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12/3/21 Researchers from University of Texas Austin Report Recent Findings in Oil and Gas Research (Matrix Reservoir Quality of the Upper Cretaceous Austin Chalk Group and Evaluation of Reservoir-quality Analysis Methods; Northern Onshore Gulf of ...) Energy Weekly News
12/3/21 THE ENERGY MESSAGE Shalemag
12/3/21 Studies in the Area of Chemical Engineering Reported from China University of Petroleum (East China) (Molecular Insights Into Carbon Dioxide Enhanced Multi-component Shale Gas Recovery and Its Sequestration In Realistic Kerogen)  Chemicals & Chemistry
12/10/21 Earthquakes linked to drilling are messing with Texas Energywire
12/13/21 Findings on Machine Learning Detailed by Investigators at University of Texas Austin (Demonstration and Mitigation of Spatial Sampling Bias for Machine-learning Predictions) Journal of Engineering
12/13/21 Robert Mace Interviews Sue Hovorka Farenheit 140 Podcast
12/20/21 Dr. Scott Tinker Young Professionals in Energy Podcast
12/21/21 Assessing Linkages between Drinking Water Quality Violations and Social Vulnerability in the United States  UT-Austin Center for Subsurface Energy and the Environment
12/24/21 New Oil and Gas Research Findings Has Been Reported by Investigators at University of Texas Austin (Low Pressure Buildup With Large Disposal Volumes of Oil Field Water: a Flow Model of the Ellenburger Group, Fort Worth Northcentral Texas)  Energy Weekly News
12/24/21 University of Texas Austin Researchers Detail Research in Science (Proposal for a mechanical model of mobile shales)  Science Letter
12/24/21 University of Texas Austin Reports Findings in Environmental Research (Assessing cumulative water impacts from shale oil and gas production: Permian Basin case study)  Ecology, Environment & Conservation
12/29/21 Texas Natural Gas, Oil Regulator Investigating Another Permian Earthquake Natural Gas Intelligence; NGI All News Access; Oltnews
12/31/21 Investigators at University of Texas Austin Describe Findings in Geospheres (Giant Meandering Channel Evolution, Campos Deep-water Salt Basin, Brazil)  Science Letter
11/1/21 Texas State Geologist Scott Tinker: The Bad Assumptions Underpinning COP26 and the Impending Train Wreck Watt's Up With That?
11/1/21 Researchers from University of Texas Austin Report Details of New Studies and Findings in the Area of Nanoporous (Advanced Understanding of Gas Flow and the Klinkenberg Effect In Nanoporous Rocks) Nanotechnology Weekly
11/1/21 Great editorial by Scott Tinker  Twitter - Rob Boulware
11/1/21 Report Summarizes Oil and Gas Research Study Findings from University of Texas Austin (Applying Convolutional Neural Networks To Identify Lithofacies of Large-n Cores From the Permian Basin and Gulf of Mexico: the Importance of the Quantity and ...) Journal of Engineering
11/1/21 Texas State Geologist Scott Tinker:...COP26 prepares to commit trillions of dollars....  Investor Village 
11/2/21 Excellent OpEd by Dr. Scott Tinker on UN Climate Conference and Critique of IEA Report “Net Zero by 2050: A Roadmap for the Global Energy Sector” Oil and Gas Lawyer Blog
11/3/21 Procurement Of Intent To Award To Txbeg Geoh2 Consortium Mena Report
11/3/21 Romanak Euro Interview Czech Publication
11/5/21 New Findings from University of Texas Austin in the Area of Energy Published (Global Liquified Natural Gas Trade under Energy Transition) Energy Weekly News
11/6/21 Scott Tinker gave a great luncheon talk last week...  LinkedIn - Dave Boyer
11/8/21 News from Around Campus UT Energy Bulletin 
11/9/21 University of Texas Austin Reports Findings in Environmental Science and Technology (DeepSense: A Physics-Guided Deep Learning Paradigm for Anomaly Detection in Soil Gas Data at Geologic CO2 Storage Sites) Journal of Mathematics
11/9/21 Your COP26 questions answered: carbon capture and storage - Romanak Nature Video
