daily
2/6/2024 US Scientists Using AI to Forecast Earthquakes  Voice of America; Vijesti
2/9/2024 Why does the Balcones Escarpment matter? It’s ‘where the West begins.’ San Antonio Express-News
2/12/2024 Learning to downscale satellite gravimetry data through artificial intelligence Nature Water
2/14/2024 Amin Adam replaces Ofori-Atta as Finance Minister CNR Citi Newsroom; The Ghana Report; The Ghana Guardian News
2/20/2024 Fracking likely responsible for 4.7 earthquake south of San Antonio (cbsaustin.com) CBS Austin
2/20/2024 Exclusive: Scott Tinker Says Pausing LNG Ups Coal Use Hart Energy
2/21/2024 Advancing Geothermal Development in New Mexico workshop registration open  New Mexico Bureau of Geology & Mineral Resources
2/25/2024 CERAWeek S&P Global
2/25/2024 The Island High School The Texas Country Reporter
2/27/2024 What Science Tells Us About Investing in the Energy Transition Chief Investment Officer; BNN; WebNews; Invest Money UK
2/28/2024 Bureau Researchers Create Groundbreaking Virtual Reality Experience UT Energy Bulletin
2/29/2024 Research Conducted at University of Texas Austin Has Updated Our Knowledge about Geology (Submarine-channel Meandering Reset By Landslide Filling, Taranaki Basin, New Zealand) NewsRx Science Daily
  1/1/2024 Quantum computing and subsurface prediction World Oil
1/1/2024 Researchers at University of Texas Austin Have Reported New Data on Machine Learning (A Machine-learning Workflow To Integrate High-resolution Core-based Facies Into Basin-scale Stratigraphic Models for the Wolfcamp and Third Bone Spring Sand Journal of Engineering; Information Technology Daily; Tech Daily News
1/5/2024 Researchers at University of Texas Austin Target Remote Sensing (Analysis of Depths Derived by Airborne Lidar and Satellite Imaging to Support Bathymetric Mapping Efforts with Varying Environmental Conditions: Lower Laguna Madre, Gulf of Mexico) Tech Daily News
1/9/2024 Williamson County declines support for local petition, pushing forward local groundwater management Community Impact
1/9/2024 Exploring Geologic Hydrogen and its Role in Clean Revolution, Interview with Dr. Scott Tinker H2 EnergyNews.Biz
1/12/2024 What we learned about earthquakes in 2023  PreventionWeb
1/16/2024 7 Best Monthly Dividend Stocks to Buy Now USNews.com
1/23/2024 Yale School of Environment Scientists Emphasize Importance of Forest Management in Reaching Net Zero Emission Goals Targeted News Service
1/25/2024 Aspen Technology Announces OPTIMIZE 24 businesswire; Placera; Acrofan; ENP Newswire; FinancialWire; M2 PressWIRE; Impact Financial News; MarTech Cube
1/30/2024 ‘Unusual’ well in West Texas no-fly zone now plugged, Railroad Commission staffer says Houston Chronicle
1/31/2024 The gold hydrogen rush: Does Earth contain near-limitless clean fuel? New Scientist
1/31/2024 RRC Successfully Plugs Uncontrolled Water Flow in Crane County States News Service; U.S. Local Government News; KMID-TV; KOSA


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