Peer-Reviewed Publications - 2020

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BEG Peer-reviewed Papers In Press

Osmond, J. L., and Meckel, T. A., 2020, Enhancing trap and fault seal analyses by integrating observations from HR3D seismic data with well logs and conventional 3D seismic data, Texas inner shelf, in Ogilvie, S. R., Dee, S. J., Wilson, R. W., and Bailey, W. R., eds., Integrated fault seal analysis: Geological Society, London, Special Publications, v. 496, 43 p.,

BEG Peer-reviewed Papers

Callahan, O. A., Eichhubl, P., Olson, J. E., and Davatzes, N. C., 2020, Experimental investigation of chemically aided fracture growth in silicified fault rocks: Geothermics, v. 83, no. 101724, 14 p.,

Chen, X., Eichhubl, P., Olson, J. E., and Dewers, T. A., 2020, Salinity, pH, and temperature controls on fracture mechanical properties of three shales and their implications for fracture growth in chemically reactive fluid environments: Geomechanics for Energy and the Environment, v. 21, no. 100140, 12 p.,

Milliken, K. L., and Hayman, N. W., 2020, Mudrock components and the genesis of bulk rock properties: review of current advances and challenges, in Dewers, T., Heath, J., and Sánchez, M., eds., Shale: subsurface science and engineering: Washington, D.C.; Hoboken, N.J., American Geophysical Union; Wiley, Geophysical Monograph, v. 245, p. 3–25,

Nolting, A., Zahm, C. K., Kerans, C., and Alzayer, Y., 2020, The influence of variable progradation to aggradation ratio and facies partitioning on the development of syndepositional deformation in steep-walled carbonate platforms: Marine and Petroleum Geology, v. 114, no. 104171, 12 p.,

Yáñez, E., Ramírez, A., Núñez-López, V., Castillo, E., and Faaij, A., 2020, Exploring the potential of carbon capture and storage-enhanced oil recovery as a mitigation strategy in the Colombian oil industry: International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, v. 94, no. 102938, 36 p.,