11/10/21 The International Gas Union (IGU), in partnership with the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies (OIES), today releases its Inaugural Global Renewable and Low-Carbon Gas Survey Report PR Newswire; PR Newswire India; International Gas Union; MENAFN - Press Releases (English); PR Newswire Asia; PR Newswire Europe; Finanzen.net; CEO CA; Spoke; Finanz Nachrichten;  Ticker Technologies; One News Page; The Luxury Chronicle; What's on (AU); Mystarjob; Sangri Times; Construction Property; New Tecumseth Free Press Online; Latin Trade Online; Australian Associated Press online; Asia Briefing News; NewsBlaze; Crisis Management Centre; Kaki DIY; Run The Money; Mayacom; The Malaysia Voice; Newswire NZ; Pana Journal; MeNews; GISF (HK); Masthead Online; OZ News Today; Canadian Industry Online; News of Australia; News For Business (AU); My Australian News; Connectweb; WORLD GEN; Magazines Today; WorkSmart Asia; Niagatimes; Emex London; The Watson Society; Think News Today; Tech Portal; The Luxury Chronicle; News Views Club; Global Prime News; Nri news 24 x 7; Nasheman; New Z New; Indian Power Sector.com; News Digest (NG); Upcoming News (IN); Odisha News Tune; Mangalorean; Mundo da Pesquisa; Reportstory; Business Trumpet (NG); News Drinker; Tripura India; Sangri Today; Bihar Reporter (Bihar Prabha); Uttarakhand News Network; Zonautara; Business Diary Ph; Rolf Suey; Roughneck Mag; Saigon Times Online; News Centre; Canadian Business Journal; Photoa AAP; Mediaverse.com;  Renewable Energy Society (AU); TFA Geeks; News Hub Asia; Mpelembe Wire; ASEAN Briefing;  The India Bizz; Report Odisha; Imp; Times of Bengal; Telengana Today Online; GreenTech Lead; IGB News; The Devon Daily; News Chronicle; Asianbuck; BLIVE; Social News XYZ; IBTN9; Marudharabharti; Surveysam; Magazines Today; Goodreport; Exeter Daily; Manhattan week; Web Odisha; India Editor; Odisha Bytes; Insight Online News; Hello Mumbai News; News Crazy; KhabarLive; Abhitak News; UK Business Blog; Policenama; Benzinga; European Business Magazine; Box ticker; Reporting Today; Canadian Insider Blog; Biotech 365; Indian Nerve; Prativad; English News Reporters Today; Market News Release; Business Today Online; Indore Dil Se; Greenlichen; Pongapandit; News india online; Sambad English; One News Page; Ground Report (IN); Oil and Gas Press; Bio2Business; English.samajalive; Italy USA Magazine; BIZWIREEXPRESS.COM; Crack of Dawn; 5 Dariya News; Live Chronicle (IN); New Delhi Times; Window To News; News Watch; Property Aspects Magazine; Biz Next India; Odisha Ray; Bangalore Waves; Newstage.com; News Deck; Report 365; Picante; India Briefing; Readbox (IN); Business Sandesh; Lagos Times; Perfect News Live;  Sme Street; Energy Digital; Current New; EnergyBoardroom; Odishabarta; Go Earth; Chennaiyil; News Control Room; instanews 24x7 English; Crossover.co.ke; Newsblare; Artaois Consulting; BioFlorida; One News Page; eGreenews; My Silly Little Gang; FDAreg Watch; Physician Family; Association of Energy Engineers; Interndaily; Biotech Blog; Journal of Commercial Biotechnology; Oil gas daily; Ecoindustri;  Fffchallenge; Magazines Today; Latin Business Today; Energy-Daily; Terra Daily; DrugPatentWatch; Itbiznews; Property Aspects Magazine; ProfitQuotes.com; Lezard (EN); IANS; Canada NewsWire; Benzinga; WBOC-TV Online; Africa 24 Media; Samacharlive; IGU; News Galiyara; webindia123.com; Odisha360.com; Connect Gujarat;  Newssuperfast; Live Chennai; Tvokm; Specttrum News; Oicto Day; News bharati; Media infoline; Core Sector Communique; Jakarta Investor; Falconnews
11/10/21 Governor Abbott Appoints Eight to TexNet Technical Advisory Committee Office of the Governor News; States News Service; Targeted News Service; TendersInfo; Mena Report; Woodlands Online; STL News
11/11/21 Morning Show
The war on fossil fuels. Is it justified?
