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Geology and Geohydrology of the Palo Duro Basin, Texas Panhandle...(1978) 1979
Geochemistry of Bottom Sediments, Matagorda Bay System, Texas 1979
Precambrian Rocks of the Southeastern Llano Region, Texas 1979
Sandstone Distribution and Potential for Geopressured Geothermal Energy Production in the Vicksburg Formation along the Texas Gulf Coast 1979
Mineral Lands in the City of Dallas 1978
Regional Distribution of Fractures in the Southern Edwards Plateau and Their Relationship to Tectonics and Caves 1978
Electric Power Generation from Texas Lignite 1978
Sand-Body Geometry and the Occurrence of Lignite in the Eocene of Texas 1978
Texas Energy Reserves and Resources 1978
Identification of Surface Faults by Horizontal Resistivity Profiles 1978
Shoreline Changes on Mustang Island and North Padre Island (Aransas Pass to Yarborough Pass): An Analysis of Historical Changes 1977
Shoreline Changes on Central Padre Island (Yarborough Pass to Mansfield Channel): An Analysis of Historical Changes of the Texa 1977
The Gulf Shoreline of Texas: Processes, Characteristics, and Factors in Use 1977
Hydrogeology of Gulf Coast Aquifers, Houston-Galveston Area, Texas 1977
Relationship of Porosity Formation and Preservation to Sandstone Consolidation History: Gulf Coast Lower Tertiary Frio Formation 1977
Historical Shoreline Changes and Their Causes, Texas Gulf Coast 1977
Depositional Systems in the Sparta Formation (Eocene), Gulf Coast Basin of Texas 1977
Depositional Systems in the Paluxy Formation 1977
Hydrogeologic Significance of Depositional Systems and Facies in Lower Cretaceous Sandstones, North-Central Texas 1976
Land Resources Inventory of Lignite Strip-Mining Areas, East Texas: An Application of Environmental Geology 1976
Geothermal Resources--Frio Formation, Upper Texas Gulf Coast 1976
Shoreline Changes on Matagorda Island and San Jose Island (Pass Cavallo to Aransas Pass), An Analysis of Historical Changes 1976
Regional Tertiary Cross Sections: Texas Gulf Coast 1976
Shoreline Changes on Matagorda Peninsula (Brown Cedar Cut to Pass Cavallo), An Analysis of Historical Changes of the Texas Gulf 1976
Geothermal Resources of the Texas Gulf Coast: Environmental Concerns Arising from the Production and Disposal of Geothermal Wat 1976
Geothermal Resources: Frio Formation, South Texas 1975
Shoreline Changes on Brazos Island and South Padre Island (Mansfield Channel to Mouth of the Rio Grande), An Analysis of Histor 1975
Upper Pennsylvanian Limestone Banks, North-Central Texas 1975
Shoreline Changes in the Vicinity of the Brazos River Delta (San Luis Pass to Brown Cedar Cut), An Analysis of Historical Chang 1975
Flood Hazards along the Balcones Escarpment in Central Texas, Alternative Approaches to Their Recognition, Mapping, and Managem 1975
Shoreline Changes between Sabine Pass and Bolivar Roads, An Analysis of Historical Changes of the Texas Gulf Shoreline 1975
Microrelief ...Structures on Expansive Clays of the Texas Coastal Plain: Their Recognition and Significance in Engineering Cons 1975
Geothermal Resources, Frio Formation, Middle Texas Gulf Coast 1975
Physiographic Features and Stratification Types of Coarse-Grained Point Bars: Modern and Ancient Examples 1975
Depositional-Episodes: Their Relationship to the Quaternary Stratigraphic Framework in the Northwestern Portion of the Gulf Bas 1974
Shoreline Changes on Galveston Island (Bolivar Roads to San Luis Pass)--An Analysis of Historical Changes of the Texas Gulf Sho 1974
A Numeric Code for Describing Rocks in Sedimentary Basins 1974
Potential Geothermal Resources of Texas 1974
Asbestos in the Allamoore Talc District, Hudspeth and Culberson Counties 1973
Mineral Deposits in the West Chinati Stock, Chinati Mountains, Presidio County, Texas 1972
Cretaceous Paleogeography: Implications of Endemic Ammonite Faunas 1972
Evaluation of Sanitary Landfill Sites, Texas Coastal Zone: Geologic and Engineering Criteria 1972
Depositional Systems and Oil-Gas Reservoirs in the Queen City Formation (Eocene), Texas 1972
Resource Capability Units: Their Utility in Land- and Water-Use Management with Examples from the Texas Coastal Zone 1971
Mineral Resources and Conservation in Texas 1970
Geological Considerations in Disposal of Solid Municipal Wastes in Texas (OP) 1970
Effects of Hurricane Celia: A Focus on Environmental Geologic Problems of the Texas Coastal Zone 1970
Depositional Systems in the Jackson Group of Texas: Their Relationship to Oil, Gas, and Uranium 1970
Edwards Formation (Lower Cretaceous), Texas: Dolomitization in a Carbonate Platform System 1969
Sulfur in West Texas: Its Geology and Economics 1969

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