Bone Spring Play analysis


The Bone Spring Play analysis encompasses an integrated sequence stratigraphic and reservoir characterization study of carbonate and siliciclastic slope-to-basin strata in the Lower Permian Delaware Basin in Texas (Figure 1 – link to BoneSpring_stratcolumn). Most of the Bone Spring production and field development has been historically concentrated in carbonate debris flows along the margin of the northern Delaware Basin; however, new opportunities in siliciclastic slope and basin-floor fans are being actively explored along the eastern margin of the Delaware Basin in Texas. We are attempting to characterize production from these new areas and develop play concepts using sequence stratigraphic and reservoir characterization techniques. We expect our study to provide the concepts needed to explore for related reservoirs.



Data used:
Well logs – correlations
Seismic – where availableCores – facies and diagenesis (core example)
Literature – background information
Production/Engineering data – best producing intervals and sweet spots

Data needed:
Proprietary seismic surveys in basinal settings and shelf to basin transects.
Well logs and production information.
Cores, thin sections, and porosity and permeability data

Loving, Pecos, Reeves, Ward, Winkler







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