Finding balance between environment and energy, US role
Electric cars
Natural gas future, Green New Deal
98.3 KXDJ Radio
11/12/21 Findings on Oil and Gas Research Reported by Investigators at University of Texas Austin (Water-oil Displacement In Shale: New Insights From a Comparative Study Integrating Imbibition Tests and Multiscale Imaging) Energy Weekly News
11/12/21 Carbon Capture and Storage – Decarbonisation of Industries in the UK, US, Canada and Nigeria IISD Earth Negotiations Bulletin
11/18/21 Groundwater in California’s Central Valley may be unable to recover from past and future droughts EurekAlert; Scienmag; Science Blog
11/22/21 Katherine Romanak: CCS je naše jediná naděje TALK
11/23/21 Study Findings from University of Texas Austin Broaden Understanding of Hydrologic Engineering (The Effect of Compressibility and Outer Boundaries On Incipient Viscous Fingering) Life Science Weekly
11/24/21 Amid UT cuts, $6M for Liberty Institute Austin American-Statesman
11/26/21 Studies from University of Texas Austin Add New Findings in the Area of Geology (Characteristics of Seismicity In the Eagle Ford Shale Play, Southern Texas, Constrained By Earthquake Relocation and Centroid Moment Tensor Inversion) Science Letter
10/1/21 The Complexities of Secure Energy Supply GEOExPro
10/1/21 The US Gulf Coast is poised for rapid methane and CCS development Global Voice of Gas
10/1/21 Challenges to Deepwater Reservoir Characterization AAPG Explorer
10/1/21 Energy Transition Complexities with Geologist Dr. Scott Tinker Path to Zero (podcast)
10/1/21 Wendie Cook discusses Midland Energy Conference The Canadian Record
10/6/21 UTEP Professor Named California Academy of Sciences Fellow UTEP Campus Newsfeed
10/6/21 Council Hosts Dr. Scott Tinker for Engaging Discussion on the Future of Energy Energy Workforce & Technolgy Council
10/11/21 Register! Free Enverus 2021 Virtual SPARK Conference – Top 5 Reasons to Attend EnergyNow.com
10/28/21 The road to Glasgow is paved with bad assumptions The Hill; UT News; US Fed News
10/29/21 New Oil and Gas Research Findings from University of Texas Austin Described (Variations In Vertical Stress In the Permian Basin Region) Energy Weekly News
10/29/21 Characterizing the Effect of Capillary Heterogeneity on Multiphase Flow Pulsation in an Intermediate-Scale Beadpack Experiment using Time Series Clustering and Frequency Analysis AGU
9/1/21 Bhattacharya Interview SWPLA Newsletter
9/2/21 I'm starting Texas botcott tonight! Will weed out stocks with company HQ in Texas Democratic Underground
9/2/21 International Association of Geophysical Contractors Sets 3 Conference Sessions During 50th Anniversary Hybrid Annual Conference Targeted News Service
9/3/21 UT researchers pushing innovative solution at DOE's Hydrogen Earth Shot kickoff Chemicals & Chemistry
9/3/21 News from Around Campus UT Energy Bulletin
9/4/21 Events and companies you can boycott in TX to protest SB8 Daily Kos
9/7/21 Sage Announcment of USAF Phase 2 Award LinkedIn; Think GeoEnergy
9/8/21 Developing Digital Twins for Improved Hurricane Prediction  NewsWise; Phys.Org; Science Newsnet; Nerdswire;  Techcodex; USA News Wall 
9/10/21 New Earth Science Study Findings Recently Were Reported by Researchers at University of Texas Austin (Time-dependent Seismic Hazard and Risk Due To Wastewater Injection In Oklahoma) Science Letter
9/13/21 More than 50 quakes last week in far West Texas News Break
9/14/21 UT researchers discover method to convert untapped oil into clean hydrogen energy source  The Daily Texan; University Wire
9/14/21 Findings from University of Texas Austin Provides New Data about Information Technology (Multiscale, Radially Anisotropic Shear Wave Imaging of the Mantle Underneath the Contiguous United States Through Joint Inversion of Usarray and Global ...) Information Technology Newsweekly
9/15/21 Geological Map of Texas 1919 GLO Venture Views
9/17/21 CCS: “The stage is set for a new carbon storage economy in the Gulf Coast region” [Gas in Transition] Natural Gas World
9/17/21 Completion of Plainview Point celebrated with ribbon cutting  Plainview Herald
9/21/21 Study Data from University of Texas Austin Provide New Insights into Geophysics (Pore Pressure Threshold and Fault Slip Potential for Induced Earthquakes In the Dallas-fort Worth Area of North Central Texas) Physics Week
9/23/21 Symposium on energy and climate change Saturday Telluride Daily Planet
9/27/21 In Appreciation of AGU’s Outstanding Reviewers of 2020  Eos
