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12/2/20 TIPRO's Unraveling the Oil and Natural Gas Narrative Virtual Forum with Dr. Scott W. Tinker TIPRO
12/2/20 Remembering Enron (Bankruptcy & layoffs 18-years ago today) Before It's News
12/3/20 “Switch On” — New Documentary On Energy Poverty With Scott Tinker CleanTechnica; News Break; Ecotopical.com
12/5/20 Unraveling tangled energy narrative requires critical thinking Midland Reporter-Telegram; Industrial Wind Action Group
12/7/20 ‘Big Data’ Enables First Census of Desert Shrub TEXAS Geosciences; Science Daily; Phys.org; ScienMag; Bioengineer; Life Science Weekly; Eurasia Review; Indian Agriculture News; EurekAlert; Severskiy
12/10/20 Texas GOP_ Dems tried to solve a climate change problem together 10 years ago_ Then it unraveled Houston Chronicle; Democratic Underground
12/11/20 Study Data from University of Texas Austin Update Knowledge of Geomechanics - Poroelastic Models for Fault Reactivation In Response To Concurrent Injection and Production In Stacked Reservoirs Science Letter
12/11/20 Study Results from University of Texas Austin Broaden Understanding of Oil and Gas Research - Geologic Characterization of the Type Cored Section for the Upper Cretaceous Austin Chalk Group In Southern Texas Energy Weekly News
12/11/20 James Osborne Twitter
12/18/20 Findings in Fuel Research Reported from University of Texas Austin (Effects of Pore Fluids On Methane Sorption In the Lower Bakken Shales, Williston Basin, Usa) Energy Weekly News
12/21/20 Shell's Asset Value Cuts Nearing $22 Billion Journal of Petroleum Technology
12/25/20 Studies from University of Texas Austin Add New Findings in the Area of Structural Geology (Mineral Precipitation As a Mechanism of Fault Core Growth) Science Letter
12/27/20 City-based Dastur joins US-funded study on carbon capture The Times of India; MSN IN
11/1/20 From 'drill, Baby, drill' to 'mine, China, mine'?  The News-Gazette
11/1/20 University of Texas at Austin The Mineralogical Record
11/5/20 Basin Electric hosts virtual 2020 annual meeting  Minot Daily News; ENP Newswire; Contify Energy News; Targeted News Service
11/9/20 Lawmakers, scientists seek millions more to study cause of earthquakes Fort Worth Star-Telegram
11/10/20 Sustainable Energy Future: Balancing Environment, Energy and Economy. Register MoEnvironment (Twitter)
11/11/20 A Sustainable Energy Future: Balancing Environment, Energy, and Economy Washington University Climate Change Program
11/12/20 Annual Meeting Keynote Speaker Basin Electric Power Cooperative; Facebook
11/16/20 Effective Flow Models Incorporate Insights Of Various Disciplines American Oil & Gas Reporter Online
11/17/20 Eastern Section Webinar featuring Scott Tinker of Switch Energy Alliance ESAAPG
11/25/20 Reply to SadBillAckman Colonel Drake (Twitter)
10/1/20 (From August 31) Energy Poverty and a Sustainable Transition: Dilemma or Opportunity ONS
10/2/20 Findings in Quaternary Science Reported from University of Texas Austin  Science Letter
10/2/20 Researchers at University of Texas Austin Release New Data on Geology (The Nature and Origins of Decametre-scale Porosity In Ordovician Carbonate Rocks, Halahatang Oilfield, Tarim Basin, China) Energy Weekly News
10/2/20 Investigators at University of Texas Austin Discuss Findings in Subsurface Research (Structural Characterization of Potentially Seismogenic Faults In the Fort Worth Basin) Science Letter
