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Feb. '13    
2/28/2013 New, Rigorous Assessment of Shale Gas Reserves Forecasts Reliable Supply from Barnett Shale Through 2030  UT Austin News
2/28/2013 Gas Boom Projected To Grow For Decades Wall Street Journal
2/28/2013 New, Rigorous Assessment of Shale Gas Reserves Forecasts Reliable Supply from Barnett Shale Through 2030  US Fed News; Targeted News Service; State News Service
2/28/2013 Study: America Is Just At The Beginning Of A Gas Boom That Will Last For Decades The Business Insider
2/28/2013 The Natural Gas Boom Has Decades to Run WSJ Blog
2/28/2013 Study predicts natural gas boom to last for decades San Antonio Business Journal Online
2/28/2013 Good news for CIC and Laclede: A gas boom 'for decades' St. Louis Business Journal Online
2/28/2013 Texas Study Points To A Longer Natural Gas Boom National Public Radio
2/28/2013 Barnett Shale Output to Tumble Through 2030, Study Says Bloomberg
2/28/2013 U.S. Barnett shale to pump natural gas to 2050 Reuters
2/28/2013 Energy boom will last for decades, UT study finds Houston Chronicle
2/28/2013 They're Going to Be Fracking the Barnett Shale for a Long Time to Come Dallas Observer
2/28/2013 Study: Barnett gas field to produce through 2030. By 2050, gas extraction at Barnett Shale likely to wind down, UT researchers say Austin American-Statesman
2/28/2013 Study Finds Potential Gas Boom in US  Newsmax
2/28/2013 Barnett Shale Blog: New Barnett Shale study sees production through 2030 Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Barnett Shale Blog
2/28/2013 Natural gas production is picking up across the country, especially right here in Texas KFDA - Channel 10 Dallas
2/28/2013 Shale Gas Fracking Will Be Around For a Long, Long Time Mother Jones Blog
Mar '13    
3/1/2013 Texas shale on par with oil, study finds UPI Energy
3/1/2013 Barnett Shale Output to Fall, But Volumes Will Remain Significant The Oil Daily
3/1/2013 BLOG: Ohio Utica Shale: Barnett shale in Texas will produce 44 trillion cubic feet of gas, study says Ohio Utica Shale
3/1/2013 US Barnett shale to pump natural gas to 2050: report Climate Spectator
3/1/2013 Shale Will Keep U.S. Gas Boom Accelerating for Three Decades Wall Street Journal Europe
3/1/2013 U.S. Gas Boom Likely to Grow for Decades  Wall Street Journal Asia
3/3/2013 US to ride gas boom for decades to come The Weekend Australian
3/4/2013 UT study shows greater Barnett reserves, slower decline rate SNL Daily Gas Report
3/4/2013 Reports Tout the Longevity of Domestic Shale NatGas Resources Natural Gas Week
3/4/2013 Forecast for reliable gas supply from Barnett shale
3/4/2013 Barnett Rocks Still Have Plenty of Gas Natural Gas Intelligence
3/4/2013 Gas Boom Projected To Grow For Decades Dow Jones Top Energy Stories
3/7/2013 Fracking Projected to Continue for Decades in Texas The Fine Point
3/11/2013 UT study forecasts reliable supply from Barnett shale through 2030 Oil & Gas Journal
3/11/2013 UT study shows greater Barnett reserves, slower decline rate SNL Energy Gas Utility Week
3/15/2013 Power shift: Energy boom dawning in America CNBC
Aug '13    
8/5/2013 Study develops decline analysis, geologic parameters for reserves, production forecast Oil & Gas Journal
Sep '13    
9/2/2013 Barnett study determines full-field reserves, production forecast  Oil & Gas Journal
9/25/2013 Barnett Shale: Down, But Not Out Rigzone
9/24/2013 Study: Barnett Shale to remain potent for producers through 2030  SNL Daily Gas Report
9/25/2013 NATURAL GAS: Barnett Shale has surprisingly more to give, Texas researchers find      EnergyWire
Oct. '13    
10/7/2013 Shale decisions Oil & Gas Journal
Nov. '13    
11/19/2014 UT Researchers Use Simple Scaling Theory to Better Predict Gas Production in Barnett Shale Wells Targeted News Service; State News Service
Dec. '13    
12/4/2013 UT researchers use simple scaling theory to better predict gas production in Barnett Shale wells Journal of Engineering
12/26/2013 Drilling in Barnett Shale slows to lowest level in nearly a decade Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Jan. '14    
1/9/2014 UT researchers release new Fayetteville Shale report Fort Worth Star-Telegram
1/10/2014 New Reserves Assessment Solidifies Forecast of Natural Gas Supplies from Fayetteville Shale Targeted News Service 
1/12/2014 Production Forecast - Study sees lots of natural gas promise from Fayetteville Shale in Arkansas Houston Chronicle
1/13/2014 Fayetteville output to decline through 2030: Study Platts Energy Trader
1/14/2014 Study: Fayetteville Shale gas reserves recoverable through 2050 PennEnergy
1/14/2014 Fayetteville Shale said viable until ’50 NWAOnline; Arkansas Democrat-Gazette; Rogers Morning News; Springdale Morning News; Northwest Arkansas Times; The Benton County Daily Record
1/14/2014 UT BEG Completes Study of Arkansas Fayetteville Shale Powell Shale Digest
1/20/2014 Report sees Fayetteville Shale as strong producer for decades SNL Daily Gas Report
1/23/2014 Natural gas to remain main energy source, according to researchers The Daily Texan; U-Wire
Feb. '14    
2/3/2014 Innovative Methodology Underpins Look at Fayetteville Shale Potential Natural Gas Week
Mar. '14    
3/31/2014 Rest of world can't match US on shale Chemical News & Intelligence
Apr. '14    
4/7/2014 STANDFIRST: The North American shale gas advantage may not be replicated easily... ICIS Chemical Business
May '14    
5/1/14 Shale: An Evolution, Not a Revolution AAPG Explorer
Oct. '14    
10/16/14 Southwestern refines Fayetteville shale completions Oil & Gas Journal
Nov. '14    
11/4/14 Falling Oil Prices Reveal America's Fracking Trap - And Saudi Arabia's Continued Energy Dominance The World Post
Dec. '14    
12/3/14 Natural gas: The fracking fallacy Nature
12/9/14 UT Team: Boom to fizzle sooner Austin American-Statesman
12/9/14 UT researchers say gas production could plateau in coming decades Bloomberg Businessweek
12/16/14 EIA responds to Nature article on shale gas projections EIA
12/16/14 EIA Fires Back at Nature Story Politico
12/17/14 Battle Rages Over Forecasts for U.S. Gas Production Scientific American
12/18/14 Nature defends natural gas story over EIA objections UPI
Jan. '15    
1/5/15 Does Anyone Really Know How Long the Shale Boom Will Last? Forbes
Feb. '15    
2/10/15 How much oil does the US have? It depends on who's counting. CS Monitor
Dec. '15    
12/17/2015 Shale:  Haynesville play still has lots of gas to give -- study EnergyWire
12/21/2015 Haynesville Can Step Up Again With Right NatGas Price, Technology Natural Gas Intelligence: Shale Daily
12/23/2015 Haynesville Shale to remain a major producer for decades, researchers find SNL

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