9/28/21 Energy Dialogues Hosts Energy Innovators at North American Gas Forum Yahoo! Finance; PR Newswire; WBOC-TV Online; Terra Daily; Latin Business Today; Manhattan Week; Association of Energy Engineers; Journalism Violence and Trauma; WORLD GEN; NewsBlaze; Latin Trade Online; One News Page; Sangri Times; My Silly Little Gang; Oil gas daily; Energy-Daily; Business Chief Online; One News Page; Magazines Today; Saline Courier Online; ProfitQuotes.com; MyMotherLode.com; Finanzen.net; Business.poteaudailynews;  Decatur Daily Democrat Online; Winslow, Evans & Crocker Online; Morning News; Spoke;  Borger News-Herald – Online; Lezard (EN); Chroniclejournal – Markets; Inyo Register; The Kane Republican (US); Morningstar; Ticker Technologies; Evening Leader Online; Oklahoman Online; Starkville Daily News Online; Ridgway Record; Benzinga; Community Post; Pilot-News Online; Observer News Enterprise; Mammoth Times Online; Antlers American Online; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Online; Fat Pitch Financials
9/29/21 Enverus 2021 Free Virtual SPARK Conference: Top 5 Reasons to Attend Enverus
9/29/21 Rise in New Mexico Earthquakes Likely Triggered by Oil Industry Capital & Main
9/30/21 Wendie Cook discusses Midland Energy Conference The Canadian Record
8/6/21 University of Texas At Austin: Longhorns Launch Startup to Address the Next Frontier of Renting News Bites
8/16/21 CCS: “The stage is set for a new carbon storage economy in the Gulf Coast region” Gas In Transition Magazine 
8/19/21 Tracking water storage shows options for improving water management during floods and droughts Science Daily; UT Research Showcase; Environmental News Network; Homeland Security News Wire;  Tech and Science Post;  Mirage News Australia; NewsCaf; Smart Water Magazine;  Posibl.;
8/23/21 UT Researchers Pushing Innovative Solution at DOE’s Hydrogen Earth Shot Kickoff JSG News; WebNews; Space Daily;  Newsr; Oil gas daily
8/24/21 Studies in the Area of Tectonophysics Reported from University of Texas Austin (Seismic Features of the Permian Basin Region From Receiver Function Analysis) Physics Week
8/24/21 UT researchers to transform untapped oil into clean hydrogen energy H2 View; Gasworld; Hydrogen Central; Acapmag.com; 
8/27/21 New Jersey Diverse Sources, TikTok Citations, Instagram, More: Friday Afternoon ResearchBuzz ResearchBuzz
8/31/21 Blueprint To Change Way Communities Approach Future Energy Development MENAFN - Business & Finance News 
7/1/21 Russia Gets on Board, Baker Hughes Expands Efforts, and Solar Gains on Coal in India Journal of Petroleum Technology
7/2/21 Study Data from Southern Methodist University Update Knowledge of Geology (Stress-drop Estimates for Induced Seismic Events In the Fort Worth Basin, Texas) Science Letter
7/2/21 National Energy Technology Laboratory: Southeast Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership Highlights Accomplishments Targeted News Service
7/4/21 In need of critical thinking Williamsport Sun-Gazette
7/5/21 Gulf Coast Ready to Develop Carbon Storage Hub UT News; Science Daily; Environmental Weekly News; Energy Weekly News; US Fed News; States News Service; Targeted News Service; Newstex Blogs; Mirage News Australia; Business Fast; EurekAlert; Samachar Central; Scienmag; ENN (Environmental News Network); Randle Report; Watts Up With That?; ScienceDaily; Carbon Capture Journal; Oil & Gas Online
7/6/21 Matthew Bauer re: GOMRQ LinkedIn
7/7/21 EV deal shows 'Lithium Valley' could be for real E&E News
7/9/21 University of Texas At Austin: New 6G Research Center Unites Industry Leaders and UT Wireless Experts News Bites
7/22/21 Top Geology Award Goes to Ian Dalziel of The University of Texas at Austin UT News; ENP Newswire; States News Service; US Fed News; Targeted News Service; Scienmag; EurekAlert; Bioengineer; Biotech Asia News; 7th Space; Energy key facts
7/22/21 More collaboration needed to de-risk geothermal efforts  Upstreamonline.com
7/23/21 Investigators at China University of Geosciences Report Findings in Oil and Gas Research (A Deep-learning-based Approach for Reservoir Production Forecast Under Uncertainty) Energy Weekly News
7/26/21 SPE Announces 2021 Regional Award Recipients  Journal of Petroleum Technology
7/27/21 US LNG Exports Hit New Record High! Watts Up With That?; Newstex Blogs
7/30/21 New Findings from China University of Petroleum in the Area of Energy Described (A Framework for Predicting the Production Performance of Unconventional Resources Using Deep Learning) Energy Weekly News
6/1/21 Using Time-Series Analysis and Class-Based Machine Learning to Predict Rock Properties AAPG Explorer
6/1/21 CarbonSAFE Project Uses Core Technology to Identify CO2 Storage Potential AAPG Explorer
6/3/21 Opinion: The future of renewable energy is playing out in West Texas Houston Chronicle
6/4/21 corepytools Pypi