10/2/20 Researchers from Louisiana State University Describe Findings in Oil and Gas Research (Orientation Prediction of Fracture Initiation From Perforated Horizontal Wells: Application In Shale Reservoirs) Energy Weekly News
10/7/20 Earth MRI Funds Critical Minerals Projects in Texas USGS; TendersInfo - News 
10/7/20 LEO “Listening to Each Other” Seminar Series Jackson School of Geosciences
10/8/20 DPA: Energy in the Twenty First Century AAPG
10/13/10 A Conversation with Dr. Scott Tinker about two films: Switch and Switch On State Bar of Texas: OGERL Section Report
10/14/20 EarthxEnergy: Finding Sustainable Environmentalism in Shale, Nuclear, and Geothermal Energy Production Newstex Blogs; Back to Living Future; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette; Borger News-Herald; MyMotherLode.com; Daily Times Leader; Community Post; Markets-Financial Content; Fat Pitch Financials; Justmeans; Post & Mail Online; Inyo Register; Observer News Enterprise; Chroniclejournal-Markets; Ridgway Record; Starkville Daily News; Oklahoman Online; Malvern Daily Record; Decatur Daily Democrat; The Kane Republican; Sustain-Online; Pilot-News; Punxsutawney Spirit; Valley City Times-Record; Business Ethics; Mammoth Times; Big Spring Herald; Winslow, Evans & Crocker Online; Livermore Finance; Arizona Republic; Buffalo News; Toronto Sustainability Speaker Series; Newport Daily Express; Minyanville Finance; Daily Herald - Cook County Online; CSR International; Deer Park Tribune; 3BL Media's Posterous; Wapakoneta Daily News
10/16/20 Austin Earth Science ZOOMERAMA! Austin Public Library Blog
10/17/20 Researchers getting clearer picture of region’s seismicity Gardendale News Break
10/19/20 Study Results from University of Texas Austin Update Understanding of Climate Change (How Do Basin Margins Record Long-term Tectonic and Climatic Changes?) Global Warming Focus
10/19/20 Researchers from University of Texas Austin Report New Studies and Findings in the Area of Natural Gas Science and Engineering (Gas-water Relative Permeability of Unconventional Reservoir Rocks: Hysteresis and Influence On Production After ...) Journal of Engineering
10/21/20 Reconsidering China LNG Intelligence
10/26/20 US LNG Exporters Pin Hopes on a Cleaner China Natural Gas Week
10/27/20 Texas A&M Expert: Storms Worsening State's Beach Erosion Problem Texas A&M Today; States News Service
10/27/20 30 Interesting Facts About Earthquakes, For Kids MomJunction
10/29/20 On Gulf Coast, carbon storage ideas abound Houston Chronicle; San-Antonio Express-News; Beaumont Enterprise; 
10/30/20 Findings from University of Houston Broaden Understanding of Geology (Complex Shear-wave Anisotropy From Induced Earthquakes In West Texas) Science Letter
10/30/20 New Findings from University of Texas Austin in Geology Provides New Insights (Y Earthquakes Induced By Wastewater Injection, Part Ii: Statistical Evaluation of Causal Factors and Seismicity Rate Forecasting) Science Letter
10/30/20 New Geology Findings Has Been Reported by Investigators at University of Texas Austin (Earthquakes Induced By Wastewater Injection, Part I: Model Development and Hindcasting) Science Letter
