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Geothermal Baseload and Energy Storage in HDR: Advances and Challenges

January 27, 2023 9:00 AM


Lev Ring, Ph.D.
President of Sage Geosystems Inc.
Houston, Texas


Sage Geosystems (“Sage”) is dedicated to the advancement and widespread deployment of geothermal technologies, including energy storage and baseload power generation. We will discuss the physics of mechanical storage in deep sedimentary formations and the potential to dramatically increase efficiency for the area with a high geothermal gradient. We will review fundamental challenges in implementing EGS technology and will show how Sage’s HeatCycle technology enables to overcome these roadblocks; and how to achieve geothermal baseload power production by cycling multiple wells, while also always retaining the ability to use the facility for geothermal storage when needed (without suffering lower efficiencies). We will review the business case for different geothermal systems and how the Inflation Reduction Act will help to attract investments to quickly scale up commercial implementation.

Photo of speaker

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