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Switch Classroom is a free video-based learning platform that uses innovative, visual, and entertaining energy education materials and tools to serve educators and students online or in class.

Wind power works in much the same way as those brightly colored pinwheels you might have played with as a kid, only at a grander scale. Let’s learn how wind power works and explore the mix of conditions that make an area ideal for wind farms. As an example we will look at Texas, which currently leads the U.S. in wind power generation.

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About the presenters

James Corboy


James Corboy

Switch Energy Alliance Education Specialist

James Corboy is a middle school science teacher at Avalon K-12 School on Catalina Island, California. In 2018, he moved to Austin to complete a master’s degree in Geoscience at The University of Texas at Austin under the direction of Dr. Scott Tinker. His thesis focused on the use of film as a teaching tool for learning about energy. This research provided the data that led the Switch Energy Alliance to develop the Switch Classroom, an online energy education platform.

Sarah Jane Todd


Sarah Jane Todd

Manager of Operations at Switch Energy Alliance

Sarah Jane joined Switch Energy Alliance in 2017 and oversees donor relations, finances, and day-to-day operations. She has 15 years of experience in industry as a metallurgical engineer, including materials applications at Caterpillar Tractor Company and GE Aviation, failure analysis at Radian Corporation, and contamination control at Motorola Semiconductor. She has 18 years of experience as a parent volunteer, including Cub Scout Den Leader, Moms in Prayer Leader, Girl Scout and booster club treasurer, and after-school tutor. Sarah Jane earned an M.S. in Materials Science from the University of Cincinnati and a B.S. in Metallurgical Engineering from the University of Missouri-Rolla.

Educational Resources

Presentation (PDF)

Video (view on YouTube)


  • Quiz: Wind Energy in Texas (PDF)
  • Quiz: Wind Energy & the Environment (PDF)
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