10/30/20 Researchers from Southern Methodist University Discuss Findings in Geology (Spectral Characteristics of Ground Motion From Induced Earthquakes In the Fort Worth Basin, Texas, Using the Generalized Inversion Technique) Science Letter
10/30/20 Data from China University of Petroleum (East China) Provide New Insights into Oil and Gas Research (Multiscale Modeling of Gas Transport In Shale Matrix: an Integrated Study of Molecular Dynamics and Rigid-pore-network Model) Energy Weekly News
10/30/20 New Findings from Texas A&M University Describe Advances in Hydrologic Engineering [Coupled Fluid Flow and Geomechanical Modeling of Seismicity In the Azle Area (North Texas) Energy Weekly News
10/30/20 Energy@UT News UT Energy Bulletin
9/1/20 Researchers from University of Texas Austin Report Recent Findings in Geophysics (Scaling of Imbibition Front Dynamics In Heterogeneous Porous Media) Physics Week
9/2/20 3.2 magnitude earthquake rattles west Texas KTRK-TV
9/3/20 Energy Insights Podcast - Tackling Global Energy Poverty with Scott Tinker AAPG
9/4/20 Joint Environmental Research Projects to Advance Ocean Renewable Energy Hydro International
9/4/20 Sustainable Energy Transitions ITAM Desarrollo Ejecutivo
9/10/20 Will Trump’s offshore oil order kill drilling off of Florida for good? Tampa Bay Times
9/12/20 WTGS Fall Symposium goes virtual this year Houston Chronicle; San Antonio Express-News; Midland Reporter-Times
9/14/20 Verdens kontinentalsokler kan bli karbonlagre Gemini.no
9/21/20 DeFord Lecture: Global energy poverty Jackson School of Geosciences
9/21/20 Defining A Smart Energy Future Oil and Gas Investor (Posted with permission. Please consider subscribing to OGI.); E&P Online
9/25/20 United States: Permian Basin - Wolfcamp Shale Play of the Midland Basin Report Thai News Service
9/27/20 ETGS September 2020 Virtual Meeting: Scott Tinker ETGS
9/28/20 Jackson Walker Client Southern States Energy Board (SSEB) Secures Funding to Accelerate Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS) Through Texas-Based Commercialization Center Impact Financial News
9/29/20 Earth MRI Funds Critical Minerals Projects in Texas USGS; Impact News Service; States News Service
8/1/20 Caprock Chronicles: The Plainview bison kill site  Amarillo Globe-News; Lubbock Avalanche-Journal Online 
8/3/20 Multi-Sensor Approach to Improve Bathymetric Lidar Mapping of Semi-Arid Groundwater-Dependent Streams: Devils River, Texas MDPI Open Access 
8/4/20 Investigators from University of Texas Austin Have Reported New Data on Oil and Gas Research (Methane Resaturation In Barnett Formation Core Plugs and New Approach for Determination of Post-coring Gas Loss) Journal of Mathematics
8/9/20 High-level radioactivity at Andrews? Odessa American 
8/10/20 A Pause For Energy Developers Threatening Texas Big Bend Region Circle of Blue
8/17/20 Seeking the 'Goldilocks Window' of the Austin Chalk  AAPG Explorer
8/17/20 New Findings from University of Texas Austin in the Area of Remote Sensing Described (Multi-Sensor Approach to Improve Bathymetric Lidar Mapping of Semi-Arid Groundwater-Dependent Streams: Devils River, Texas) Journal of Engineering
8/31/20 Study Data from China University of Petroleum Update Understanding of Nanochannels (Mesoscopic Method To Study Water Flow In Nanochannels With Different Wettability) Nanotechnology Weekly
8/31/20 Will Water Issues Constrain Oil and Gas Production in the U.S.? UT Energy Bulletin 