6/4/21 Biden's Billion-Dollar Push For EV Charging Stations Just An Opening Bid Patch.com; InsideSources; Delaware Valley Journal; NWI Times; eNews Prescott; Post-Journal Online
6/7/21 Findings from China University of Petroleum Has Provided New Data on Nanoporous (Pore-scale Perspective of Gas/water Two-phase Flow In Shale) Nanotechnology Weekly
6/7/21 New ‘GeoSign’ installed on top of Mt Bonnell to educate on geo-history of the landmark KXAN
6/6/21 5 grandes misterios sobre los océanos y sus profundidades El Universal; Es Mexico
6/15/21 West Texas (Permian) Super Basin, United States: Tectonics, structural development, sedimentation, petroleum systems, and hydrocarbon reserves AAPG Bulletin
6/17/21 Why Was $66 Billion Spent On Renewables Before The Texas Blackouts? Menopausal Mother Nature; Climatedepot.com; Free Republic
6/17/21 Holy Smoke! Texas Has Actual Volcanoes. Here’s Where to See Ten of Them. Texas Monthly
6/18/21 University of Texas Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs: Sheila Olmstead, Andrew Waxman, Ben Leibowicz Lead Team Awarded $850,000 to Study the Economics of Carbon Capture and Storage Targeted News Service
6/18/21 Commentary: Chris Woodward - If they build it, will they drive it? Edwardsville Intelligencer Online; New Canaan Advertiser Online
6/18/21 Net zero or bust: gas sector’s critical moment The Australian Financial Review; FS Sustainability 
6/19/21 UW, University of Texas-Austin Study Barriers to Carbon Capture, Use, Storage Mirage News; Wyoming Tribune; US Fed News; Coal zoom; rocketminer.com; Carbon Capture Journal
6/22/21 Study Offers Plan to Overcome Hurdles for Hydrogen Energy UT News; Tech Xplore; PressReleasePoint; States News Service; US Fed News; Targeted News Service; India Education Diary; Mirage News Australia; Austin Villager; Tech Explore; FuelCellsWorks.com; TechiLive
6/23/21 Tinker Receives Energy Leadership Award from E&P Magazine Texas Geosciences News
6/25/21 Nabors partners with VC firm Virya to scale US geothermal energy Investable Universe
6/25/21 New Paleontology Study Findings Have Been Reported by Investigators at University of Texas Austin [Late Paleozoic (Late Mississippian-middle Permian) Sediment Provenance and Dispersal In Western Equatorial Pangea] Ecology, Environment & Conservation
6/25/21 Earthquakes bumfuzzle officials Odessa American; Yahoo News; News Break; Houston Chronicle; InsuranceNewsNet Online
6/26/21 If All Goes According To (Renewable Energy) Plan, Texas Will Be Fine CleanTechnica; Zephyrnet
6/26/21 Study to Look at Economic and Political Barriers Related to Carbon Capture SweetwaterNow.com
6/29/21 UT Austin Teaming up with City of Austin and Community Members to Fight Extreme Heat austintexas.com; US Fed News; Public Now
6/29/21 Energy Transition: Blue Oil Edition Watts Up With That?
6/29/21 Trans-Pecos Tertiary Alkaline Rocks, Texas USGS - Mineral Resources Online Spatial Data 
5/2/21 What spending $66 billion on wind and solar power got Texas WND News Services; USSA News Online
5/3/21 Hydrogen Infrastructure Expansion Requires Realistic Framework Oil and Gas Journal
5/4/21 Hart Energy Announces E&P's '40 Under Forty' Honorees for 2021  PRNewswire; Resources News; Press-Enterprise Online;  Markets Insider; The Kane Republican (US);  Post & Mail Online; Saline Courier Online;  Finanzen.net; Punxsutawney Spirit; Ticker Technologies; WBOC-TV Online; Community Post; Observer News Enterprise; Pilot-News Online; Chroniclejournal - Markets;  Ridgway Record; Morning News; MyMotherLode.com; Oklahoman Online; Starkville Daily News Online; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Online; Daily Press;  Minyanville Finance; Sweetwater Reporter; Wapakoneta Daily News Online; Fort Bend Herald & Texas Coaster Online; WRDE Coast TV; ProfitQuotes.com; Arizona Republic Online;  Fat Pitch Financials; What's Up Magazine; Killeen Daily Herald Online;  WORLD GEN; Buffalo News Online; Tyler Morning Telegraph Online; Mammoth Times Online
5/7/21 2021 Planning Committee GeoGulf2021.org
5/7/21 SMU Geothermal Lab News and Notes SMU Geothermal Lab Newsletter 
5/8/21 Changing World Oil Markets and the Texas Economy Center for Houston’s Future
5/13/21 Mount Bonnell GeoSign Illustrates Area’s Geologic Features austintexas.gov; US Fed News; States News Service; Austin Public Library Blog; Public Now
5/14/21 Mount Bonnell GeoSign installed Austin American-Statesman
5/17/21 New project offers insight on how Mount Bonnell came to be Fox7 Austin
