CEE Legacy Presentations, Papers, and Research Notes



Women's Global Leadership Conference in Energy and Technology, The Role of Energy in Propelling Sustainable Development in Emerging Economies

Highlights of the Energy Bill

History of MTBE legislation

How Many Regulators Do We Need?

Current Issues in Canadian Energy and Environment


What should India's long term refining strategy be?

CEE Think Day on Canadian Energy presentations (Agenda)

Keynote address AIChE Spring National Meeting, Forward, Backward, Sideways: Global Energy Redux

Energy & Communications Conference presentation, LNG: Can We Build It?


10 key observations from work completed and underway at CEE on national and international natural gas markets (presentation)

CEE HED grant fact sheet

Beyond the Science and Economics: The Politics of Global Energy (presentation)

Canada and Alberta Natural Resource Development Issues: Papers and presentations of the University of Alberta MBA Students, February 2007

  • Canadian Petroleum Growth and Development [paper] [presentation]
  • Alberta Royalty Structure: Overview and Challenges for the Future [paper] [presentation]
  • Mackenzie Valley Pipeline [paper] [presentation]
  • Water Use & Policy Challenges in Alberta Within the Context of Energy Development and Environmental Regulation [paper] [presentation]
  • Nuclear Energy in the Oilsands: Part of the Solution, or the Problem? [paper] [presentation]
  • Canadian Renewable Energy Policy and the Evolution of Renewables in the Canadian Electricity Industry [paper] [presentation]
  • Project Management: Challenges & Lessons Learned [paper] [presentation]


Keynote presentation for the International Energy Credit Association 2008 Spring Conference

CEE's Research on National Oil Companies (NOCs)

"Tightening grip" of Gazprom: a reality check

A Comment on LNG Regasification Optionality

Supporting Biofuels: A Case Study on the Law of Unintended Consequences?


The Future Landscape of Energy Trading

REC Trading in Texas - Lessons Learned and Way Forward


American Chamber of Commerce in Brazil (AMCHAM Brazil). The importance of the energy industry to Houston and Texas economies; and other energy market developments in the region and the U.S.

Oxford Institute for Energy Studies (OIES), Seminar on US natural gas

2010 Annual Meeting and Natural Gas Forum presentations (Agenda)


SPE/AAPG/SPEE Reserves and Resources Estimation and Reporting Symposium, Economic and Policy Perspectives on U.S. Reserves and Resources

American Gas Association LNG 17, Natural Gas Trends

Flame 2011 Conference in Amsterdam, It was a dark and stormy night...

AAPG 2011, Global Perspectives on LNG

AAPG 2011, Economics of CCS

Baylor University Energy Forum, Energy Poverty and Economics of Energy Technologies

2011 Annual Meeting and Forum presentations (Agenda)

The [Energy] Webs We Weave (Research note)

Government support for energy technologies and green jobs (Research note)

Think Day on Canadian Oil Sands and Keystone PipeLine with Andrew Stephens, former Executive Vice President, Suncor Energy (Presentation)


Baker Institute Energy Forum Symposium, Factors impacting the oil price

2012 Annual Meeting and Forum presentations (Agenda)

Monitoring U.S./Global Oil and Gas: Upstream Attainment, Producer Challenges (Research note)

Persistent Puzzles in Commodity Markets: Factors Impacting Oil Price (Research note)

Michelle M. Foss, testimony before the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology, Tapping America's Unconventional Oil Resources for Job Creation and Affordable Domestic Energy

U.S. Gas-Power Linkages: Building Future Views (Research note)


Upstream Attainment Producer Challenges (Research note)

2013 Annual Meeting, North, South, Texas, and the Rest

Mid-Year Review: Building Out the New Oil, Gas, and Power Value Chains (Agenda)

Monitoring U.S./Global Oil and Gas: National Oil Company Upstream Cost Structure and Implications of Lower Oil Prices (Research note)

A Primer on The Resource Adequacy Debate in Texas (Research note)


2014 Annual Meeting, Paradigms Lost? (Handouts)

Bakken Oil Transport

Industrial Gas Demand 

Power Plant Retirements 

Natural Gas Storage

Liquids Questions 

Midstream & Long Term Impacts of Price Spikes

A 40 TCF Market?

Is U.S. LNG Competitive?


2015 Annual Meeting, Let's Make a Deal (Agenda)

A Comparative Anatomy of Oil Price Routs: A Review of Four Price Routs Between 1985 and 2014 (Paper)

Battery Materials: Got Juice?

2015 Update to CEE's Research on National Oil Companies (NOCs)

Outlooks on Industrial Sector Demand for Natural Gas

Challenges Facing Growth in Light Tight Oil (LTO) Production

Monitoring U.S./Global Oil and Gas: Upstream Attainment, Producer Challenges, Part Deux

Update to CEE's Research on National Oil Companies (NOCs)

Industrial Gas Demand

Monitoring U.S./Global Oil and Gas: Upstream Attainment, Producer Challenges


2016 Annual Meeting, Backward Through the Value Chain (Agenda)

Electric Vehicle Diffusion and Raw Materials Supply Chains

LNG Marine Fuel Applications

Competitive Retail Electricity Market: Up Close in Connecticut

LNG Supply Outlook 2016 to 2030 (Full paper) (Executive Summary)

Outlooks on Natural Gas for Use in Power Generation

Battery Materials Value Chains

Is Midstream in Crisis?

2016 Mid-Year Meeting, Are "We" Asking Too Much of Electricity Markets?

Upstream Matters! 2015 Update

Retail Electricity Prices on the Rise

Nuclear Energy Roundtable (Summary)


Upstream Matters!

Eyes on Cobalt (snapshot)

2017 Annual Meeting, Risk and Uncertainty, a Return to Eeek!onomics

Current and Future Natural Gas Demand in China and India: Not What You Might Expect

U.S. Coal Plant Retirements: The Calm Before the Storm?

2017 Mid-Year Meeting, State v. Federal Energy Policies, Technical Evolution, Minerals, Supply Chains, Impacts on Consumer Prices, Capital Markets (Slides)

Competitive Electricity Markets: What Future?

U.S. Nuclear Power Reactors: At a Crossroads

North American FracSand Consumption Will Grow with Drastic Shift in End Users

Producer Benchmarks

Various Topics

Capacity Building on Energy Markets, Worldwide Projects

Electric Power

Global Gas and LNG

MarketViews Newsletters

Producer Finance Data Sheets (spreadsheets)

Industrial Projects Database (spreadsheet)

Published Research Articles

Upstream Attainment, National Oil Companies