Bureau of Economic Geology

Reports of Investigation

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Production Optimization of Tide-Dominated Deltaic Reservoirs of the Lower Misoa Formation (Lower Eocene) LL-652 Area, Lagunillas Field, Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela RI226 1995
Identification and Assessment of Remaining Oil Resources in the Frio Fluvial-Deltaic Sandstone Play, South Texas RI227 1995
Geologic and Hydrologic Assessment of Natural Gas from Coal: Greater Green River, Piceance, Powder River, and Raton Basins, Western US RI228 1995
Origin and Development of Playa Basins, Sources of Recharge to the Ogallala Aquifer, Southern High Plains, Texas and New Mexico RI229 1995
Chert Reservoir Development in the Devonian Thirtyone Formation: Three Bar Field, West Texas RI230 1995
Flow-Unit Characterization and Recovery Optimization of a Braid-Delta Sandstone Reservoir, Tirrawarra Oil Field, South Australia RI231 1995
Canyon Sandstones--A Geologically Complex Natural Gas Play in... Val Verde Basin, Southwest Texas RI232 1995
Shallow-Seismic Evidence for Playa Basin Development by Dissolution-Induced Subsidence on the Southern High Plains, Texas RI233 1995
Geologic Controls on Reservoir Properties of Low-Permeability Sandstone, Frontier Formation, Moxa Arch, Southwestern Wyoming RI234 1995
Sequence Hierarchy and Facies Architecture of a Carbonate-Ramp System: San Andres Formation of Algerita Escarpment and Western Guadalupe Mountains, West Texas and New Mexico, by Charles Kerans and W. M. Fitchen RI235 1995
Quaternary Evolution of Playa Lakes on the Southern High Plains--A Case Study from the Amarillo Area, Texas RI236 1995
Salt Tectonics on the Continental Slope, Northeast Green Canyon Area, Northern Gulf of Mexico: Evolution of Stocks and Massifs from Reactivation of Salt Sheets RI212 1994
Depositional, Structural, and Sequence Framework of the Gas-Bearing Cleveland Formation ...Western Anadarko Basin, Texas Panhandle RI213 1994
Water-Level Controls on Halite Sedimentation: Permian Cyclic Evaporites of the Palo Duro Basin RI214 1994
Initiation of Sale Diapirism by Regional Extension: Global Setting, Structural Style, and Mechanical Models RI215 1994
Depositional and Diagenetic Facies Patterns and Reservoir Development in Silurian and Devonian Rocks of the Permian Basin RI216 1994
Increased Oil Recovery Potential from Barrier/Strandplain Reservoirs, Jackson-Yegua Trend, by Geologically Targeted Infill Drilling: Examples from Seventy-Six West and Colmena-Cedro Hill Fields, South Texas RI217 1994
Coalbed Methane in the Upper Cretaceous Fruitland Formation, San Juan Basin, New Mexico and Colorado RI218 1994
Depositional Environments of Unstable Shelf-Margin Deltas of the Oligocene Vicksburg Formation, McAllen Ranch Field, South Texas RI219 1994
Geologic and Hydrologic Controls on Coalbed Methane: Sand Wash Basin, Colorado and Wyoming RI220 1994
Quantifying Secondary Gas Resources in Fluvial/Deltaic Reservoirs: A Case History from Stratton Field, South Texas RI221 1994
Reservoir Heterogeneity and Permeability Barriers in the Vicksburg S Reservoir, McAllen Ranch Gas Field, Hidalgo County, Texas RI222 1994
Impacts of Technology on the Global Gas Resource Base: Proceedings of the Global Gas Resources Workshop RI223 1994
Mechanics of Active Salt Diapirism RI224 1994
Geophysical and Geochemical Delineation of Sites of Saline-Water Inflow to the Canadian River, New Mexico and Texas RI225 1994
Major Low-Permeability-Sandstone Gas Reservoirs in the Continental United States RI211 1993
Hydrologic Investigations of Deep Ground-Water Flow in the Chihuahuan Desert, Texas RI205 1992
Geology of the Infiernito Caldera and Magmatic Evolution of the Chinati Mountains, Trans-Pecos Texas RI206 1992
Environmental and Applied Tracers as Indicators of Liquid and Vapor Transport in the Chihuahuan Desert, Texas RI207 1992
Characterization of a Karsted, High-Energy, Ramp-Margin Carbonate Reservoir: Taylor-Link West San Andres Unit, Pecos County, Texas RI208 1992
The Rise and Fall of Diapirs During Thin-Skinned Extension RI209 1992
Plio-Pleistocene Genetic Sequences of the Southwestern Louisiana Continental Shelf and Slope: Geologic Framework, Sedimentary Facies, and Hydrocarbon Distribution RI210 1992
Arid Basin Depositional Systems and Paleosols: Fort Hancock and Camp Rice Formations, Hueco Bolson...and Adjacent Mexico RI198 1991
Field Studies and Numerical Modeling of Unsaturated Flow in the Chihuahuan Desert, Texas RI199 1991
Plio-Pleistocene Depositional Sequences of the Southeastern Texas Continental Shelf and Slope: Geologic Framework, Sedimentary Facies, and Hydrocarbon Distribution RI200 1991
Stratigraphic Analysis of the Upper Devonian Woodford Formation, Permian Basin, West Texas and Southeastern New Mexico RI201 1991
Regional Hydrodynamics of Variable-Density Flow Systems, Palo Duro Basin, Texas RI202 1991
Integrated Characterization of Permian Basin Reservoirs, University Lands, West Texas: Targeting the Remaining Resource for Advanced Oil Recovery RI203 1991
Geologic Characterization of Low-Permeability Gas Reservoirs, Travis Peak Formation, East Texas RI204 1991
Reservoir Modeling of Restricted Platform Carbonates: Geologic/Geostatistical Characterization of Interwell-Scale Reservoir Heterogeneity, Dune Field, Crane County, Texas RI190 1990
Identification of Sources and Mechanisms of Salt-Water Pollution Affecting Ground-Water Quality; A Case Study, West Texas RI191 1990
Hydrogeology of the Northern Segment of the Edwards Aquifer, Austin Region RI192 1990
Depositional Systems and Karst Geology of the Ellenburger Group (Lower Ordovician), Subsurface West Texas RI193 1990
Delineation of Unrecovered Mobile Oil in a Mature Dolomite Reservoir: East Penwell San Andres Unit, University Lands, West Texas RI194 1990
Deposition and Diagenesis in a Marine-to-Evaporite Sequence: Permian Upper Wolfcamp Formation and Lower Wichita Group, Palo Duro Basin, Texas Panhandle RI195 1990
Neotectonic History and Structural Style of the Campo Grande Fault, Hueco Basin, Trans-Pecos Texas RI196 1990
Regional Depositional Systems Tracts, Paleogeography, and Sequence Stratigraphy...North- and West-Central Texas RI197 1990
Geomorphic Processes and Rates of Retreat Affecting the Caprock Escarpment, Texas Panhandle RI180 1989
Internal Structure of Mushroom-Shaped Salt Diapirs RI181 1989
Lithogenetic Stratigraphy of the Triassic Dockum Formation, Palo Duro Basin, Texas RI182 1989