Bureau of Economic Geology

Reports of Investigation

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Origin and Diagenesis of Cap Rock, Gyp Hill and Oakwood Salt Domes, Texas RI131 1983
Continuity and Internal Properties of Gulf Coast Sandstones and Their Implications for Geopressured Fluid Production RI132 1983
Three-Dimensional Ground-Water Modeling in Depositional Systems, Wilcox Group, Oakwood Salt Dome Area, East Texas RI133 1983
Depositional Setting, Structural Style, and Sandstone Distribution in Three Geopressured Geothermal Areas, Texas Gulf Coast RI134 1983
Oligocene Volcanism and Multiple Caldera Formation in the Chinati Mountains, Presidio County, Texas RI135 1983
Estimation of Coal Resources in Texas Gulf Coast, Ohio Northern Appalachian, and Wyoming Powder River Basins: A Comparison of Statistical Approaches RI136 1983
Depositional Systems in the Nacatoch Formation (Upper Cretaceous), Northeast Texas and Southwest Arkansas RI137 1983
Depositional Framework, Hydrostratigraphy, and Uranium Mineralization of the Oakville Sandstone (Miocene), Texas Coastal Plain RI113 1982
Formation of the Wink Sink, A Salt Dissolution and Collapse Feature, Winkler County, Texas RI114 1982
Coastal Evaporite and Tidal-Flat Sediments of the Upper Clear Fork and Glorieta Formations, Texas Panhandle RI115 1982
Genesis and Emplacement of Oil in the San Andres Formation, Northern Shelf of the Midland Basin, Texas RI116 1982
Wilcox Sandstone Reservoirs in the Deep Subsurface along the Texas Gulf Coast, Their Potential for Production of Geopressured Geothermal Energy RI117 1982
Geochemistry of Ground Water in the Miocene Oakville Sandstone: A Major Aquifer and Uranium Host of the Texas Coastal Plain RI118 1982
Epigenetic Zonation and Fluid Flow History of Uranium-Bearing Fluvial Aquifer Systems, South Texas Uranium Province RI119 1982
Lithology, Microstructures, Fluid Inclusions, and Geochemistry of Rock Salt and of the Cap-Rock Contact in Oakwood Dome, East Texas: Significance for Nuclear Waste Storage RI120 1982
San Andres Carbonates in the Texas Panhandle: Sedimentation and Diagenesis Associated with Magnesium-Calcium-Chloride Brines RI121 1982
Frio Formation of the Texas Gulf Coast Basin: Depositional Systems, Structural Framework, and Hydrocarbon Origin, Migration, Distribution, Exploration Potential RI122 1982
Petroleum Potential of the Palo Duro Basin, Texas Panhandle RI123 1982
Regional Hydrodynamics and Hydrochemistry of the Uranium-Bearing Oakville Aquifer (Miocene) of South Texas RI124 1982
Atoka Group (Lower-Middle Pennsylvanian), Northern Fort Worth Basin, Texas: Terrigenous Depositional Systems, Diagenesis, and Reservoir Distribution and Quality RI125 1982
Considerations in the Extraction of Uranium from a Fresh-Water Aquifer: Miocene Oakville Sandstone, South Texas RI126 1982
Ground-Water Hydraulics and Hydrochemical Facies in Eocene Aquifers of the East Texas Basin RI127 1982
Facies and Stratigraphy of the San Andres Formation, Northern and Northwestern Shelves of the Midland Basin, Texas and New Mexico RI128 1982
Environmental Geology of the Yegua-Jackson Lignite Belt, Southeast Texas RI129 1982
Upper Tertiary and Quaternary Depositional Systems, Central Coastal Plain, Texas RI108 1981
Depositional and Diagenetic History of the Sligo and Hosston Formations (Lower Cretaceous) in South Texas RI109 1981
Statistical Analysis of Lineaments and Their Relation to Fracturing, Faulting, and Halokinesis in the East Texas Basin RI110 1981
Factors Controlling Reservoir Quality in Tertiary Sandstones and Their Significance to Geopressured Geothermal Production RI111 1981
Smackover and Lower Buckner Formations, Jurassic, South Texas: Depositional Systems on a Carbonate Ramp RI112 1981
Catahoula Formation of the Texas Coastal Plain: Origin, Geochemical Evolution, and Characteristics of Uranium Deposits RI100 1980
Trace Elements in Soils of the South Texas Uranium District: Concentrations, Origin, and Environmental Significance RI101 1980
Lower Permian Facies of the Palo Duro Basin, Texas: Depositional Systems, Shelf-Margin Evolution, Paleogeography, and Petroleum RI102 1980
Molluscan Distribution in Copano Bay, Texas RI103 1980
Lignite Resources in Texas RI104 1980
Sand-Body Geometry and Depositional Systems, Ogallala Formation, Texas RI105 1980
Regional Dissolution of Permian Salt in the Anadarko, Dalhart, and Palo Duro Basins of the Texas Panhandle RI106 1980
Wave-Dominated Delta Systems of the Upper Cretaceous San Miguel Formation, Maverick Basin, South Texas RI107 1980
Landsat Analysis of the Texas Coastal Zone RI093 1979
Geologic Setting and Geochemistry of Thermal Water and Geothermal Assessment, Trans-Pecos Texas and Adjacent Mexico RI096 1979
Depositional Framework of the Lower Dockum Group (Triassic), Texas Panhandle RI097 1979
Environmental Geology of the Wilcox Group Lignite Belt, East Texas RI098 1979
Depositional Patterns of Miocene Facies, Middle Texas Coastal Plain RI099 1979
Proceedings, Gulf Coast Lignite Conference: Geology, Utilization, and Environmental Aspects RI090 1978
Frio Sandstone Reservoirs ... along the Texas Gulf Coast, Their Potential for the Production of Geopressured Geothermal Energy RI091 1978
Land and Water Resources, Historical Changes, and Dune Criticality, Mustang and North Padre Islands, Texas RI092 1978
Epeiric Depositional Models for the Lower Cretaceous Washita Group, North-Central Texas RI094 1978
Land and Water Resources of the Corpus Christi Area, Texas RI095 1978
Catahoula Formation of the Texas Coastal Plain: Depositional Systems, Composition, Structural Development, Ground-Water Flow History, and Uranium Distribution RI087 1977
The Moore Hollow Group of Central Texas RI088 1977
Cretaceous Carbonates of Texas and Mexico: Applications to Subsurface Exploration RI089 1977