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Screening traps and seals for CO2 storage expansion in the northern Horda Platform, Norwegian North Sea

May 6, 2022 9:00 AM


Johnathon L. Osmond
Doctoral Research Fellow
Norwegian CCS Research Centre
University of Oslo


Evaluation and development of new and exciting CO2 storage opportunities on the Norwegian Continental Shelf is on the rise. Of note is the Aurora site located in northern Horda Platform of the Norwegian North Sea, where injection is scheduled to commence in 2024 under project Longship. While the planned injection volumes at Aurora are over 1.5 megatonnes per year, many more storage locations are required in order to meet international climate mitigation targets by 2050. Other parts of the northern Horda Platform show CO2 storage potential, but additional subsurface characterization is required. As a contribution towards this effort, I present two possible Jurassic storage complexes (Lower and Upper), where I discuss the presence of available storage aquifers, structural traps, as well as top and fault seals. Overall, our work supports the notion that the northern Horda Platform may be capable of hosting a future CO2 storage hub for northern Europe.

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