Imaging example 1


Volcanic pore

Volcanic Clays

Volcanic Clays

Volcanic Pore

OM pore in a foram

Organic Matter pore in a foram

Coccolith spines

Coccolith spines

Organic Matter Pore

Nanopore in Organic Matter

Pressure solution deformation band

ColorCL (left) + EDS (right)  Pressure Solution Deformation Band in Sandstone, Utah

Color CL Zircon zoning

ColorCL Zircon zoning

Cataclastic Zone

PanCL combined with EDS Cataclastic Zone within Sandstone, Austria

EDS_Calcite cemented sandstone

EDS-Calcite (blue) Cemented Sandstone, Argentina

Zoned dolomite rhombs

PanCL zoned dolomite rhombs, Tennessee

Crack-seal Quartz cement texture

SE (left) + PanCL (right) Crack-Seal Quartz Cement Texture, Bolivia


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