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Hurricanes and the Texas Coast

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Coastal studies

Hurricanes, one of the most powerful natural hazards, are intense low-pressure weather systems that form in tropical waters. In this presentation you will learn more about hurricanes and how these powerful storms have impacted the Texas coastal environment.



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About the presenter

Tiffany Caudle

Tiffany Caudle

Texas High School Coastal Monitoring Program

Tiffany Caudle is a coastal geologist at the Bureau of Economic Geology. She is involved in projects that study shoreline change, coastal processes, coastal mapping, and severe storm effects and beach recovery. Tiffany is responsible for the Texas High School Coastal Monitoring Program, a research and outreach effort that works with students and teachers at eight coastal schools to monitor changes in beaches, dunes, and shoreline and vegetation line positions.

Texas High School Coastal Monitoring Program

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