5/19/21 Safi Organics Claims EarthX E-Capital Summit Climate Tech Prize 3BL Media; Newstex Blogs; Panhandle NewsChannelNebraska.com; Living Future;  Markets - Financial Content;  Business Ethics; Winslow, Evans & Crocker Online; Big Spring Herald Online; Sustain-Online; Suncoast News Network Online; Tamar Securities; Justmeans; HTV 10; Post & Mail Online; The Kane Republican (US); Starkville Daily News Online; Decatur Daily Democrat Online; Fat Pitch Financials; Arizona Republic Online; Mammoth Times Online; Inyo Register; Minyanville Finance; Borger News-Herald; Punxsutawney Spirit; Chroniclejournal - Markets; Antlers American Online; Community Post; Observer News Enterprise; MyMotherLode.com; Buffalo News Online; Pilot-News Online; Malvern Daily Record; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Online; Ridgway Record; Oklahoman Online; KMLK; WPGX FOX 28; WDFX-TV Online; Deer Park Tribune Online; Daily Press; Livermore Finance; Morning News; Evening Leader Online; Business.poteaudailynews; Valley City Times-Record Online; Newport Daily Express; Daily Times Leader Online; Wapakoneta Daily News; Wtnzfox43; CSR International; WRDE Coast TV
5/22/21 UT scientists hunt for sand for Texas coast Austin American-Statesman
5/24/21 #ASEGWebinar Dr Shuvajit Bhattacharya Twitter
5/26/21 Blueprint To Change Way Communities Approach Future Energy Development  Value Walk; Newstex Blogs; sharewise
5/26/21 Tomlinson: A Texas road map for no-drama, sustainable energy development Houston Chronicle; San Antonio Express-News
5/27/21 Water recycling is big business Peak Oil
5/28/21 How does the geologic environment shape rockfalls in the Texas Hill Country? KXAN
5/28/21 Must-see plenary debates the industry's role in a net zero future Energy News Bulletin
5/28/21 Respect Big Bend releases blueprint for sustainable energy development Midland Reporter-Telegram
5/28/21 News from Around Campus UT Energy Bulletin
5/29/21 Courts, clients and Wall Avenue delivered rebukes to Exxon Mobil, Chevron and Shell The Shepherd of the Hills Gazette; Newstex Blogs; Watts Up With That?
4/1/21 Range Resources Post: Scott Tinker - PA Legislature LinkedIn
4/1/21 Scott Tinker - Interview Re: Texas Winter Storm NPR
4/9/21 Study Results from University of Texas Austin Update Understanding of Fuel Research  Energy Weekly News
4/10/21 3.3 magnitude earthquake hits Texas county KHOU-11; KTRK; WFAA; NewsBreak; KXVA; KAGS; KYTX; KCEN
4/12/21 Aerial Laser Imaging for Better Natural Disaster Preparation and Response UT News; States News Service; Targeted News Service; US Fed News; PressReleasePoint; Mirage News Australia
4/15/21 Long-serving staff members share what has and hasn’t changed in their time at UT UT News
4/16/21 East Texas earthquake detected Thursday Texarkana Gazette
4/19/21 New Findings from University of Texas Austin in the Area of Machine Learning Reported  Journal of Engineering
4/23/21 Tomlinson - Carbon capture offers promise for Texas oil and gas company future Houston Chronicle; San Antonio Express-News; Oltnews
4/23/21 South Texas Geothermal Energy Project Ready to Provide Power That Never Stops Reporting Texas
4/23/21 Findings in the Area of Basin Research Reported from China University of Geosciences  Chemicals & Chemistry
4/26/21 After the Texas Blackouts, Follow the Wind and Solar Money – All $66 Billion of It RealClear Energy
4/26/21 Texas Joins U.S. Quake Network Texas Geosciences
4/28/21 As the seas rise and storms threaten, scientists hunt for sand to strengthen the Texas coast Houston Chronicle
4/30/21 News from Around Campus UT Energy Bulletin
3/1/21 Sage Geosystems to explore geothermal closed-loop for U.S. Air Force base Think Geoenergy
3/2/21 How Did the Dinosaurs Die?  Dust May Solve the Cause Futurity; Webnews; PressReleasePoint
3/5/21 Scientific and realistic views on climate policy – a lesson from Scott Tinker Big Media
3/8/21 Texas Earthquake System Strengthens National Network UT News; ExBulletin; States News Service; Targeted News Service; Mirage News Australia; News Break; 
3/9/21 Asteroid dust found in crater closes case of dinosaur extinction Life Science Weekly; Space Daily
3/12/21 John Andrews Hydro International
3/12/21 Critical Thinking for Equitable Energy Enerplus 2021
3/14/21 University of Texas Bureau of Economic Geology Issues Report Entitled '2020 Biennial Report on Seismic Monitoring and Research in Texas' Targeted News Service
3/15/21 Meandering Rivers Create “Counter-Point Bars” No Matter Underlying Geology JSG News; EurekAlert; UT Research Showcase; SciTechDaily; ScienceDaily, Environmental News Network; Archaeology News Network; Scienmag; 7th Space; remonews; Vaaju; Brinkwire; Automatic Blogging
3/18/21 APPEA: Natural gas has key part to play for sustainable development India Energy News
3/22/21 Monitoring earthquakes and seismic activity in Texas Fox7 Austin
3/22/21 Instead of a Prediction, Here's a Plan ShaleMag.com
