Dr. Kenneth W. Wisian

Ken Wisian
Associate Director: Environmental Division

Ken Wisian, Ph.D., Major General USAF (retired), is responsible for coordinating environmental related research. He came to the Bureau from the Center for Space Research. Previously, Dr. Wisian was a senior state executive responsible for disaster recovery, oil spill prevention and response, and coastal infrastructure and environmental protection for Texas. As a military officer, General Wisian participated or lead military disaster response efforts for the Shuttle Columbia crash and multiple hurricanes. Dr. Wisian is a geophysicist whose main research is in geothermal systems, modeling, and instrumentation & data analysis . Other current research includes; autonomy/drones, applied gravity, planetary geology/space exploration, infrastructure resiliency and international relations. General Wisian, a navigator/bombardier, flew bombers, transports and fighters, is a graduate of the USAF Test Pilot School and commanded the 147th Reconnaissance Wing flying the MQ-1 Predator. He has combat time in Iraq, Afghanistan and Bosnia and his combat medals include the Bronze Star and Air Medal.


M.S. in Strategic Studies, US Army War College, 2004

Ph.D. in Geophysics, Southern Methodist University, 1999

M.S. in Geology, Centenary College of Louisiana, 1990

Graduate, US Air Force Test Pilot School, 1990

B.A. in Physics, University of Texas at Austin, 1982


Fellow, British Interplanetary Society, 2019

Developed (w/ University of Texas at Austin) Innovation short course for senior military leaders, 2018

Developed (w/ University of Texas at San Antonio) Cyber Warfare short course for gov/mil/civil executives, 2015-16

CAPSTONE General and Flag Officer Course, National Defense University, 2014

Harvard, Kennedy School: Senior Executives in National and International Security course, 2013

Afghanistan deployments, leadership roles, combat missions, Bronze Star Medal, 2005&08

Hurricane disaster responses, Texas and Louisiana, leadership roles, operational missions, 2005&08

Iraq deployment, combat missions, Air Medal, 2003

Airborne commander, initial NASA shuttle Columbia search & rescue, 2003

Created first in nation full Night Vision Qualification program for a National Guard C-130 unit, 2002-03

Institute for National Security Studies grant to study India & Pakistan’s Nuclear Doctrine and Deterrence, 2002

Contributing editor, Proceedings of the World Geothermal Congress 2000, 2000

Finalist, NASA biennial astronaut selection, 1999

Albritton & Champlin research awards (Southern Methodist University), 1997-98

Multiple Balkan theater deployments, leadership roles, combat missions, 1996-00

T.E. Williams Research Award for excellence in field research (Southern Methodist University), 1995

Roy M. Huffington Fellowship (Southern Methodist University), 1992-99

Sigma Gamma Epsilon Geology Honor Society, 1988

Distinguished or Outstanding Graduate of Advanced Navigator, Navigator/Bombardier & B-52 training, 1982-83

USAF ROTC scholarship, Distinguished Graduate, 1979-82

National Sojourners Award (Shriners), 1981


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