Bureau of Economic Geology

"Investigating the Hydraulic Fracturing Complexity in Naturally Fractured Rock Mass Using Fully Coupled Multiscale Numerical Modeling"

April 19, 2019 9:00 AM
Dr. Fengshou (Frank) Zhang

Dr. Fengshou (Frank) Zhang,
Professor, Dept. of Geotechnical Engineering, Tongji University

Naturally fractured reservoir rock in-situ is one of the most complex geomaterials. Uncertainties such as material inhomogeneity and discontinuities at various length scales make the propagation of hydraulic fracture in such a medium “enigmatic”. Advanced numerical modeling provides a powerful tool to analyze the complex fracturing process, assess the extent of various uncertainties and provide advice to practical fracturing designs. This talk aims to give a comprehensive review of multi-scale numerical modeling of hydraulic fracturing in naturally fractured reservoir based on distinct element method, particle flow codes, lattice method and finite difference method. Some key aspects of unconventional hydraulic fracturing, such as near wellbore fracture initiation, hydraulic fracture/natural fracture interaction, complex fracturing and microseismic geomechanics, refracturing and in-fill well fracturing, injection induced seismicity and fault activation, will be covered and discussed.