3/23/21 Link to the recent @IPAAaccess Webinar with Dr. Scott Tinker Texas Alliance (Twitter)
3/23/21 Anti-U.S. energy movement deserves more scrutiny The Telegraph; Champaign/Urbana News-Gazette; Edwardsville Intelligencer Online; New Canaan Advertiser Online; World News Network; Republic of Mining 
3/25/21 Cheap, Reliable And Clean:' Expert Shares Energy Policy Vision With PA Lawmakers Patch.com; States News Service; Publicnow.com; Standard Journal
3/25/21 Scott Tinker Testifies Before the U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources Energy@UT News
3/26/21 Studies from University of Texas Austin Describe New Findings in Geology (Trace-elemental and Petrographic Constraints On the Severity of Hydrographic Restriction In the Silled Midland Basin During the Late Paleozoic Ice Age) Science Letter
3/26/21 Energy sector expert speaks to state General Assembly about mitigating environmental impacts Pennsylvania Business Report
3/31/21 The American Petroleum Institute did what? As a result of local weather? – Watts Up With That? The Shepherd of the Hills Gazette 
2/1/21 Houston company could provide answer to Elon Musk's $100 million question Houston Chronicle
2/2/21 Biden Meets with Moderate Republicans but Aid Plans are Far Apart  Pro Farmer
2/2/21 Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee Sets Feb. 3 Hearing on Global Climate Trends Targeted News Service
2/2/21 Senate committee votes on energy secretary nominee, holds hearing on addressing climate change AP Planner
2/2/21 Why I Sold BP Seeking Alpha
2/3/21 Senate Energy Committee Issues Testimony From University of Texas-Austin's Bureau of Economic Geology Director Tinker Targeted News Service
2/3/21 Manchin opens first climate hearing, calls for putting national needs over politics Mineral Daily News-Tribune
2/3/21 Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee - Hearing DC Daybook - Policy & News Events
2/3/21 Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee The Washington Daybook
2/3/21 Barrasso: Undermining America's Energy Security Will Not Solve Climate Change Congressional Documents and Publications; States News Service; Impact News Service
2/3/21 MURKOWSKI: AMERICA MUST MAINTAIN POSITION OF POWER IN O&G, LNG PRODUCTION US Fed News; States News Service; Targeted News Service; Impact News Service; Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska; marketscreener.com; Public Now
2/3/21 State Geologist of Texas Joins Trinity University Board of Trustees  Trinity University; Yahoo Finance; GlobeNewswire; Targeted News Service; Tamar Securities; Morningstar; Chroniclejournal - Markets; Deer Park Tribune Online; jotup.co; KTVN-TV Online; Arizona Republic Online;  Benzinga; Einpresswire.com;  Daily Press; Community Post; marketscreener.com; Inyo Register; InvestorPoint.com; Spoke;  RFD-TV Online; Canadian Insider Blog;  
2/3/21 Manchin touts "all-of-the above" energy policy as he heads first climate hearing of new Congress  Charleston Gazette-Mail 
2/3/21 Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee Holds Hearing on Global Climate Trends CQ Transcriptions
2/4/21 Sen. Manchin, Committee Hold First Climate Hearing of 117th Congress Targeted News Service
2/5/21 Ex-Marathon geologist Scott Tinker is Director of the UT Bureau of Economic Geology, which doubles as an industry-oriented research arm of UT/Austin, and the Texas State Geological Survey   Twitter - Colonel Drake
2/5/21 Studies from Newcastle University Provide New Data on Solid Earth Research (The Assessment of Organic Matter Young's Modulus Distribution With Depositional Environment and Maturity) Science Letter
2/5/21 An invisible, odorless gas is pitting Texas against the Biden administration CNN; erienewsnow.com 
2/5/21 Manchin holds a hearing on climate change facts (and GOP invites deniers who make s**t up) Red, Green and Blue
2/7/21 Energy and Filmmaking MIT Energy Initiative
2/8/21 University of Texas Austin Researchers Yield New Study Findings on Energy [Attitudes on Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) as a Mitigation Technology within the UNFCCC] Journal of Engineering
2/9/21 Biden's climate policies raise alarm about environmental damage The Washington Times; World Tribune; Menopausal Mother Nature; Climatedepot.com  
2/9/21 News from Around Campus UT Energy Bulletin 
2/10/21 The Other Energy Transition Feat: Dr. Scott Tinker Decouple
2/15/21 TIPRO promotes education with new State of Energy report Midland Reporter-Telegram
2/15/21 ‎Episode 65: Dr. Scott Tinker from the BEG and Documentary Series "Switch" PBE Podcast
2/17/21 Check out this exciting HGS Virtual General Lunch about the Austin Chalk Trend next week!  Twitter - Houston Geol Society
