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Bureau Holds Highly Successful 32nd AGL Annual Review Meeting

November 19, 2020

The Bureau of Economic Geology’s Applied Geodynamics Laboratory (AGL) recently held its 32nd Annual Review Meeting, and by all accounts, it was a tremendous success. Like all large Bureau meetings happening during the time of COVID-19, it was held virtually—a format that allowed for 385 interested people from around the world to join in.

Those who logged in were treated to a broad and informative series of sessions. There were 30 presentations by 16 different presenters, and the topics included salt tectonics in the Gulf of Mexico, Pyrenees Mountains, Atlas Mountains, and the North Sea. Participants were able to examine physical models, geomechanical models, and seismic models. A new theme for the AGL is the study of shale tectonics, and the meeting included 10 instructive presentations on the topic.

Membership opportunities are available for organizations hoping to participate in the groundbreaking salt tectonics research of the Applied Geodynamics Laboratory. For more information on the AGL, including how to join, please contact Dr. Michael Hudec.

basin and basin model

Top: Mini-basin sinking into a layered-evaporite sequence. Model by Tim Dooley. Bottom: Mud-withdrawal basin on the Sussex Coast, UK. Virtual field trip by Frank Peel and Gillian Apps.

North Sea salt structures

Map of salt structures in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea. Seismic mapping by Oliver Duffy.


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