David L. Carr

David Carr
Research Scientist Associate IV

I am a petroleum geologist whose primary interests lie in clastic sedimentology and stratigraphy. For much of my career, I have served as a consultant, performing a variety of reservoir characterization and exploration projects that have required solution of complex stratigraphic problems and quantification of geological information for use in reservoir simulators. I have also explored for oil and gas with onshore U.S. independents, and early in my career with majors, generating prospects in the Gulf Coast, Midcontinent, and Rocky Mountain regions.

Research Interests

Clastic sedimentology

Sequence stratigraphy

Integrated reservoir characterization

Log analysis and petrophysics

Underground gas storage


M.A. Geology, The University of Texas at Austin, 1983

B.S. Geology, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, 1980

Professional History

University of Texas at Austin (2007–Present)

Senior Geologist, Brigham Exploration Company, Austin, Texas (2006–2007) 

Senior Geologist, Matador Resources Company, Dallas, Texas (2004–2006)Geoscience Consultant, Austin, Texas (1995–2004)

Business Development Manager, GeoGraphix, Landmark Graphics Corp., Houston, Texas (2002–2003)

Research Scientist Associate, Bureau of Economic Geology, The University of Texas at Austin (1993–1995)

Geoscience Consultant, Denver, Colorado (1990–1993)

Exploration Geologist, Tenneco Oil Co., Englewood, Colorado (1983–1985)

Geologist, Amoco Production Company, Denver, Colorado (1981–1982)

Selected Publications

Bryant, I., Carr, D., Cirilli, P., Drinkwater, N., McCormick, D., Tilke, J., and Thurmond, J., 2000, Use of 3-D digital analogues as templates in reservoir modeling: Petroleum Geoscience, v. 6, p. 195–201.

Carr, D. L., Elphick, R.Y., Johns, R.A., and Foulk, L. S., 1997, High-resolution reservoir characterization of Midcontinent sandstones using wireline resistivity imaging, Boonsville (Bend Conglomerate) Gas Field, Fort Worth Basin, Texas: The Log Analyst, v. 38, p. 54–70.

Hardage, B. A., Carr, D. L., Lancaster, D. E., Simmons, Jr., J. L., Elphick, R.Y., Pendleton,
V. M., and Johns, R. A., 1996, 3-D Seismic evidence for the effects of carbonate karst breccia collapse on overlying clastic stratigraphy and reservoir compartmentalization: Geophysics, 61, 1336–1350. 

Carr, D. L., 1996, Geologic evaluation of the Boonsville Project Area, in Hardage B. A., Carr, D. L., Finley, R. J., Lancaster, D. E., Elphick, R. Y., and Ballard, J. R., Secondary natural gas recovery: targeted applications for infield reserve growth in Midcontinent reservoirs, Boonsville field, Fort Worth Basin, Texas: The University of Texas at Austin, Bureau of Economic Geology, topical report prepared for the Gas Research Institute under GRI Contract No. 5093-212-2630, Vol. II, Appendix A, 42 p., 38 figs. 

Carr, D. L., and Scott, A. J., 1990, Late Pennsylvanian storm‑dominated shelf sand ridges, Sacramento Mountains, New Mexico: Journal of Sedimentary Petrology, v. 60, p. 592–607.

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