Bureau of Economic Geology

Sample Preparation

Ar-ion milling

Laboratory capabilities include sample shaping for ion milling and SEM observation with southbay 650 diamond saw and Allied single wheel mechanical polisher. Ar-ion beam polishing is performed using cross /slop sectional and broad beam methods. This is done with Leica TIC 020 Triple Ion beam cross sectional , Lieca triple beam broad area and Gatan precision slop cutting tools.


Conductive coatings

The laboratory can sputter conductive coatings (either metal or carbon) for SEM analyses. Our coating instruments include a Leica EM ACE600 metal coater with tilting/rotating stage; a Ladd Vacuum 30008FT Carbon Rod Evaporator; a Gatan 682 coating system with thickness monitor (capable of coating Iridium, Gold/Palladium, Platinum, and Tungsten).