Bureau of Economic Geology

Melissa Coffman

Melissa Coffman
Senior Human Resources Coordinator
Bureau of Economic Geology
The University of Texas at Austin
P.O. Box X
Austin, Texas 78713-8924

Melissa started her UT career with the Office of Student Financial Services/ Student Employment Referral Services as the Hirealonghorn.org website administrator. She left in 2004 to pursue a career teaching and performing dance but was frustrated by the lack of stability (and income!) in being self employed. So, because she couldn’t imagine working anywhere else, Melissa ran back to UT as fast as she could! She is happy to be back and very excited to be a member of the BEG family.

Areas of Expertise

H.R./Student Employment Services

Database Management

Previous Employment

Entrepreneur’s Association

UT Office of Student Financial Services

UT Office of Relationship Management and University Events

UT Office of the President

University of Texas at Austin

University of Texas

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