Texas Earth Science Week

Earth Science Week (ESW) is a nationwide program designed to promote understanding and appreciation of the value of Earth Science research and its applications and relevance to our daily lives. It is an annual celebration sponsored by the American Geosciences Institute.

The objectives of Earth Science Week are:

  • To engage students in discovering Earth Sciences
  • To remind people that Earth Science is all around us
  • To encourage Earth stewardship through understanding
  • To motivate geoscientists to share their knowledge and enthusiasm about the Earth.

In support of ESW, the Bureau of Economic Geology supports statewide ESW efforts and hosts an annual Earth Science Week Career Day in Austin. Our 2020 Austin Earth Science Zoomerama will be offered using distance-learning tools. The theme of Earth Science Week 2020 is “Earth Materials in Our Lives.”

For more information about ESW, please email Linda Ruiz McCall.

Earth Science Week (ESW)

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