Peer-Reviewed Publications - 2024

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BEG Peer-reviewed Papers published online-first

Lee, J., Chen, Y., Dommisse, R., Huang, D., and Savvaidis, A., 2024, Basin-scale prediction of S-wave sonic logs using machine learning techniques from conventional logs: Geophysical Prospecting, p. 1–23,, Checked for inclusion in a volume 6.27.2024.

Morris, P. D., Sylvester, Z., Covault, J. A., Mohrig, D., and Dunlap, D., 2024, Fluvial-style migration controls autogenic aggradation in submarine channels: Joshua Channel, eastern Gulf of Mexico, in Finotello, A., Durkin, P. R., and Sylvester, Z., eds., Meandering streamflows: patterns and processes across landscapes and scales: London, UK, Geological Society, London, Special Publication, v. 540, 16, not yet published, checked 6.27.2024 p.,

BEG Peer-reviewed Papers

Chen, Y., 2024, SigRecover: recovering signal from noise in distributed acoustic sensing data processing: Seismological Research Letters, v. 95, no. 3, p. 1976–1985,

Chen, Y., Savvaidis, A., Saad, O. M., Huang, G.-C. D., Siervo, D., O'Sullivan, V., McCabe, C., Uku, B., Fleck, P., Burke, G., Alvarez, N. L., Domino, J., and Grigoratos, I., 2024, TXED: the Texas earthquake dataset for AI: Seismological Research Letters, v. 95, no. 3, p. 2013–2022,

Chen, Y., Zhou, M., and Abma, R., 2024, Revisiting two notable methods for improving the deblending performance of marine towed-streamer acquisition: Geophysics, v. 89, no. 3, p. P33–P45,

Chen, Yangkang, Savvaidis, A., Saad, O. M., Siervo, D., Huang, G.-C. D., Chen, Yunfeng, Grigoratos, I., Fomel, S., and Breton, C., 2024, Thousands of induced earthquakes per month in West Texas detected using EQCCT: Geosciences, v. 14, no. 5, article no. 114, 17 p.,

Cheng, H., Suo, Y., Ding, X., Li, S., Liu, Z., Bukhari, S. W. H., Wang, G., Wang, P., Wang, L., Dong, H., Cao, X., Han, X., and Tian, Z., 2024, Neogene morphotectonic evolution of the East Asian Continental Shelf: Geomorphology, v. 445, no. 108975, 14 p.,

Cherif, A., Zarei, M., Lee, J.-S., Yoon, H.-J., and Lee, C.-J., 2024, Modeling and multi-objective optimization of electrified ammonia decomposition: improvement of performance and thermal behavior: Fuel, v. 358, part B, no. 130243, 12 p.,

Darvari, R., Nicot, J.-P., Scanlon, B. R., Kyle, J. R., Elliott, B. A., and Uhlman, K., 2024, Controls on lithium content of oilfield waters in Texas and neighboring states (USA): Journal of Geochemical Exploration, v. 257, no. 107363, 15 p.,

Das, J., 2024, Power quality issues with electric vehicle charging stations, in Gali, V., Canha, L. N., Resener, M., Ferraz, B., and Varaprasad, M. V. G., eds., Advanced technologies in electric vehicles: challenges and future research developments: Academic Press-Elsevier, p. 187-206,

Das, J., Kleiman, A., Rehman, A. U., Verma, R., and Young, M. H., 2024, The Cobalt supply chain and environmental life cycle impacts of lithium-ion battery energy storage systems: Sustainability, v. 16, no. 5, article no. 1910, 28 p.,

Das, J., Rehman, A. U., Verma, R., Gulen, G., and Young, M. H., 2024, Comparative life-cycle assessment of electricity-generation technologies: West Texas case study: Energies, v. 17, no. 5, article no. 992, 23 p.,

Dávila, F. M., and Ding, X., 2024, Cenozoic subsidence-driving mechanisms in the southernmost Patagonian basins of Tierra del Fuego and SW Atlantic: Basin Research, v. 36, no. 1, article no. e12831, 19 p.,

Dickerson, P. W., Stockli, D. F., and Rodríguez Calzado, E., 2024, Neoproterozoic-Early Paleozoic rifting in central southern Laurentia–Zircon U-Pb geochronological evidence from the Devils River Uplift, West Texas, United States, in Chiarella, D., Scarselli, N., and Adam, J., eds., Phanerozoic rift systems and sedimentary basins (2d ed.): Cambridge, Mass., Elsevier, Regional Geology and Tectonics, v. 2, p. 85-100,

Dooley, T. P., and Hudec, M. R., 2024, Evaluating controls on deformation patterns and styles in the salt-detached Sureste Basin, southern gulf of Mexico: insights from physical models: Journal of Structural Geology, v. 179, no. 105046, 24 p.,

