Bureau of Economic Geology

Reports of Investigation

Title Code Year Sort descending
Rustler Springs Sulphur Deposits as a Source of Fertilizer RI001 1946
Ouachita Facies in Central Texas RI002 1948
Successional Speciation in Paleontology: The Case of the Oysters of the Sellaeformis Stock RI003 1949
Correlation of Gravity Observations with the Geology of the Coal Creek Serpentine Mass, Blanco and Gillespie Counties RI004 1949
Iron Ore in the Llano Region, Central Texas RI005 1949
Stratigraphy and Petrology of Buck Hill Quadrangle, Texas RI006 1949
Subsurface Woodford Black Shale, West Texas and Southeast New Mexico RI007 1950
Geology of the Barrilla Mountains, Texas RI008 1951
Pegmatites of the Van Horn Mountains, Texas RI009 1951
Buried Hill at Wilcox-Carrizo Contact in East Texas RI010 1951
Correlation between Surface and Subsurface Sections of the Ellenburger Group of Texas RI011 1952
Geology of the Blacklands Experimental Watershed, Near Waco, Texas RI012 1952
Boundary of the Pennsylvanian and Permian(?) in the Subsurface Scurry Reef, Scurry County, Texas RI013 1952
Recognition of Hipparions and Other Horses in the Middle Miocene Mammalian Faunas of the Texas Gulf Region RI014 1952
The Hazel Copper-Silver Mine, Culberson County, Texas RI016 1952
High Purity Marble Falls Limestone, Burnet County, Texas RI017 1952
Geology of Agua Fria Quadrangle, Brewster County, Texas RI015 1953
Stratigraphy and Petrology of the Tascotal Mesa Quadrangle, Texas RI018 1953
Paleontology of the Rustler Formation, Culberson County, Texas RI019 1953
Cretaceous of Llano Estacado of Texas RI020 1953
Geology of Hood Spring Quadrangle, Brewster County, Texas RI021 1954
Handbook of Cretaceous Foraminifera of Texas RI022 1954
Phosphorite in Eastern Llano Uplift of Central Texas RI023 1954
The Faunas of the Riley Formation in Central Texas RI024 1954
Geology of Cathedral Mountain Quadrangle, Brewster County, Texas RI025 1955
Lead Deposits in the Upper Cambrian of Central Texas RI026 1956
Some Uranium Occurrences in West Texas RI027 1956
Upper Albian (Cretaceous) Ammonoidea from Texas RI028 1957
Ecological Interpretations of Pliocene and Pleistocene Stratigraphy in the Great Plains Region RI029 1957
A Preliminary Report on the Stratigraphy of the Uranium-Bearing Rocks of the Karnes County Area, South-Central Texas RI030 1957
Devonian-Mississippian Transition in Central Texas RI031 1957
Studies of Cenozoic Geology along Eastern Margin of Texas High Plains, Armstrong to Howard Counties RI032 1957
Pleistocene Equidae of Texas RI033 1957
Comanchean Stratigraphy of Kent Quadrangle, Trans-Pecos Texas RI034 1958
Texas Miners Boost Talc Outpu RI035 1958
Tertiary Formations of Rim Rock Country, Presidio County, Trans-Pecos Texas RI036 1958
Mineral Resources of the Colorado River Industrial Development Association Area RI037 1958
Internal Structure of the Grand Saline Salt Dome, Van Zandt County, Texas RI038 1959
Correlation of the Ogallala Formation (Neogene) in Western Texas with Type Localities in Nebraska RI039 1959
Vermiculite in Central Texas RI040 1959
Stratigraphy of the Blach Ranch: Crystal Falls Section (Upper Pennsylvanian), Northern Stephens County, Texas RI041 1960
Texas Gemstones RI042 1961
Stratigraphic Names in the Midway and Wilcox Groups of the Gulf Coastal Plain RI044 1961
Mineral Resources of South Texas: Region Served Through the Port of Corpus Christi RI043 1962
Pleistocene Molluscan Faunas and Physiographic History of Pecos Valley in Texas RI045 1962
A Stratigraphic Datum, Cisco Group (Upper Pennsylvanian), Brazos and Trinity Valleys, North-Central Texas RI046 1962
Upper Franconian and Lower Trempealeauan Cambrian Trilobites and Brachiopods, Wilberns Formation, Central Texas RI047 1962
The Hill-Shuler Local Faunas of the Upper Trinity River, Dallas and Denton Counties, Texas RI048 1962
Pleistocene Geology of Red River Basin in Texas RI049 1963
Lignites of the Texas Gulf Coastal Plain RI050 1963