Field Preparation

The following should be completed about 2 days before a scheduled field trip. You need a couple of days to remedy any problems you might discover.

  1. Check the weather forecast.
  2. Check the tides, and try to time your beach surveys to occur at low tide if possible. (You should actually do this when first scheduling the field trip.)
  3. Check to make sure you have enough copies of field forms. You should have several extra copies.
  4. Ensure that all batteries are charged. The GPS receiver and camera both require batteries to operate.
  5. Check all other equipment and place in equipment bags and place in staging area until time for the trip. Use equipment checklists below.
Field Prep



  1. Red and black Emery rods
  2. 30-meter tape measure
  3. Sediment sample jars (three per profile plus one extra)
  4. Sighting compass
  5. Hand level
  6. Five long flags
  7. Clipboard
  8. Field book
  9. Data forms
  10. Permanent markers (2)
  11. Hand lens (3) - optional
  12. Pencils (2)



  1. GPS receiver with charged batteries
  2. 30-meter tape measure
  3. 50-meter tape measure
  4. Sighting compass
  5. Wind gauge (2)
  6. Digital camera
  7. Small metal survey flags (4)
  8. Clipboards (2)
  9. Data forms
  10. Permanent markers (2)
  11. Pencils (2)
  12. Stopwatch (2)
  13. Three floats per profile (oranges)

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