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Showing the way: Two decades of geological carbon storage at the CO2CRC Otway test site in Victoria, Australia

September 23, 2022 9:00 AM


Charles Jenkins, Ph.D.
CSIRO Australia


Since 2004, a test site for geological storage of CO2 has been developed and used in the Otway region of Australia, a small hydrocarbon basin.  Three larger injections of CO2 have been made and several smaller ones., initially into a depleted gas field and latterly into a shallower saline aquifer.  Initially the focus was on questions of safety, regulation, and extensive environmental monitoring.  More recently the emphasis has shifted to developing more sensitive and less intrusive deep monitoring, particularly exploiting Distributed Acoustic Sensors. I will describe the trajectory of research at the site, showing how confidence in the design and monitoring of CO2 storage has grown through the experimental findings.

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