Doungkaew, N., and Eichhubl, P., 2024, Fracture ellipticity as a measure of chemical reaction-controlled fracture growth: Journal of Structural Geology (Special Issue: Rheology and fluid rock interactions in salt, fault systems, and veins: insights from microstructural observations and analogue simulations–a tribute to Janos L. Urai), v. 183, no. 105127, 17 p.,

Eppes, M. C., Rinehart, A., Aldred, J., Berberich, S., Dahlquist, M. P., Evans, S. G., Keanini, R., Laubach, S. E., Moser, F., Morovati, M., Porson, S., Rasmussen, M., and Shaanan, U., 2024, Introducing standardized field methods for fracture-focused surface process research: Earth Surface Dynamics, v. 12, no. 1, p. 35–66,

Geng, Z., Fomel, S., Liu, Y., Wang, Q., Zheng, Z., and Chen, Y., 2024, Streaming seismic attributes: Geophysics, v. 89, no. 1, p. A7–A10,

Hardt, J., Dooley, T. P., and Hudec, M. R., 2024, Physical modeling of ice-sheet-induced salt movements using the example of northern Germany: Earth Surface Dynamics, v. 12, no. 2, p. 559–579,

Hattori, K. E., and Radjef, E., 2024, Lithologic controls on reservoir quality and production trends in the Pettet Formation, Rusk County, east Texas: AAPG Bulletin, v. 108, no. 3, p. 401–419,

Huang, G.-C. D., Chen, Y., and Savvaidis, A., 2024, Complex seismotectonic characteristics in the Midland Basin of Texas: constrained by seismicity and earthquake source mechanisms: Seismological Research Letters, v. 95, no. 3, p. 1870–1884,

Hubbard, B. E., Gallegos, T. J., Stengel, V., Hoefen, T. M., Kokaly, R. F., and Elliott, B., 2024, Hyperspectral (VNIR-SWIR) analysis of roll front uranium host rocks and industrial minerals from Karnes and Live Oak Counties, Texas Coastal Plain: Journal of Geochemical Exploration, v. 257, no. 107370, 20 p.,

Karakaya, S., Ogiesoba, O. C., Olariu, C., and Bhattacharya, S., 2024, Generating 3D lithology probability volumes using poststack inversion, probabilistic neural networks, and Bayesian classification — a case study from the mixed carbonate and siliciclastic deposits of the Cisco Group of the Eastern Shelf of the Permian Basin, north-central Texas: Geophysics, v. 89, no. 2, p. B131–B146,

Landry, C. J., Prodanović, M., Karpyn, Z., and Eichhubl, P., 2024, Estimation of fracture permeability from aperture distributions for rough and partially cemented fractures: Transport in Porous Media, v. 151, no. 4, p. 689–717,

Lawton, T. F., Juárez-Arriaga, E., Stockli, D. F., and Fildani, A., 2024, Modern sand provenance and transport across the western Gulf of Mexico margin: Geological Society of America Bulletin, v. 136, no. 3-4, p. 1127–1150,

Lee, W., Sun, A. Y., Scanlon, B. R., and Dawson, C., 2024, Hindcasting compound pluvial, fluvial and coastal flooding during Hurricane Harvey (2017) using Delft3D-FM: Natural Hazards, v. 120, no. 1, p. 851–880,

Li, X., Sun, X., Walters, C. C., and Zhang, T., 2024, H2, CH4 and CO2 adsorption on Cameo coal: insights into the role of cushion gas in hydrogen geological storage: International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, v. 50, part D, p. 879–892,

Lin, N., Chen, Y., and Madariaga, M. P., 2024, Route-to-market strategy for low-carbon hydrogen from natural gas in the Permian Basin: Fuel, v. 355, no. 129420, 16 p.,

Lin, N., Xu, L., and Moscardelli, L. G., 2024, Market-based asset valuation of hydrogen geological storage: International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, v. 49, part D, p. 114–129,

Loucks, R. G., and Hattori, K. E., 2024, Geologic characterization of the Lower Cretaceous upper Travis Peak and Pettet Formations in the Wright Mountain field, Smith County, East Texas basin: potential reservoir analog for other Travis Peak and Pettet strata: Marine and Petroleum Geology, v. 163, no. 106791, 21 p.,

Mishra, A., Ni, H., Mortazavi, S. A., and Haese, R. R., 2024, Graph theory based estimation of probable CO2 plume spreading in siliciclastic reservoirs with lithological heterogeneity: Advances in Water Resources, v. 189, no. 104717, 17 p.,

Ni, H., Bump, A. P., and Bakhshian, S., 2024, An experimental investigation on the CO2 storage capacity of the composite confining system: International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, v. 134, no. 104125, 10 p.,

Oboué, Y. A. S. I., Chen, Yunfeng, Fomel, S., and Chen, Yangkang, 2024, Protecting the weak signals in distributed acoustic sensing data processing using local orthogonalization: The FORGE data example: Geophysics, v. 89, no. 2, p. V103–V118,