8/31/20 The Power Hungry Podcast - Scott Tinker YouTube
7/1/20 Can Renewables Put Texans Back to Work? Texas Monthly
7/2/20 Grain assemblages and diagenesis in organic-rich mudrocks, Upper Pennsylvanian Cline shale (Wolfcamp D), Midland Basin, Texas AAPG Explorer Online
7/3/20 Going, going, green… Oil IT Journal
7/3/20 Reports Outline Nanoporous Study Findings from University of Texas Austin (Upscaling Water Flow In Composite Nanoporous Shale Matrix Using Lattice Boltzmann Method) Nanotechnology Weekly
7/5/20 Fossil Marine Reptiles of the National Park Service  Equatorial Minnesota
7/13/20 Lower carbon dioxide emissions from coal-fueled power plants possible with technology development ( A more economical technology for a 90 p...)  Bio-Medicine
7/13/20 Building a Geothermal Strategy: Perspectives From The Oil Patch PIVOT 2020
7/16/20 The first juvenile dromaeosaurid (Dinosauria: Theropoda) from Arctic Alaska Scienze Online
7/16/20 2 overnight earthquakes shake west Texas residents awake KTRK-TV
7/17/20 Our Geothermal Future: Leveraging the Subsurface To Solve Energy PIVOT 2020
7/20/20 TexNet is adding an earthquake monitoring station in Odessa Oil And Gas Lawyer Blog
7/27/20 Model links patterns in sediment to rain, uplift and sea level change Phys.org; Environmental News Network; Scienmag; EurekAlert; Bioengineer; Bright Surf; NewsCaf; ScienceDaily; Innovations report; Nature World News
7/29/20 Sedimentary Basins Provide Clues About Earth's Past Climate AZoCleantech.com
7/29/20 Plainview Point gets another upgrade San Antonio Express-News; Plainview Daily Herald
6/2/20 PESA Hosts Dr. Scott Tinker to Address Global Energy in the Time of COVID Petroleum Equipment & Services Association
6/2/20 University of Houston Researchers Describe Advances in Data Management (Whose Data Is It Anyway? Lessons in Data Management and Sharing from Resurrecting and Repurposing Lidar Data for Archaeology Research in Honduras) Information Technology Newsweekly
6/6/20 Mills: Natural gas oversupply results in exceptionally low prices  Longview News-Journal; ReporterNews.com; MSN Money; Abilene Reporter News;  Oilman Magazine; Times Record News
6/8/20 The great shale shut-in is underway, but questions linger on long-term impact SNL Canada Energy Week; SNL Gas Week; SNL FERC Gas Report; SNL Daily Gas Report; S P Global;  Energy Finance Daily; Daily Gas Report; 
6/9/20 Finestra sul mondo: Usa, il boom del gas proseguirà fino al 2040  Agenzia Nova
6/9/20 Archaeologists Employ LiDAR to Uncover the Secrets of Long-Lost Empires  All About Circuits
6/10/20 Oil companies flout carbon capture rules, drawing scrutiny on federal tax breaks Houston Chronicle
6/30/20 Switch On – a New Documentary about Energy From Dr. Scott Tinker and the Switch Energy Alliance  Oil and Gas Lawyer Blog
5/1/20 Gas Keeps Key Role In Energy Future The American Oil & Gas Reporter
5/1/20 NSA Reviews The Leading Edge
5/1/20 Crosstalk First Break
5/2/20 International Virtual Event for Sustainable Energy Future Studentenergy.org
5/8/20 Data on Geofluids Discussed by Researchers at University of Texas Austin (Fracture, Dissolution, and Cementation Events in Ordovician Carbonate Reservoirs, Tarim Basin, NW China) Science Letter
5/9/20 International Virtual Event for Sustainable Energy Future Studentenergy.org
5/14/20 C.O.B. Tuesday Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co.
