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GeoH₂ Holds Introductory Workshop

July 29, 2021
GeoH₂ Holds Introductory Workshop

Hydrogen has tremendous potential to become a primary energy carrier for the future. The Bureau of Economic Geology’s H₂ Working Group recently conducted a virtual workshop to introduce participants to a concept for a proposed research consortium entitled GeoH₂. GeoH₂’s research focus will include the study of the geological storage of hydrogen; the techno-economics of integrated-hydrogen value chains and markets; and novel subsurface concepts and approaches for hydrogen, such as in situ generation. 

One hundred and seventy-six interested people representing 101 companies and other organizations from around the world participated in the workshop to learn about the new consortium from H₂ Working Group’s thirteen Bureau researchers and from three scientists from The University of Texas at Austin’s Cockrell School of Engineering. The group set out the concept for the consortium that will conduct research to facilitate and advance the development of a hydrogen economy at scale. In addition to introducing the H₂ Working Group’s world-class research capability and proven track record of high-value research and impact, the workshop provided an overview of specific research areas and approaches and solicited feedback from participants.

As with all of the Bureau’s existing research consortia, GeoH₂ will offer extensive benefits for its members. Benefits of formal membership will include the ability to help steer research and to leverage multimember participation. There will also be opportunities for single company engagements, and members will receive an annual research summary report. GeoH₂ will host two meetings per year and should launch before the end of 2021.  For more information about the GeoH₂ research consortium and membership opportunities, please contact Bureau Associate Director Mark Shuster.

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