Bureau of Economic Geology

TORA Zooms Through An Impactful Program Overview

June 4, 2020

The Bureau of Economic Geology’s Tight Oil Resource Assessment (TORA) program recently opened its spring Program Overview to over 140 partner representatives who joined the meeting from locations around the world on Zoom. Though the COVID-19 situation limited personal contact with representatives from the consortium’s many partner companies and organizations, the Zoom platform allowed a broader group to virtually participate in the meeting and learn about the significant research progress TORA has made over the last few months.

TORA’s vision is recognition as the premier organization researching U.S. onshore unconventional resource plays and their production capabilities for the most comprehensive, yet granular, understanding. The detailed reports made by the broad spectrum of TORA researchers at the Program Overview affirmed that the program is achieving its vision.

Among the presentations was a report of a step change in Delaware Basin productivity analysis and a new estimate of its technically recoverable resources (TRR). Researchers have analyzed over 50,000 wells and look forward to examining recently acquired seismic data from across the Permian Basin to improve existing geologic models. In addition, TORA analysts reported that the huge Marcellus Gas Play has been surprisingly resilient in the face of sustained low gas prices, and estimates of this play’s TRR have increased.

TORA sponsors find tremendous value in the consortium’s work. Their recent feedback indicates that valuable aspects of TORA participation include: delivery and access to basin-scale maps and models, research impacting field-development business decisions, integration across multiple disciplines, and “fresh” formation data.

For more information about TORA and how your company can benefit, contact Program Manager and Principal Investigator Emery Goodman.

TORA Screengrab

A screengrab showing some of the participants of TORA’s recent Program Overview.