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Bureau GeoH2 Program Conducts Engaging Fall Meeting

November 2, 2023
GeoH2 Fall Meeting 2023

Mark Shuster presenting at the GeoH2 fall meeting.

The GeoH2 research consortium of the Bureau of Economic Geology recently conducted its fall meeting to share research results, consult with its partners in industry, and discuss goals for future research. The hybrid meeting brought together its more than 70 attendees in-person in Austin and online. 

GeoH2 researchers discussed themes including geologic storage of hydrogen in porous media; salt characterization for hydrogen storage; techno-economics and hydrogen value chain analyses; novel concepts in hydrogen, including in situ generation and naturally occurring hydrogen; and risk analysis in hydrogen storage. Presentations covered recently completed and ongoing work on case studies, modeling, and data-based analyses of topics within these themes. Researchers also demonstrated software applications developed by the consortium to facilitate salt cavern storage and economic screening of geologic storage opportunities. 

In-person attendees enjoyed the opportunity to participate in a hands-on session viewing salt cores representing bedded domal salt deposits followed by entertainment and dinner on the Bureau’s terrace on the first day of the meeting. On the second day, in-person attendees toured the Bureau’s microfluidics, gas-absorption, and fluid inclusion laboratories.  

Those interested in learning more about or joining the GeoH2 research consortium should contact Mark Shuster.

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