Woodbine East Texas Field Study


We are conducting an integrated study of the Upper Cretaceous Woodbine depositional systems and sequence stratigraphy in the East Texas field, based on detailed analysis of more than 1000 logs and 30 cores, as well as production and engineering assessments. This regional study demonstrates that the depositional framework of the Woodbine Group in East Texas field is more complex than described from previous studies, with implications for incompletely swept and bypassed pay in the field. The study encompasses a regional study of the Woodbine as well as several field-scale pilot studies addressing tertiary recovery methods utilizing the new sequence stratigraphic anddepositional framework.

Woodbine depositional model

Data used:
500 well logs – correlations
30 cores of >1500 ft – facies and depositional environments (core example)
Literature – background information
Production/Engineering data – locate untapped and poorly swept oil and design waterfloods

Data needed:
Well logs and production information.
Cores, thin sections, and porosity and permeability data

East Texas





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