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  • Bureau employees with masks
    July 16, 2020
    After months of shutdown, analysis, and preparation, the Bureau has taken necessary safety precautions and recently opened many more of its facilities for ongoing research activities. The threats from COVID-19 are real, and Bureau leadership has made reasoned decisions to ensure that returning scientists and staff can pursue vital research with limited disruptions and minimal concern about contracting or spreading the virus.
  • Core characterization
    July 2, 2020
    The Bureau’s Mudrock Systems Research Lab (MSRL) team is using Python to visualize the distribution of key rock attributes in core characterization. Integrating data analytics with visualization can improve workflow and keep results tied to geology and core observations.
  • Kitty Milliken
    June 25, 2020
    Read a summary of the interview here and check out the full conversation on the American Association of Petroleum Geologists website.
  • 2020 Peter Hennings AAPG award
    June 11, 2020
    The Bureau congratulates Dr. Hennings and his team on their award-winning presentation discussing the recent successes of the TexNet program in monitoring and interpreting earthquake activity across Texas.
  • 2020 TORA meeting Top TeePee
    June 4, 2020
    The Bureau’s Tight Oil Resource Assessment (TORA) program recently held its informative and well-attended spring Program Overview via Zoom. The presentations included updates to productivity analysis and estimates for the Permian Basin and Marcellus Gas Play.

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