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Mineral Resources

This web site provides the public with knowledge of current and historic sites for non-fuel mineral mines or prospects in the state of Texas.

The mineral industry of Texas comprises a wide variety of extractable commodities ranging from sand and gravel, crushed stone, to silver, titanium, and rare earth element bearing minerals. The industry is consistently a top five producer of several commodities when compared to other states in the U.S., and a vital industry to the local, regional and statewide economy. 
The Mineral Information Institute has calculated that more than 38,000 pounds of mineral resource material is required each year for every person in the United States in order to make or maintain the things we use on a daily basis. Some examples of these materials are:

  • 8509 lbs Stone (e.g. roads, construction, chemical uses)
  • 5599 lbs Sand & Gravel (e.g. concrete, roads, construction)
  • 357 lbs Iron Ore (e.g. steel, buildings, cars)
  • 421 lbs Salt (e.g. chemical uses, food, agriculture, highway deicing)
  • 217 lbs Phosphate (e.g. chemical uses, food, agriculture)
  • 164 lbs Clay (e.g. construction, cement, paper, ceramics)
  • 65 lbs Aluminum (Bauxite) (e.g. buildings, containers, cars)
  • 12 lbs Copper (e.g. construction, electronics, plumbing)
  • 11 lbs Lead (e.g. batteries, electrical, electronics)
  • 6 lbs Zinc (e.g. metal alloys, paint, rubber, health care and nutrition)
  • 38 lbs Soda Ash (e.g. glass, detergents, medicines, food, water treatment)
  • 5 lbs Manganese (e.g. steel fabrication, construction, cars)
  • 332 lbs Other Non-Metals (e.g. glass, chemicals, electronics, paper, jewelry)
  • 24 lbs Other Metals (e.g. electronics, construction, manufacturing, chemicals, jewelry)

The resource locations represented here are collected from numerous references and are not officially verified for geospatial accuracy. The site will undergo continuous revision as more information becomes available and references to resources are discovered. To proceed in viewing a map of Texas Mineral Resources, click the image below:

minerals of Texas interactive map

Click image to view the interactive map of Texas Mineral Resources.

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