5/15/20 Travel to the Maasai savannah of Kenya The Chaffee County Times
5/15/20 Studies from Yangtze University Have Provided New Information about Fuel Research (An Analytical Model To Couple Gas Storage and Transport Capacity In Organic Matter With Noncircular Pores) Energy Weekly News
5/15/20 New Film 'SwitchOn' Spotlights Transformative Power of Energy RealClear Energy
5/18/20 “Switch On” Live Discussion CE Think Tank Newswire
5/19/20 IAGC Webinar featuring Dr. Scott Tinker IAGC
5/21/20 ‘Bored’ seismologists find a new hobby: tracking silence  Dallas Morning News; Havasu News-Herald; Modesto Bee; Belleville News Democrat; San Luis Obispo.com; Sacramento Bee; The Olympian; Fresno Bee; Star-Telegram; Sun Herald; Miami Herald; Kentucky.com; Raleigh News & Observer; Bakersfield Californian;  Bradenton Herald; Hastings Tribune; Janesville Gazette;  The Register Guard Projects; Midland Reporter-Telegram; Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise; Today's News-Herald; Virgin Islands Daily News; Today's News-Herald Online; TheStar.com.my
5/22/20 Findings from University of Texas Austin Broaden Understanding of Oil and Gas Research (The Influence of Variable Progradation To Aggradation Ratio and Facies Partitioning On the Development of Syndepositional Deformation In Steep-walled ...) Energy Weekly News
5/27/20 What's involved in an energy transition? Context: Energy Examined
5/27/20 Water, Water, Everywhere: A Bathymetric LiDAR update Hexagon Geosystems Blog
5/29/20 Thoughts on Energy Poverty and a Sustainable Transition Oil Intel
5/29/20 Study Results from University of Texas Austin Provide New Insights into Solid Earth Research (Onset and Cause of Increased Seismic Activity Near Pecos, West Texas, United States, From Observations At the Lajitas Txar Seismic Array) Science Letter
5/29/20 Experts Optimistic About the Permian Basin’s Post-COVID Resilience UT Energy Bulletin 
5/31/20 Archive - Blended Image of Rock Outcrop Earth Science Picture of the Day
4/1/20 Texan by Nature Announces 2020 Conservation Wranglers Yahoo Finance; Wireless News (Close-up Media); Professional Services Close-Up; Manufacturing Close-Up; Business Wire; WebNews - English; Accountability Central; Benzinga; Digital Journal; WBOC-TV Online; InvestorPoint.com; KXTQ-FM Online; DMN Newswire; Epicos; WBOC2-TV Online; Spoke; Oldies 97.7 FM; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Online; Telemundo Lubbock; WICZ-TV ONLINE; Lezard (EN); Futures Trading Charts; KAKE TV Online; EL PASO HERALD-POST; Manufacturing Close-Up; 
4/8/20 Using Lidar Data to Assess the Relationship Between Beach Geomorphology and Kemp's Ridley (Lepidochelys kempii) Nest Site Selection Along Padre Island, TX, United States Frontiers in Marine Science
4/10/20 Researchers' Work from University of Texas Austin Focuses on Science and Technology Science Letter
4/15/20 Riding the Wave The Permian Basin Petroleum Association Magazine; PB Oil & Gas Online
4/26/20 Dr. Scott Tinker, Director of the Bureau of Economic Geology and Chairman of Switch Energy Alliance ONS Energy Meeting Place
4/28/20 The 2018 Long Rainy Season in Kenya: Hydrological Changes and Correlated Land Subsidence  MDPI Open Access
3/1/20 First IPTC in Saudi Arabia Attracts Top Executives, Breaks Attendance Record Journal of Petroleum Technology
3/3/20 Will Water Issues Constrain Oil and Gas Production in the United States? Environmental Science & Technology Online
3/6/20 United States: Permian Basin shale play report Thai News Service
3/7/20 Business Briefs: Registration underway for energy symposium, SWEPCO warns about scams  Panola Watchman
3/9/20 University of Texas at Austin; Water reuse could be key for future of hydraulic fracturing Journal of Engineering
3/10/20 $1 million grant will make UT Austin a leader in "drilling for heat instead of oil" Global Renewable News; Electric Energy T&D Magazine Online
3/13/20 Seismic Chronostratigraphy At Reservoir Scale- Lessons From a Realistic Seismic Modeling of Mixed Clastic-carbonate ... Science Letter
3/23/20 Fragility of Masonry Veneers To Human-induced Central U.s. Earthquakes Using Neural Network Models Journal of Engineering
3/26/20 M5.0 Earthquake Hits West Texas, New Mexico Border Impact News Service; States News Service; U.S. Geological Survey; Homeland Security Today
3/30/20 New Research Consortium Could Aid Water & Energy Collaborations UT Energy Bulletin 
2/1/20 The Myopia of a Carbon-Only Lens AAPG Explorer
2/3/20 2020 NAPE Summit Opens in Houston Manufcturing Close-up
2/3/20 Railroad Commission Announces New Surface Mining & Communications Division Directors  Railroad Commission of Texas - Texas.gov ; States News Service; Targeted News Service
2/4/20 NAPE Summit Week 2020  Houston eventful
2/5/20 Policymakers should be honest about what 'zero emissions' really means UT News; Corpus Christi Caller-Times; Dallas Morning News; Waco Tribune-Herald; sNEWSi; WebNews Academic;  Laredo Morning Times Online; San Antonio Express-News
2/6/20 Monitoring the Pulse of a Well Through Sealed Wellbore Pressure Monitoring, a Breakthrough Diagnostic With a Multi-Basin Case Study  Onepetro
2/7/20 Study Results from University of Texas Austin in the Area of Natural Resources Research Reported (A Predictive Geospatial Exploration Model for Mississippi Valley Type Pb-zn Mineralization In the Southeast Missouri Lead District) Science Letter
2/9/20 Texas Exes: Dr. Scott Tinker Presents on Global Energy and "The Switch" Documentary San Angelo LIVE! 
