March 28, 2024

Meet Dr. Andrey Bakulin, New Research Professor

Dr. Andrey Bakulin

Dr. Andrey Bakulin is a Research Professor and Co-PI of the Texas Consortium for Computational Seismology (TCCS) research consortium, where he broadens the consortium’s scope to encompass land seismic and novel monitoring technologies, focusing on developing new instruments and techniques essential for the energy transition.

With over 25 years of industry experience and a specialty in seismic acquisition and processing, his contributions have significantly advanced the field of reservoir characterization and monitoring and have won many awards.

In 2023, he received the prestigious Reginald Fessenden Award from the Society of Exploration Geophysicists for “substantial contributions to interferometry theory, imaging, and monitoring with virtual sources below a complex near surface which have impacted many processing and acquisition applications.” He was also awarded Honorable Mention for Best Paper from the American Association of Petroleum Geologists in the same year.

At Shell, he led Virtual Source monitoring projects utilizing downhole sensors, and played a pivotal role in developing tube-wave and real-time completion monitoring with fiber-optic sensors, providing cost-effective solutions. 

At Saudi Aramco, he enhanced land processing in scattering geological environments and led the seismic monitoring program, overseeing the successful field monitoring of a CO2-EOR pilot in a carbonate reservoir. He was instrumental in designing and demonstrating a hybrid monitoring system with 1000 buried sensors and spearheaded its 4D processing and interpretation.

Furthermore, he innovated and field-tested the smart DAS uphole acquisition system, featuring vertical arrays on a single fiber, an innovation earmarked for use in Aramco’s inaugural onshore CCS project.

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