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Students and Geoscientists Interact at the Austin Earth Science Week Career Day

November 3, 2022

The Bureau of Economic Geology recently hosted the 22nd Annual Austin Earth Science Week Career Day. After a two-year hiatus of in-person events due to the COVID-19 pandemic, middle and high school students came to the Bureau’s facilities to meet face-to-face with scientists and learn about the wide range of geoscience careers. The theme for this year’s Earth Science Week was “Earth Science for a Sustainable World.” The goal of the event is not only to have students meet scientists, but also to have scientists interact with students.

Dr. Scott Tinker welcomed the group and challenged them to think carefully about the sustainability of renewable energy. The experiences of the day included presentations, demonstrations, hands-on activities and tours of the Austin Core Research Center, the Stoneburner Family Rock Garden, and the Mineral, Rock, and Fossil Gallery. Students visited an inorganic chemistry laboratory, core warehouse and viewing room, and a soil monitoring station. They learned about using rock core samples to collect data about the earth, measuring weather in the field, student data collection on the Texas Gulf Coast, putting carbon into geologic storage, creating a scientific cast of a dinosaur fossil, rainwater harvesting, virtual water, and geoscience careers in environmental consulting.

Linda Ruiz McCall, Information Geologist and Resource Center Manager, led the event, which was made possible by more than twenty volunteers from the Bureau of Economic Geology, the Jackson School of Geosciences, Antea Group, and Allan R Standen LLC. Special thanks to Chuck and Cathy Williamson and David and Nancy Pustka for their financial support of this program.

Earth Science Week participants

Students attending the 22nd Annual Austin Earth Science Week Career Day enjoyed lunch and a chance to talk with Dr. Scott Tinker at the Chuck Williamson Family Terrace atop the Austin Core Research Center.

Earth Science Week session

Research Scientist Associates Dr. Priyanka Periwal and Evan Sivil talk to students about using rock core to collect data about the Earth.

Earth Science Week session

Dr. Scott Tinker welcomes students in the Stoneburner Family Rock Garden.

Earth Science Week session

Roxana Darvari, Research Scientist Associate, tells students about her work analyzing the chemistry of water samples.

Earth Science Week session

Gulf Coast Carbon Center staff teach students about carbon capture with hands-on activities and demonstrations.

Earth Science Week session

Tyson McKinney, Research Scientist Associate, explains to students about the importance of measuring weather in the field by soil moisture monitoring.

Earth Science Week session

Matthew Brown, Director of Museum Operations of the Vertebrate Paleontology Laboratory, explains how the scientific cast from fossils are made.

Earth Science Week session

Tiffany Caudle, Research Scientist Associate, demonstrates how students are collecting data on the Texas Coast.

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