2/14/20 Study Findings from University of Texas Austin Provide New Insights into Planetary Science (Impacts of Basin Restriction On Geochemistry and Extinction Patterns: a Case From the Guadalupian Delaware Basin, Usa) Science Letter
2/14/20 Drilling Down: Horizontal drilling drought returns to Barnett Shale Houston Chronicle
2/14/20 Findings from U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) in Oil and Gas Research Reported [Organic Petrography of Leonardian (Wolfcamp A) Mudrocks and Carbonates, Midland Basin, Texas: the Fate of Oil-prone Sedimentary Organic Matter In the Oil Window]  Energy Weekly News
2/14/20 Big Bend Residents Work To Engage With Energy Producers Before Development Happens Texas Standard
2/14/20 Registration underway for East Texas Energy Symposium set for May The Gilmer Mirror; Longview News-Journal; Kilgore News Herald Online
2/18/20 Perspectives on Energy Poverty with Scott Tinker The SPE Podcast
2/20/20 Water Reuse Could Be Key for Future of Hydraulic Fracturing UT News; Houston Chronicle; Science Daily; AZoCleantech; Carlsbad Current-Argus; States News Service; US Fed News; Targeted News Service; Indianbureaucracy.com; Mirage News Australia; EurekAlert; Scienmag;  Bioengineer; Health medicine Network; LongRoom.com; Elexonic; Tech Deeps; Pharma Jobs; ScienceDaily; NewsCaf; Smart Water Magazine; Environmental News Network; LongRoom.com; Water Canada Online; Current-Argus; 
2/20/20 Pinoy-led team of scientists discovers underwater 'Soda Springs' with record-high carbon dioxide levels in Batangas  GMA News; MSN Philippines
2/21/20 TPH Coffee With The Chairman Tudor Pickering Holt & Co. 
2/22/20 Researchers getting clearer picture of region’s seismicity Midland Reporter-Telegram; San Antonio Express-News 
2/23/20 World Geophysical & Exploration Leaders and Professionals Gather in Houston to Envision the Future at the IAGC’s 49th Annual Conference 26 February Yahoo! Finance
2/23/20 Business digest: Feb. 23, 2020 Longview News-Journal  
2/24/20 Oil industry is slowly finding a use for its wastewater Houston Chronicle
2/24/20 BEG Plans to Create Water Consortium Midland Reporter-Telegram
2/27/20 Oilfield Water Reuse Could Be Key for Future of Fracking UT Energy Bulletin
2/27/20 New Board Officers and Directors appointed as the G&E Industry looks to sharpen its focus at the IAGC 49th Annual Conference Yahoo! Finance
2/28/20 Study Data from University of Texas Austin Provide New Insights into Sedimentary Geology (Characteristics of a Campanian Delta Deposit Controlled By Alternating River Floods and Tides: the Loyd Sandstone, Rangely Anticline, Colorado, Usa) Science Letter
1/2/20 Envisioning global prosperity as a new era emerges  Oil Review Middle East
1/3/20 New Geothermics Study Findings Have Been Reported from University of Texas at Austin (Experimental Investigation of Chemically Aided Fracture Growth In Silicified Fault Rocks) Science Letter
1/5/20 MEMGA! Leviathan natural gas field comes online $150M under budget Watts Up With That?
