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Texas Gulf Shoreline Change Rates through 2007 2011 Paine, J. G., Mathew, S., Caudle, T. L.
Naturally occurring groundwater contamination in Texas 2011 Reedy, R. C., Scanlon, B. R., Walden, S., Strassberg, G.
Final report for the FY11 Surface Casing Estimator Site Project 2011 Collins, E. W., Tremblay, T. A., Averett, A. R.
Geophysical investigations at Flowers Ranch, Hemphill County, Texas 2011 Paine, J. G., and Collins, E. W.
Estimation of Groundwater Recharge to the Gulf Coast Aquifer in Texas, USA 2011 Scanlon, B. R., Reedy, R., Strassberg, G., Huang, Y., Senay, G.
Current and Projected Water Use in the Texas Mining and Oil and Gas Industry 2011 Nicot, J. P., Hebel, A. K., Ritter, S. M., Walden, S., Baier, R., Galusky, P, Beach, J., Kyle, R, Symank, L., Breton, C. L.
Final Report for Gulf Coast Stacked-Storage Project SECARB Phase II at Cranfield 2011 Hovorka, S. D., Clift, S. J., Meckel, T. A., Trevino, R., Zeng, H., Nicot, J. P., Romanak, K. D., Smyth, R.C., Yang, C., Lu, J., Choi, J. W., Kordi, M., Freeman, D., Butsch, R.
Summary Report for the 2010-2011 STATEMAP Project: Geological Mapping to Support Improved Database Development and Understanding of Urban Corridors, Critical Aquifers, and Special Areas of Enviornmental Concern in Texas 2011 Collins, E. W., Paine, J. G.
Texas High School Coastal Monitoring Program: 2010-2011 2010 Caudle, T. L.
Geophysical imaging of possible faulted strata near Matagorda, Texas 2010 Paine, J. G.
Geological and Geographical Attributes of the South Texas Uranium Province 2010 Nicot, J. -P., Scanlon, B. R., Gates, J. B., Breton, C. L., Chauhary, K., Sheffer, N. A.
Push-pull experiments to evaluate in situ arsenic remediation in the Ogallala aquifer 2010 Sheffer, N. A., Scanlon, B. R. Reedy, R. C.
Examining shallow stratigraphic, lithologic, and water-saturation trends at the WCS facility, Andrews County, Texas using electromagnetic induction 2010 Paine, J. G., Yang, C.
Subsurface gas-shale samples of the Upper Cretaceous Eagle Ford Shale, San Marcos Arch, central Texas: core sampling for measured vitrinite-reflectance (Ro) determination 2010 Hentz, T. F., Breton, C., Ruppel, S. C.
Texas High School Coastal Monitoring Program: 2007-2009 2009 Caudle, T. L.
Review of the 2008 resistivity surveys at the WCS facility, Andrews County, Texas 2009 Paine, J. G.
Preliminary geophysical survey to detect significant shallow voids near Timpson, Texas 2009 Paine, J. G., Collins, E. W.
Review of the State of Art: Ground Water Under the Direct Influence of Surface Water Programs 2009 Chaudhary, K., Scanlon, B. R., Scheffer, N.
Optimization of Geological Environments for Carbon Dioxide Disposal in Saline Aquifers in the United States - Final Report 2009 Hovorka, S. D.
Integrated Synthesis of the Permian Basin: Data Models for Recovering Existing and Undiscovered Oil Resources from the Largest Oil-Bearing Basin the U.S. 2009 Ruppel, S. C.
Sequence Stratigraphy, Depositional Systems, and Production Trends in the Atoka Series and Mid-Pennsylvanian Cleveland and Marmaton Formations, Western Anadarko Basin 2009 Carr, D. L., Hentz, T. F., Ambrose, W. A., Potter, E. C., Clift, S. J.
Subsurface Jurassic and Cretaceous Gas Shale Samples Haynesville and Bossier Formations and Eagleford Group Core Sampling for Meausred Vitrinite Reflectance Determination 2009 Hentz, T. F., Breton, C. L., Ruppel, S. C.
Ground Recharge in the Central High Plains of Texas: Roberts and Hemphill Counties 2008 Reedy, R. C., Davidson, S., Crowell, A., Gates, J., Akasheh, O., Scanlon, B. R.
Status and Trends of Inland Wetland and Aquatic Habitats in the Corpus Christi Area 2008 Tremblay, T. A., Vincent, J. S., Calnan, T. R.
