Dr. Charles Kerans
Principal Investigator
Telephone: 512-471-4282

20 years experience in carbonate systems and sequence stratigraphy of Precambrian to Cretaceous age, including West Texas, Arctic Canada, northern Australia, Tunisia, and the Middle East.

Dr. Robert (Bob) G. Loucks
Principal Investigator
Telephone: 512-471-0366

32 years of research, reservoir-characterization, and exploration experience with Texaco, Bureau of Economic Geology, Cities Service, and the ARCO Technology Center, where he worked for 17 years. His research interests include carbonate, siliciclastic, and mudstone sequence stratigraphy, depositional systems, diagenesis, and reservoir characterization. Bob has worked in Texas, Texas Gulf Coast, Middle East, North Africa, Far East, Alaska, and California.

F. Jerry Lucia
Geological Engineer
Telephone: 512-471-7367

31 years experience with Shell Oil in geology and geological engineering, 17 years at the Bureau of Economic Geology, studying methods of integrating geological and engineering data.

Dr. Xavier Janson
Carbonate Stratigrapher
Telephone: 512-475-9524

Ph.D. in Marine Geology and Geophysics from the University of Miami (2002). 12 years experience in carbonate sedimentology and sequence stratigraphy, seismic signature and petrophysics of carbonate rocks, seismic modeling from outcrop, and carbonate modern depositional environment.

Dr. Christopher K. Zahm
Structural Geologist
Telephone: 512-471-3159

5 years experience with ConocoPhillips Technology working fractured reservoirs within worldwide portfolio with emphasis on fracture characterization, geomodeling, and flow modeling within discrete fracture networks.

Josh Lambert
Digital Outcrop Technician
Telephone: 512-471-6585

Associate Staff

Dr. Hongliu Zeng
Research Scientist
Telephone: 512-475-6382

3 years experience with Texaco, 7 years with the Bureau of Economic Geology, specializing in 3-D seismic processing, interpretation, modeling, and inversion.