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Geological Circulars

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3-D Seismic Interpretation of Deep, Complex Structures in the Delaware Basin, West Texas 1999
3-D Seismic Stratal-Surface Concepts Applied to the Interpretation of a Fluvial Channel System Deposited in a High-Accommodatio 1998
A 3-D Seismic Case History Evaluating Fluvially Deposited Thin-Bed Reservoirs in a Gas-Producing Property 1995
A Compendium of Earthquake Activity in Texas 1989
A Glossary of Salt Tectonics 1991
A Numeric Code for Describing Rocks in Sedimentary Basins 1974
A Practical Use of Vertical Seismic Profiles-Stratigraphic Calibration of 3-D Seismic Data 1997
A Preliminary Assessment of the Geologic Setting, Hydrology, and Geochemistry of the Hueco Tanks Geothermal Area, Texas and New 1981
A Revision of Taylor Nomenclature: Upper Cretaceous, Central Texas 1965
A Saponite and Chlorite-Rich Clay Assemblage in Permian Evaporite and Red-Bed Strata, Palo Duro Basin, Texas Panhandle 1987
Abandoned Oil Fields of the Texas Gulf Coast and the East Texas Basin 1985
Amount and Nature of Occluded Water in Bedded Salt, Palo Duro Basin, Texas 1985
Asbestos in the Allamoore Talc District, Hudspeth and Culberson Counties 1973
Basin Morphological Controls on Submarine-Fan Depositional Trends: Spraberry Sandstone, Permian Basin, Texas 1997
Beach and Vegetation-Line Changes at Galveston Island, Texas: Erosion, Deposition, and Recovery from Hurricane Alicia 1985
Bloating Characteristics of East Texas Clays 1965
Calderas and Mineralization: Volcanic Geology and Mineralization in the Chinati Caldera Complex, Trans-Pecos Texas 1981
Can the U.S. Oil and Gas Resource Base Support Sustained Production? 1987
Characterization of Bedded Salt for Storage Caverns - A Case Study from the Midland Basin, Texas 2000
Chemical Characterization of Texas Lignite 1986
Climatic Controls on Erosion in the Rolling Plains along the Caprock Escarpment of the Texas Panhandle 1980
Comparison of Empirical Models for Calculating the Vuggy Porosity and Cementation Component of Carbonates from Log Responses 1993
Compilation of Potassium-Argon Ages of Tertiary Igneous Rocks, Trans-Pecos Texas 1986
Controls on Reservoir Heterogeneity in Permian Shallow-Water-Platform Carbonate Reservoirs, Permian Basin: Implications for Imp 1995
Core and Log Analyses of Depositional Systems and Reservoir Properties ... in Frio, Vicksburg, and Wilcox Sandstones 1993
Cotton Valley (Upper Jurassic) and Hosston (Lower Cretaceous) Depositional Systems and Their Influence on Salt Tectonics 1984
Cretaceous Paleogeography: Implications of Endemic Ammonite Faunas 1972
Depositional and Structural Framework of the Distal Frio Formation, Texas Coastal Zone and Shelf 1986
Depositional Architecture of Cenozoic Gulf Coastal Plain Fluvial Systems 1982
Depositional History, Facies Analysis, and Production Characteristics of Hydrocarbon-Bearing Sediments, Offshore Texas 1985
Depositional Systems and Hydrocarbon Resource Potential of the Pennsylvanian System, Palo Duro and Dalhart Basins, Texas Panhan 1980
Depositional Systems and Oil-Gas Reservoirs in the Queen City Formation (Eocene), Texas 1972
Depositional Systems and Structural Controls of Hackberry Sandstone Reservoirs in Southeast Texas 1984
Depositional Systems in the Jackson Group of Texas: Their Relationship to Oil, Gas, and Uranium 1970
Depositional Systems in the Paluxy Formation 1977
Depositional Systems in the Sparta Formation (Eocene), Gulf Coast Basin of Texas 1977
Depositional Systems in the Wilcox Group of Texas and Their Relationship to Occurrence of Oil and Gas 1967
Depositional-Episodes: Their Relationship to the Quaternary Stratigraphic Framework in the Northwestern Portion of the Gulf Bas 1974
Detailed Evaluation of Two Texas Lignite Deposits of Deltaic and Fluvial Origins 1981
Distribution and Significance of Coarse Biogenic and Clastic Deposits on the Texas Inner Shelf 1980
Edwards Formation (Lower Cretaceous), Texas: Dolomitization in a Carbonate Platform System 1969
Effects of Hurricane Celia: A Focus on Environmental Geologic Problems of the Texas Coastal Zone 1970
Electric Power Generation from Texas Lignite 1978
Electrical Imaging Catalog: Microresistivity Images and Core Photos from Fractured, Karsted, and Brecciated Carbonate Rocks 1997
Estimating Transmissivity Using Specific-Capacity Data 2001
Estimation of Lignite Resources in the Wilcox Group of Central and East Texas Using the National Coal Resources Data System 1991
Evaluation of Sanitary Landfill Sites, Texas Coastal Zone: Geologic and Engineering Criteria 1972
Extent, Mass, and Duration of Hydrocarbon Plumes from Leaking Petroleum Storage Tank Sites in Texas 1997
Facies and Diagenesis of the Austin Chalk and Controls on Fracture Intensity-A Case Study from North-Central Texas 1998
Facies Heterogeneity and Brine-Disposal Potential of Miocene...Systems: Examples from NE Hitchcock and Alta Loma Fields, Galves 1990