Bureau of Economic Geology

Reports of Investigation

Title Code Year Sort ascending
Lineations and Faults in the Texas Coastal Zone RI085 1976
Environmental Geology of the Austin Area: An Aid to Urban Planning RI086 1976
Depositional Systems in the Canyon Group (Pennsylvanian System), North-Central Texas RI082 1975
Determining the Source of Nitrate in Ground Water by Nitrogen Isotope Studies RI083 1975
Land Capability in the Lake Travis Vicinity, Texas, A Practical Guide for the Use of Geologic and Engineering Data RI084 1975
Stuart City Trend, Lower Cretaceous, South Texas: A Carbonate Shelf-Margin Model for Hydrocarbon Exploration RI078 1974
Texas Lignite: Near-Surface and Deep-Basin Resources RI079 1974
Depositional Systems, San Angelo Formation (Permian), North Texas: Facies Control of Red-Bed Copper Mineralization RI080 1974
Approaches to Environmental Geology: A Colloquium and Workshop RI081 1974
Edwards Group, Surface and Subsurface, Central Texas RI074 1972
Depositional Systems and Shelf-Slope Relationships in Upper Pennsylvanian Rocks, North-Central Texas RI075 1972
Presidio Bolson, Trans-Pecos Texas, and Adjacent Mexico: Geology of a Desert Basin Aquifer System RI076 1972
Fossil Vertebrates from the Late Pleistocene Ingleside Fauna, San Patricio County, Texas RI077 1972
Correlation of Tertiary Rock Units, West Texas RI070 1971
Stratigraphy of Lower Cretaceous Trinity Deposits of Central Texas RI071 1971
Van Horn Sandstone, West Texas: An Alluvial Fan Model for Mineral Exploration RI072 1971
Depositional Systems in the Woodbine Formation (Upper Cretaceous), Northeast Texas RI073 1971
Lower Cretaceous Stratigraphy, Northern Coahuila, Mexico RI065 1970
Trilobites of the Upper Cambrian Ptychaspid Biomere, Wilberns Formation, Central Texas RI066 1970
Facies and Genesis of a Hurricane-Washover Fan, St. Joseph Island, Central Texas Coast RI067 1970
Pre-Chappel Conodonts of the Llano Region, Texas RI068 1970
Gum Hollow Fan Delta, Nueces Bay, Texas RI069 1970
Palynology of the Eddleman Coal (Pennsylvanian) of North-Central Texas RI064 1969
Lithology and Petrology of the Gueydan (Catahoula) Formation in South Texas RI063 1968
Lower Cretaceous Sands of Texas: Stratigraphy and Resources RI059 1967
Sand Resources of Texas Gulf Coast RI060 1967
Late Cambrian and Early Ordovician Faunas from Wilberns Formation of Central Texas RI062 1967
Limestone and Dolomite Resources, Lower Cretaceous Rocks, Texas RI056 1966
Sedimentary Petrology and History of the Haymond Formation (Pennsylvanian), Marathon Basin, Texas RI057 1966
Nomenclature Revision of Basal Cretaceous Rocks between the Colorado and Red Rivers, Texas RI058 1966
Rock and Mineral Resources of East Texas RI054 1965
Heavy Minerals in the Wellborn Formation, Lee and Burleson Counties, Texas RI055 1965
Relation of Ogallala Formation to the Southern High Plains in Texas RI051 1964
Stratigraphy of the Fredericksburg Division, South-Central Texas RI052 1964
Pleistocene Geology of Red River Basin in Texas RI049 1963
Lignites of the Texas Gulf Coastal Plain RI050 1963
Potential Low-Grade Iron Ore and Hydraulic-Fracturing Sand in Cambrian Sandstones, Northwestern Llano Region., Texas RI053 1963
Hurricanes as Geological Agents: Case Studies of Hurricanes Carla, 1961, and Cindy, 1963 RI061 1963
Mineral Resources of South Texas: Region Served Through the Port of Corpus Christi RI043 1962
Pleistocene Molluscan Faunas and Physiographic History of Pecos Valley in Texas RI045 1962
A Stratigraphic Datum, Cisco Group (Upper Pennsylvanian), Brazos and Trinity Valleys, North-Central Texas RI046 1962
Upper Franconian and Lower Trempealeauan Cambrian Trilobites and Brachiopods, Wilberns Formation, Central Texas RI047 1962
The Hill-Shuler Local Faunas of the Upper Trinity River, Dallas and Denton Counties, Texas RI048 1962
Texas Gemstones RI042 1961
Stratigraphic Names in the Midway and Wilcox Groups of the Gulf Coastal Plain RI044 1961
Stratigraphy of the Blach Ranch: Crystal Falls Section (Upper Pennsylvanian), Northern Stephens County, Texas RI041 1960
Internal Structure of the Grand Saline Salt Dome, Van Zandt County, Texas RI038 1959
Correlation of the Ogallala Formation (Neogene) in Western Texas with Type Localities in Nebraska RI039 1959
Vermiculite in Central Texas RI040 1959
Comanchean Stratigraphy of Kent Quadrangle, Trans-Pecos Texas RI034 1958