Anatomy of a Paleozoic Basin: The Permian Basin, USA, Volume 2

April 24, 2020

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The second volume of this two-volume set is now available, completing the first comprehensive analysis of the Permian Basin in more than 60 years. The 26 chapters in the two volumes cover a breadth of Permian Basin topics and include 4 chapters on structural geology, tectonics, and Precambrian geology; 4 on paleontology and biostratigraphy; 16 on Paleozoic sedimentology and stratigraphy; 1 on hydrocarbon production; and 1 that provides a history and synthesis of the major depositional and deformational events that formed the basin during the Paleozoic. These chapters collectively provide a spectrum of data and interpretations that characterize one of the largest hydrocarbon-producing basins in the world. This publication will interest all who seek information on the distribution of hydrocarbons in the basin as well as those wanting to better understand the evolution of the basin during the Phanerozoic.

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Stephen C. Ruppel, Ph.D., was a Senior Research Scientist at the Bureau of Economic Geology at The University of Texas. Steve had more than 40 years of research experience in the sedimentological and geochemical characterization of carbonate and mudrock reservoir systems. He authored more than 350 papers, reports, and abstracts on the stratigraphy, sedimentology, and geochemistry of Paleozoic and Mesozoic carbonate and mudrock systems.

Volume 2 Chapters Include:

  • The Middle Silurian–Lower Devonian Wristen Group, Permian Basin: Impact of Tectonic Subsidence on Patterns of Deposition, Diagenesis, and Reservoir Development
  • Proximal Shallow-Water Carbonates and Distal Biosiliceous Cherts of the Lower Devonian Thirtyone Formation, Permian Basin
  • The Woodford Formation of the Permian Basin: Regional, Middle to Late Devonian Transgression of the Southern Midcontinent and Accompanying Anoxia
  • The Mississippian System in the Permian Basin: Proximal Platform Carbonates and Distal Organic-Rich Mudrocks
  • Pennsylvanian (Upper Carboniferous) Paleodepositional Evolution of the Greater Permian Basin, Texas and New Mexico: Depositional Systems and Hydrocarbon Reservoir Analysis
  • Early Permian (Wolfcampian) Succession in the Permian Basin: Icehouse Platform, Slope Carbonates, and Basinal Mudrocks
  • Lower Permian (Leonardian) Platform Carbonate Succession: Deposition and Diagenesis during a Waning Icehouse Period
  • Lower Permian (Leonardian) Deepwater Successions in the Midland Basin: Lithofacies, Stratigraphy, Reservoirs, and Source Rocks
  • The Bone Spring Formation (Leonardian) of the Delaware Basin: Deepwater Lithofacies and Stratigraphy
  • Composite and High-Frequency Cyclicity in Middle Permian Shelf Carbonates: The San Andres and Grayburg (Guadalupian) Succession
  • Upper Permian Delaware Mountain Group: Record of Highstand/Lowstand Platform Shedding
  • Guadalupian (Artesia Group) and Ochoan Shelf Successions of the Permian Basin: Effects of Deposition, Diagenesis, and Structure on Reservoir Development
  • Oil and Gas Production, Permian Basin: A Giant Conventional Oil Province Being Transformed by Shale Oil Production


Volume 1 Chapters Include:

  • Anatomy of a Paleozoic Basin: The Permian Basin, USA: Introduction, Overview, and Evolution
  • Constraints on Structural and Tectonic Interpretations of the Permian Basin Based on Gravity and Magnetic Data
  • Proterozoic Foundations of the Permian Basin, West Texas and Southeastern New Mexico—A Review
  • Tectonics of the West Texas (Permian) Basin—Origins, Structural Geology, Subsidence, and Later Modification
  • Post-Permian History of the Greater Permian Basin Area
  • Silurian–Devonian Conodont Biostratigraphy in the Southern Midcontinent Region of North America
  • Pennsylvanian and Lower Permian Fusulinid Biostratigraphy of the Permian Basin Region, Southwestern USA
  • Conodont Biostratigraphy of Lower Permian (Wolfcampian–Leonardian) Stratotype Sections of the Glass and Del Norte Mountains, West Texas, USA
  • Integrated Fusulinid, Conodont, and Radiolarian Biostratigraphy of the Guadalupian (Middle Permian) in the Permian Basin Region, USA
  • Geologic Review of the Lower Ordovician Ellenburger Group of the Permian Basin, West Texas and Southeast New Mexico
  • The Middle–Upper Ordovician Simpson Group of the Permian Basin: Stratigraphy, Lithofacies, and Reservoir Development
  • Patterns of Montoya Group (Middle Ordovician) Deposition, Diagenesis, and Reservoir Development in the Permian Basin
  • The Fusselman of the Permian Basin: Patterns in Depositional and Diagenetic Facies Development on a Stable Platform during the Late Ordovician–Early Silurian Icehouse

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