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The Secret Life of Groundwater

About this presentation

Texas Water Development Board

Humans’ understanding and connection to groundwater is a complicated relationship. Humans have historically relied on groundwater to supply their water needs. In fact, more water used in Texas is supplied by groundwater than surface water. Yet groundwater does not stay within manmade boundaries such as city, county, state, or even country borders. This makes regulating groundwater difficult. It also makes being able to use and protect this hidden resource more dependent on understanding the formation and characteristics of aquifers. In this session you’ll learn about what an aquifer is, how water is stored in and moves through an aquifer, and how what we do as humans can impact our groundwater resources.

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About the presenters

Zoomerama 2020 presenter Natalie Ballew

Natalie Ballew

Natalie Ballew is manager of the Groundwater Technical Assistance team at the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB), which provides technical information and support to public clients regarding groundwater resources and statewide water planning. Natalie has a B.S. in geological sciences from the University of Southern California, and has an M.S. in energy and earth resources and an M.P.Aff in public affairs from The University of Texas at Austin.

Zoomerama 2020 presenter Shae Luther

Shae Luther

Shae Luther is a Water Education Specialist in the Office of Water Science and Conservation at the Texas Water Development Board where she assists water providers and educators across the state. Previous experiences allowed her to educate residents on water conservation, provide technical assistance to utilities regarding water conservation, and teach water resources to undergraduate students. Shae has a B.A. from The University of Texas at Austin and a M.A. from Texas State University-San Marcos.

Zoomerama 2020 presenter Josh Sendejar

Josh Sendejar

Josh Sendejar is a Water Conservation Specialist with the Texas Water Development Board. His primary duties involve coordinating the efforts of the Water Conservation Advisory Council. Josh has his Master’s degree in Environmental Science, and has experience in environmental education, environmental monitoring, and ecological research. Josh’s teaching experience includes informal education teaching K–12 students, as well as teaching college students in a lab environment.

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