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See the World, Save the World: Become a Geologist

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John Berry has worked on five continents and on all seven seas exploring for the resources that keep our civilization running. But it has become clear that the Earth cannot indefinitely sustain the continuously expanding demands that humans make upon it. With an exponentially expanding population, exponentially expanding material standard of living, and exponentially increasing environmental effects of every pound of a natural resource that we use, we will soon, even if we haven't already, reach a point of no return. This presentation shows why a knowledge of the earth and what it can and cannot provide is going to be essential for the survival of our civilization going forward. We focus on what geologists can do to help civilization survive.

About the presenter

John Berry


John L. Berry

John Berry has worked on exploration for copper, cobalt, uranium, gold, petroleum, and unromantic things like limestone and water. He has worked on five continents and in all seven seas, and visited over 60 countries. John started out thinking that he was contributing to the good of the people of the world, but he has realized that more is not better, and that we must change the way we view the earth in order to survive on it by finding the resources needed to sustain civilization.


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