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2023 TexNet and CISR Annual Review Brings Stakeholders Together to Discuss Seismicity

December 21, 2023
TexNet_CISR meet 1

Peter Hennings (l) and Alexandros Savvaidis (r) at Annual Review meeting.

TexNet is the State of Texas’ earthquake monitoring network, conducting in-depth and timely analyses of data from over 200 seismic sensors statewide. The Center for Injection and Seismicity Research (CISR) is its affiliated research consortium, supported by industry and organizational partners, undertaking a wide range of studies related to earthquake activity and, increasingly, the impacts of production wastewater injection. Both Bureau of Economic Geology programs recently hosted a joint review of their work and discussion of future strategies during a three-day meeting at Bureau headquarters in Austin.

The nearly 100 meeting participants included representatives from upstream and midstream sponsoring companies, the TexNet Technical Advisory Committee, the CISR Science Advisory Committee, the Railroad Commission of Texas, the New Mexico Oil Conservation Commission, and researchers from The University of Texas at Austin, Southern Methodist University, and the University of Texas at Dallas.

Over 40 technical presentations from TexNet and CISR researchers during the first 2 days of the meeting focused on statewide efforts at earthquake monitoring and research on seismicity trends and causes, with a focus on the Permian Basin region of West Texas and southeastern New Mexico. The many technical presentations ran the gamut from artificial intelligence (AI)–based research applications to interpretation of fault systems and slip hazard. Follow-up technical meetings on the third day focused on CISR and industry collaborations for research on the impacts of large-scale wastewater injection in the Delaware and Midland Basins and the ongoing challenge of integrated geologic characterization that is needed to support mechanistic studies of induced seismicity.

Additionally, in an open technical session, CISR industry sponsors presented efforts related to induced earthquake hazard and risk assessment in the northern Delaware Basin of Texas and New Mexico.

For more information about the work and extensive public resources of TexNet, please contact program manager and principal investigator (PI) Alexandros Savvaidis. To learn more about CISR, or to join the consortium, please contact PI Peter Hennings or co-PI Katie Smye.

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