2/17/21 Dastur Selected to Design and Evaluate Techno-Economic Feasibility of India’s Largest Carbon Capture and Utilization Project at IOCL’s Flagship Koyali Refinery Business Wire India; Consumer Infoline; direktbroker.de; AD HOC NEWS; IANS; trading-house.net; webindia123.com 
2/18/21 India’s largest industrial carbon capture and utilization project pv magazine India
2/19/21 New Sedimentary Geology Study Results Reported from University of Texas Austin (Micropetrographic Characterization of a Siliciclastic-rich Chalk; Upper Cretaceous Austin Chalk Group Along the Onshore Northern Gulf of Mexico, Usa) Science Letter
2/19/21 Carbon Neutral is Not Nature Neutral UT News; LubbockOnline.com; San Antonio Express-News 
2/22/21  Like Developing Nations, Texas Confronts Lingering Water Crisis  Circle of Blue
2/24/21 Asteroid Dust Found in Crater Closes Case of Dinosaur Extinction  UT News; Earth.com; Intelligencer; ENP Newswire; States News Service; USFed News; Targeted News Service; Eurasia Review; Indian Agriculture News; ScienceDaily; EurekAlert; Forbes Online; Scitechdaily; Archaeology News Network; FocusTechnica; Brinkwire; Mirage News Australia; Astrobiology;  Space Daily; News Break; Scienmag; 7th Space; Earth.com; MeteoWeb (Italy)
2/25/21 Before winter storm, Lina Hidalgo warned of Category 5 hurricane conditions. Was she right? Laredo Morning Times; Houston Chronicle
1/4/21 TxExplainer: What the 2021 Texas Legislative Session Has in Store for UT Austin Alcalde
1/5/21 Ken Wisian (on Making Leadership Mistakes and Defining a Culture‪)‬ Daily Jo with John Oberg
1/12/21 Assessing Impacts of Water Management Related to Oil and Gas Development on Water Resources Austin Geological Society
1/12/21 Texas well-suited to become leading US producer of low-cost hydrogen: panelists S&P Global Platts; Platts Commodity News; Platts Coal Trader; Platts Energy Trader; Platts Gas Daily; Platts Megawatt Daily
1/13/21 Rebuttal to Geological Society of London Scientific Assertion on Local Weather Change The Shepherd of the Hills Gazette; Watts Up With That?; Newstx Blogs; Business Wire; Postmedia Breaking News; National Post; Contify Energy News; Indian Oil and Gas News
1/14/21 Dastur Selected to Design and Evaluate Techno-Economic Feasibility of India’s Largest Carbon Capture and Utilization Project at IOCL’s Flagship Koyali Refinery Valdosta Daily Times; Hydrocarbon Engineering; gasworld.com; Hydrocarbon Processing; Carbon Capture Journal; Chemical Industry Digest; Acrofan; Gulf Oil & Gas (Egypt); Impact Financial News; Markets - Financial Content;  DGAP Medientreff;  BusinessWire.com;  jotup.co; Canoe.com; National Post; Winslow, Evans & Crocker Online; Financial Post Magazine; Tamar Securities; Winnipeg Sun; SW Iowa News Source; Benzinga; Chronicle Tribune Online;  Manchester Times; Cadillac News Online; Killeen Daily Herald; Argus-Press; marketscreener.com; Chroniclejournal - Markets; Digital Journal; Ridgway Record;  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette;  Intellasia.net; Accountability Central; Spoke; Lezard (EN); NS Energy; AZoCleantech.com; MRC Plast;  Chemical Engineering Online; Foreign Investors on India; PROCESS WORLDWIDE Online; Chemical Industry Digest;   
1/19/21 UT-Austin partners with Chinese institute later deemed a security risk by Department of Education The College Fix;  Colorado our Community Now
1/20/21 We must go honest to 'go green' The Hill; UT News; National Wind Watch: Wind Energy News; 
1/21/21 Alex S. Broun Geology Collection donated to the University of Texas Bureau of Economic Geology Wimberley Valley Watershed Association; Wimberly View; News Break
1/21/21 Toxic substance or water supply? Lawmakers to weigh whether wastewater from oil fields could replenish the state's aquifers The Texas Tribune
1/22/21 Studies from University of Texas Austin in the Area of Structural Geology Reported (Salt Diapir Downbuilding: Fast Analytical Models Based On Rates of Salt Supply and Sedimentation) Science Letter
1/26/21 9-1-1 Lone Star episode centers around volcano erupting in Austin Fox7
1/29/21 Reports Outline Sedimentary Geology Study Findings from University of Texas Austin (Sedimentology of the Upper Pennsylvanian Organic-rich Cline Shale, Midland Basin: From Gravity Flows To Pelagic Suspension Fallout) Science Letter
1/29/21 Study Findings on Fuel Research Are Outlined in Reports from University of Texas Austin (Digital Rock Techniques To Study Shale Permeability: a Mini-review) Energy Weekly News
1/29/21 Houston company could provide answer to Elon Musk's $100 million question Houston Chronicle

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