Geophysical investigations of salinization in Crittendon Field, Winkler County, Texas 2008 Paine, J. G., Collins, E. W.
Impact of Mixed Gas Stream on CO2 Plume Characteristics during and after Carbon Storage Operations in Saline Aquifers 2008 Nicot, J. P., Choi, J. W., Ghomian, Y., Duncan, I.
Subsurface Devonian and Mississippian Gas Shale Samples Barnett and Smithwick Shales (Fort Worth Basin) and Woodford and Barnett Shales (Delaware Basin) Core Sampling for Measured Vitrinite Reflectance Determination 2008 Hentz, T. F., Breton, C. L., Ruppel, S. C.
Summary report for the 2007–2008 STATEMAP Project: Geologic mapping to support improved database development and understanding of urban corridors, critical aquifers, and special areas of environmental concern in Texas 2008 Collins, E. W., Tremblay, T. A.
Texas High School Coastal Monitoring Program: 2006-2007 2007 Hepner, T. L., Gibeaut, J. C.
Self Sealing Evaporation Ponds for Desalination Facilites in Texas 2007 Nicot, J. P.
Review of TOUGH2 Numerical Modeling of the WCS Facility, Andrews County, Texas 2007 Nicot, J. P.
Field Validation of Geologic Assessment of Features Sensitive to Pollution in Karst 2007 Hovorka, S. D., Lindley, A.
Imaging Super-Deep Gas Plays Across the Gulf of Mexico Shelf with Multicomponent Seismic Technology 2007 Hardage, B. A.
Subsurface Pennisylvanian Coal Samples Lower Atoka Group Fort Worth Basin Wise an dAck Counties North Texas Core Sampling for Coal-Rank Determination 2007 Hentz, T. F., Breton, C. L., Ruppel, S. C.
Status and Trends of Wetlands and Aquatic Habitats on Texas Barriers: Upper Coast Strandplain Chenier System and Southern Coast Padre Island National Seashore 2007 White, W. A.
Subsurface Pennisylvanian Coal Samples Lower Atoka Group Fort Worth Basin Wise an dAck Counties North Texas Core Sampling for Coal-Rank Determination 2007 Hentz, T. F., Breton, C. L., Ruppel, S. C.
Development and Field Evaluation of an Aquifer Stratification Testing System 2006 Reedy, R. C., Kurtzman, D. J., Tachovsky, J. A., Scanlon, B. R.
Status and trends of wetland and aquatic habitats on Texas barrier islands, Coastal Bend 2006 Calnan, T. R., Tremblay, T. A., Waldinger, R. L., White, W. A.
Texas High School Coastal Monitoring Program: Ball, Port Aransas, and Port Isabel High Schools, 2005-2006 2006 Hepner, T. L. and Gibeaut, J. C.
Historical and 2006–2025 estimation of ground water use for gas production in the Barnett Shale, North Texas 2006 Nicot, J. P.
Surface Casing Database Project 2005 Raney, J. A.
Evaluation of Arsenic Contamination in Texas 2005 Scanlon, B. R., Nicot, J-P, Reedy, R. C., Tachovsky, J.A., Nance, S.H., Smyth, R.C., Keese, K., Ashburn R.E., and Christian, L.
Ground Water Surface Water Interactions in Texas 2005 Scanlon, B. R., Tachovsky, J. A., Reedy R, Nicot, J-P, and Keese, K.
Southeast Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership 2005 Hovorka, S. D.
Worskshop: Curation of Terrestrial Scientific Cores, samples and Collections 2005 Dutton, S. P.
Subsurface Pennsylvanian Coal and Coaly Shale Samples, Archer County, North Central Texas 2005 Guevara, E. H., Sakurai, S.
Preparation of Maps Depicting Geothermal Gradient and Precambrian Structure in the Permian Basin 2005 Ruppel, S. C., Jones, R. H., Breton, C. L., Kane, J. A.
Worskshop to Establish a Framework for Cooperative Studies Between Gulf Coast State Surveys and the USGS 2005 Raney, J. A.
Hydrologic function of karst features in the uplands of the Edwards aquifer recharge zone-A veiw from the field 2005 Lindley, A., Hovorka, S.D.
Integrated Geological and Engineering Characterization of the Fullerton Clear Fork Field, Andrews County, Texas 2005 Ruppel, S. C.

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