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"Pharmacy TED Talks"

July 19, 2019 12:00 PM
TED Talks

Scott V. Jermain, PharmD
Zach Warnken, PharmD

The University of Texas College of Pharmacy


Pharmacy TED Talks


Improvements in our understanding of human biology and physiology, plus advancements in high throughput screening for new drug molecules, has resulted in a vast number of repurposed and new chemical entities available for research with the hope of one day being therapeutics for treating diseases in people. Often neglected or unavoidable in these processes, however, are the properties of the molecule for becoming a viable medication, be that absorbed orally after taken as a tablet or given as an I.V. solution. We in pharmaceutics are the often forgotten link between the molecule and final drug product. We are going to discuss what pharmaceutics is, some strategies we employed for matching drug delivery systems with diseases, and a couple of the technologies that have been invented in the pharmaceutics department here at The University of Texas College of Pharmacy that overcome some of the most abundant challenges these discovered molecules have which inhibit their ability to treat patients.