Joseph S. Yeh

Joseph Yeh
Research Scientist Associate V

Research Interests

Well-logging interpretation and correlation: SP, gamma, density, sonic, neutron, resistivity, and induction logs

Reservoir engineering, petrophysics, well testing, drilling and well completion, waterflooding, thermal oil recovery, and economic analysis

Design and performance of research projects involved in single- and two-phase-flow core flooding, acidizing, and relative permeability experiments

Organic and analytical chemistry

Computer software and hardware; programming in numerical methods used in solving equations involved in oil, gas, and water pollution and transport


B.S. Chemistry, Fu-Jen Catholic University, Taipei, Taiwan, 1977

Professional History

Research Associate, Bureau of Economic Geology, The University of Texas at Austin (June 1990–Present)

Research Assistant, Bureau of Economic Geology, The University of Texas at Austin (January 1989–May 1990)

Research and Teaching Assistant, Department of Petroleum Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin (1985–1989)

Selected Publications

Hovorka, S. D., Knox, P. R., Holtz, M. H., Yeh, J. S., Fouad, Khaled, and Sakurai, Shinichi, 2003, Tapping the potential for large volume sequestration-update on the Frio brine pilot project (abs.), in Briefing book: Second Annual Conference on Carbon Sequestration: developing & validating the technology base to reduce carbon intensity, Alexandria, Virginia, May 5–9, unpaginated.

Hovorka, S. D., Knox, P. R., Holtz, M. H., Yeh, J. S., Fouad, Khaled, and Sakurai, Shinichi, 2002, Sequestration pilot site in the Texas Gulf Coast, USA (abs.): Geological Society of America Annual Meeting, Paper No. 135-10, [Link].

Hamilton, D. S., Tyler, Noel, Tyler, Roger, Raeuchle, S. K., Holtz, M. H., Yeh, J. S., Uzcátegui, M., Jimenez, T., Salazar, A., Cova, C. E., Barbato, R., and Rusic, A., 2002, Reactivation of mature oil fields through advanced reservoir characterization: a case history of the Budare field, Venezuela: American Association of Petroleum Geologists Bulletin, v. 86, no. 7, p. 1237–1262.

Hamilton, D. S., Holtz, M. H., Barba, R. E., Jr., Tyler, Noel, Yeh, J. S., Rodriguez, M., Sanchez, M., Calderon, P., and Castillo, Jaime, 2001, Horizontal well drilling in the heavy oil belt, eastern Venezuela Basin: a post mortem of drilling experience: American Association of Petroleum Geologists, Bulletin Special Publication, Hedberg Conference Horizontal Wells, Focus on the Reservoir, unpaginated.

Knox, P. R., Fouad, Khaled, Zinke, S., Light, Malcolm, Skolnakorn, J., Shi, S., Von Lunen, E., Yeh, J. S., Finley, R. J., Barba, R. E., Jr., Holtz, M. H., Mercer, M., Handford, R., Martinez, C., Sipahioglu, O., Rassi, Claudia, Hamilton, D. S., Akhter, M. S., Clift, S. J., Dunlap, D. B., Mahoney, M., Treviño, R. H., Bullen, G., Chang, C. Y., Ramberger, R., Fuchs, R., Gstrein, M., Zier, N., Baltas, P., and Jarnik, M., 2000, Optimizing hydrocarbon recovery from the Matzen Field, Vienna Basin, Austria: The University of Texas at Austin, Bureau of Economic Geology, final report prepared for OMV, under agreement no. UTA98-0377, variously paginated.


Dean's Honor List, 1973–1977

Outstanding Graduate Award of Fu-Jen Catholic University, 1977

Phi Tau Phi, National Scholastic Honor Society of Taiwan, 1977

Outstanding Graduate Award of Fu-Jen Catholic University, 1976

Pi Epsilon Tau, Petroleum Engineering Honor Society

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