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Support Staff

Name Title Phone Email
Ashley, Gale
Gale Ashley
Senior Financial Analyst 512-475-9509
Benham, Beverly
Beverly Benham
Buyer II 512-471-2897
Bridges, Amelia
Amelia Bridges
Administrative Services Officer II 512-471-0116
Campos, Sharon
Sharon Campos
Senior Program Coordinator, Part Time
Chang, David
David Chang
Senior Systems Administrator 512-475-9552
Chen, Poe
Poe Chen
Senior Information Technology Manager 512-471-4858
Coffman, Melissa
Melissa Coffman
Senior Human Resources Coordinator 512-232-4030
Coggin, Jamie H.
Jamie Coggin
Senior Graphics Designer 512-475-9530
Cottington, Nancy
Photo of employee
Program Coordinator 512-471-4335
DeConcini-Walker, Erin
Photo of employee
Human Resources Assistant III 512-471-4971
Draker, Roanne
Roanne Draker
Administrative Associate 512-471-1534
Edwards, Kenneth
Kenneth Edwards
Administrative Associate 512-471-3512
Faigle, Andrew P.
Personnel default
Warehouse Supervisor 432-686-9902
Galaviz, Jennifer
Personnel default
Administrative Associate 512-475-9588
Garza, Carlos
Carlos Garza
Senior Desktop Support Specialist 512-471-6737
Hamilton, Nicholas
Personnel default
Warehouse Supervisor, Houston 713-466-8346
Haynes, Darrell
Darrell Haynes
Stores Clerk II 713-466-8346
Hebert, Gwen
Gwen Hebert
Senior Grants & Contracts Specialist 512-471-0211
Hobbs, Travis
Travis Hobbs
Technical Writer/Editor I 512-232-5028
Huntzis, Stephanie
Photo of employee
Executive Assistant 512-471-7113
Ivicic, Nathan
Nathan Ivicic
Facility Manager 512-475-9561
Kipper, Jay P.
Photo of employee
Deputy Director 512-475-9505
Kirk, Adam
Adam Kirk
Senior Software Developer/Analyst 512-232-1527
Kralis, Cindy
Photo of employee
Events Program Coordinator 512-471-4166
Krieg, Devin
Devin Krieg
Accountant II 512-471-0359
LaValley, Kim
Kim LaValley
Administrative Services Officer II 512-475-9545
Lucero, Rudy R.
Personnel default
Stores Clerk III 512-471-1534
Mastrangelo, Francine
Francine Mastrangelo
Computer Illustrator 512-471-6162
Miller, Dena
Dena Miller
Executive Assistant 512-471-2677
Murphy, Sarah
Photo of employee
Publications Editor 512-475-9593
Nunn, Amari
Photo of employee
Stores Clerk III
O'Donnell, Evan
Photo of employee
Facility Manager 512-471-7135
Ozuna, Victor
Victor Ozuna
Financial Analyst 512-471-0305
Phlegar, Lucy
Photo of employee
Geophysical Log Facility Administrative Associate 512-475-9219
Piejko, Kyleen
Kyleen Piejko
Accountant III 512-471-8165
Robinson, Jana S.
Jana Robinson
Senior Computer Illustrator 512-232-5289
Robinson, Nichole
Photo of employee
Senior Grants & Contracts Specialist 512-471-9299
Rozell, Carolyn
Photo of employee
Administrative Associate 512-471-0302
Rybina, Elizaveta
Elizaveta Rybina
Program Coordinator 512-471-2965
Sierra, Rick
Photo of employee
Departmental Buyer 512-232-6935
Stratton, Vicki
Vicki Stratton
Administrative Associate 512-471-9262
Su, Joseph
Joseph Su
Senior Software Developer/Analyst 512-232-6587
Suarez, Jason
Jason Suarez
Media Manager 512-475-9519
Victor, Marie
Marie Victor
Accountant II 512-471-0115
Wang, Michael
Michael Wang
Research Science Assoc III 512-232-6587
Werner, Carson
Carson Werner
Publications Sales Associate 512-471-3794
Williamson, Brandon
Brandon Williamson
Facilities Technical Staff 512-475-9561
Yeh, Joseph S.
Joseph Yeh
Research Scientist Associate V 512-471-3323

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