1/6/20 New Structural Engineering Study Findings Recently Were Reported by Researchers at University of Texas at Austin (Updated Evaluation Metrics for Optimal Intensity Measure Selection In Probabilistic Seismic Demand Models) Journal of Engineering
1/7/20 Big Bend Seminar Series underway Odessa American
1/10/20 Capturing the World’s Carbon Offset Trendin Tech
1/10/20 New Oil and Gas Research Study Findings Have Been Reported from Saudi Aramco (Mineralogical Composition and Total Organic Carbon Quantification Using X-ray Fluorescence Data From the Upper Cretaceous Eagle Ford Group In Southern Texas) Energy Weekly News
1/14/20 Texas: Coal Did Not Get Blown Away By Wind  Watts Up With That?
1/14/20 Auburn University Alumnus Named Flotek Industries, Inc. Chairman of the Board of Directors, Chief Executive Officer and President Auburn University
1/17/20 Scott Tinker: Challenge of Public Perception YouTube
1/20/20 If the world can capture carbon, there’s capacity to store it sciencenorway
1/22/20 Deep Diving Scientists Discover Bubbling CO2 Hotspot UT News; States News Service; Mirage News Australia; EurekAlert; Scienmag; Bioengineer; Health medicine Network; Scitechdaily; Science Blog
1/24/20 Marilu Hastings and Dr. Michael Young on Respect Big Bend Texas Standard
1/24/20 Findings from University of Texas Austin Provides New Data about Paleontology (Sequence Stratigraphic and Paleoecologic Analysis of an Albian Coral-rudist Patch Reef, Arizona, Usa)  Science Letter
1/24/20 New Sedimentary Geology Findings Has Been Reported by Investigators at University of Texas Austin [Quartz Types In the Upper Pennsylvanian Organic-rich Cline Shale (Wolfcamp D), Midland Basin, Texas: Implications for Silica Diagenesis, Porosity ...] Science Letter
1/28/20 Studies from Texas A&M University Yield New Information about Geophysics (New Insights Into the Mechanisms of Seismicity In the Azle Area, North Texas) Physics Week
1/28/20 2020 NAPE Summit to Welcome Over 12,000 Attendees, 700 Exhibitors Feb. 3-7 in Houston businesswire; Global Banking And Finance Review; Contify Energy News (India); Acrofan; Professional Services Close-Up; Newstex Blogs; Houston eventful;  SPI WORLD NEWS;  Digital Journal;  CaaS;  Oklahoman Online; InvestorPoint.com; Ridgway Record; Newport Daily Express; Morningstar;  Chronicle-Journal Online; Winslow, Evans & Crocker Online;  Spoke; Industrial Info Financials; TMCnet.com; Stocks News Feed; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Online; Benzinga; financial.de; marketscreener.com;  Stock Market Summary for Today; Epicos; Global Banking & Finance Review; KXTQ-FM Online; My Lubbock TV; WBOC2-TV Online; KQCW-TV Online; FOX 34; NewsChannel 36 Online; WBOC-TV Online; KAKE TV Online; Oldies 97.7 FM; KWTV-TV Online; WICZ-TV ONLINE; 
1/29/20 10% Early Bird Discount Expires This Friday!  4th Annual LNG USA Summit watergas
1/31/20 University of Texas Austin Reports Findings in Environmental Risk (Avoiding Trouble: Exploring Environmental Risk Information Avoidance Intentions) Ecology, Environment & Conservation
1/31/20 Prof. Dr. Svetlana Ikonnikova Future Energy Asia

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