Oboué, Y. A. S. I., Chen, Yunfeng, Fomel, S., Zhong, W., and Chen, Yangkang, 2024, An advanced median filter for improving the signal-to-noise ratio of seismological datasets: Computers & Geosciences, v. 182, no. 105464, 24 p.,

Perrotta, S., Barone, M., Marsaglia, K. M., Milliken, K. L., Perrone, V., and Critelli, S., 2024, Detrital signatures of clastic serpentinite in tectonically diverse settings and interpretation of an example from the Northern Apennines: Journal of Sedimentary Research, v. 94, no. 2, p. 207–230,

Ramiro-Ramirez, S., Bhandari, A. R., Reed, R. M., and Flemings, P. B., 2024, Permeability of upper Wolfcamp lithofacies in the Delaware Basin: the role of stratigraphic heterogeneity in the production of unconventional reservoirs: AAPG Bulletin, v. 108, no. 2, p. 293–326,

Ruiz Maraggi, L. M., and Moscardelli, L. G., 2024, Hydrogen storage potential of salt domes in the Gulf Coast of the United States: Journal of Energy Storage, v. 82, no. 110585, 13 p.,

Ruiz Maraggi, L. M., Walsh, M. P., and Lake, L. W., 2024, A new approach to apply decline-curve analysis for tight-oil reservoirs producing under variable pressure conditions: Society of Petroleum Engineers Journal, v. 29, no. 3, p. 1655–1671,

Sharma, N., Whittaker, A. C., Adatte, T., and Castelltort, S., 2024, Water discharge and sediment flux intermittency in the fluvial Escanilla Formation, Spain: implications for changes in stratigraphic architecture: The Depositional Record, v. 10, no. 1, p. 245–259,

Smith, V., Hessler, A., Moscardelli, L., Bord, D., Olariu, I., Lorente, M. A., Sivil, E., and Liu, X., 2024, A late refugium for Classopollis in the Paleocene Lower Wilcox Group along the Texas Gulf Coast: Geology, v. 52, no. 4, p. 251–255,

Soto, J. I., Tranos, M. D., Bega, Z., Dooley, T. P., Hernández, P., Hudec, M. R., Konstantopoulos, P. A., Lula, E., Nikolaou, K., Pérez, R., Pita, J. P., Titos, J. A., Tzimeas, C., and Herra Sánchez de Movellán, A., 2024, Contrasting styles of salt-tectonic processes in the Ionian Zone (Greece and Albania): integrating surface geology, subsurface data, and experimental models: Tectonics, v. 43, no. 1, article no. e2023TC008104, 46 p.,

Sylvester, Z., Straub, K. M., and Covault, J. A., 2024, Stratigraphy in space and time: a reproducible approach to analysis and visualization: Earth-Science Reviews, v. 250, no. 104706, 29 p.,

Thompson, J. C., and Young, M. H., 2024, A hydro-economic approach for quantifying well performance thresholds and recoverable groundwater yields in Texas: Texas Water Journal, v. 15, no. 1, p. 1–33,

Treviño, R. H., Hovorka, S. D., Dunlap, D. B., Larson, R. C., Hentz, T. F., Hosseini, S. A., Bhattacharya, S., and DeAngelo, M. V., 2024, A phased workflow to define permit-ready locations for large volume CO2 injection and storage: Greenhouse Gases Science and Technology, v. 14, no. 1, p. 95–110,

Ugurhan, M., Elliott, B. A., Kyle, J. R., Stockli, D. F., and Mathur, R., 2024, Geochemical evolution of the REE-enriched Cave Peak porphyry Mo-deposit, Trans-Pecos Texas, USA: Lithos, v. 464-465, no. 107434, 20 p.,

Verma, S., and Bhattacharya, S., 2024, 3D seismic attribute visualization and analysis for fault characterization, in Ganguli, S. S., and Dimri, V. P., eds., Reservoir characterization modeling and quantitative interpretation - recent workflows to emerging technologies: Cambridge, Mass., Elsevier, Developments in Structural Geology and Tectonics, v. 6, p. 37-55,

Wang, Z. W., Peng, C., Ayala, L. F., and Hosseini, S. A., 2024, A framework for simulating the partially miscible multi-component hydrocarbon fluids in porous media via the pseudo-potential lattice Boltzmann model: InterPore Journal, v. 1, no. ipj260424–5, 21 p.,

Yang, L., Fomel, S., Wang, S., Chen, X., and Chen, Y., 2024, Deep learning with soft attention mechanism for small-scale ground roll attenuation: Geophysics, v. 89, no. 1, p. WA179–WA193,

Yang, L., Fomel, S., Wang, S., Chen, X., Sun, Y., and Chen, Y., 2024, Interpretable unsupervised learning framework for multidimensional erratic and random noise attenuation: IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, v. 62, no. 5911820, 20 p.,

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