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The Advanced Energy Consortium

The Advanced Energy Consortium (AEC) is an internationally recognized research consortium founded by and based at UT Austin’s Bureau of Economic Geology in 2008. The consortium is dedicated to achieving a transformational understanding of subsurface oil and natural gas reservoirs through the deployment of the world’s most advanced micro/nano sensors and materials technologies to illuminate the subsurface.

Since inception, the AEC has had more than:
  • 40 patents
  • 275 publications
  • 32 university and institution research partners
$50 million invested in research and development have created breakthrough technologies in:
Microfabricated Sensors
  • High temp batteries and capacitors
  • Micro-pressure sensor with less than 1psi resolution
  • Up to 10k psi, 125C, and 1,200 measurements were taken
  • 53% recovery of 9mm sensors from downhole
  • Microsensor systems on a chip as small as 1mm long and 1mm wide
Contrast Agents
  • Remote imaging of hydraulically fractured network boundaries with 5’ lateral precision has been achieved
  • Flow anisotropy detection with magnetic nanoparticles has been demonstrated
  • Coating for stabilizing nanoparticles in API brine and 95C for more than one month has been developed
Payload Delivery Systems
  • Multiple time/temperature-triggered platform nano-payload technology has been developed
  • Over 90% weight equivalent of 12M HCl has been encapsulated
  • Over 2 days’ delayed release profile for HCl cargo has been demonstrated

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